Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. This week’s blog post takes up where the last 2 weeks have lead us.  I want to go into the discussion of what to do with your dreams and goals when it comes to sharing them with others.  There are many schools of thoughts when it comes to this point and you may get different views from different people, but I want to view this from The Law of Attraction (LOA) point of view and see where it goes.

In the masterpiece Think and Grow Rich  Napoleon Hills advised “tell the world what you are going to do, but show them first”.  That advices is very sound when you think about it. Many people, even the ones that love us, will naturally take the cautious road when it comes to big dreams.  People who have not accomplished great goals have a hard time supporting big dreams. They may come from a place of love and trying to be protective, but never the less when people’s vision is limited they can only be limited in their support.  From The Law of Attraction (LOA) stand point the lack of vision will only bring about more opportunities to affirm that they are correct in being careful, and if you are sharing your visions with them, their negativity will engulf you unless you are extremely determined and focus on what you want.  After all they have had all their lives to prove themselves that “it just will NOT work” right? You will attract opportunities to match what you are putting out. As Henry Ford said “weather you think you can or you think you can’t you are right”.  When you are going after something new and uncertain, the last thing you need is someone to tell you that it will not work.  . 

On the other side of the coins, is the fact that more people visualizing the same dream will exponentially increase the power of that manifestation.  We see this when people have mentors who believe and support them in their struggles, or when loved ones stand by us when everyone else had told us it can’t be done, and yet they succeed. There is magic in the belief of people who you care about. From the LOA stand point, more and more attention to our goals will  focus and strengthen the vibration and help the manifestation to happen quicker. Another proponent of sharing your visions is that when we sometimes stumble and are about to just call it quits, it helps to have someone who will not allow us that luxury.    Coaches and mentors know what it takes to succeed. They know how close we are to our dreams. They know that success is one step away when frequently everything goes haywire.  That is usually the time when we are closest to achieving all of our dreams but we are too close to the situation to see the silver linings. At those times it is so crucial to have someone who believes in what you are setting out to do. To share your dreams with you. To bring you back to reality that although things seem impossible right now, the sun will rise again tomorrow and it will be a better day. 

What is the answer then? Should we or should we not share our goals with people? The answer as usual in these situations is “it depends”.  I only advise sharing your dreams with people who are on the same vibration as you are when it concerns a goal or vision.  They have to be totally and completely on the same wave length as you. They have to know that negativity will only attract more negativity. They have to realize that even though they have your best interest at heart they need to offer constructive advice and not shoot you down. They also have to be honest with you when it comes to abilities. You don’t want to venture into something you have no idea about with a cheerleading section and go broke.  Proper action and planning are corner stones of success but that is not the scope of this particular post. We are talking about goals and plans that are well researched and hashed out.

If you think that sharing your vision with people is going to result in negative feedback, then only solicit advice from people who have done what you want to do.   Take their advice, do your own research, and then see if that vision is still what you really want?  Remember nothing has ever been achieved before being an idea first.  You can do whatever you dream. It may take time and effort and relentless fortitude, but if it is important enough for you to have a burning desire to achieve it, you can do it. As I like to sign my books, “you can be what you will to be”.

I hope this makes sense to you. I hope you can benefit from it. Share this post and this blog with anyone who may appreciate and take advantage of it. As always post your questions and comments on my Facebook Page or Twitter feed. Till next week, to your success. 

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