Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Good day and  I hope you are having a great week.  Today I am exploring something that has happened  to me when I try to better myself and  rid myself of a bad  habit.  Maybe you have experienced this as well. 
The thing with bad habit and bad actions is that when you try to change them and act properly you  rarely get the benefit of the doubt from the people that have known you and have been accustomed to your bad behavior.  Let me put this  into context for you. For the longest time I have had to deal with my temper. I seem to have this anger inside of me that gets triggered at times and I have been working on changing that underlying issues for a while.  I try to act more calm and collected  most of the time, but there are times when I slip.  When I slip a little bit, not even a fraction of what my normal behavior would be,  I still get the reminder that “you are angry, or why are you so angry?”, or “you are losing it”.  This reaction of course then puts me into a defensive mode, and I get even more upset. 

Now how does this relate to The Law of Attraction (LOA)? Well we don’t need other people to make us feel bad or to not give us the benefit of the doubt.  Most of the time when we are trying to change a behavior, we are actually our own worst critic.  If you are new to the LOA, and by that I mean if you have not been practicing this for the last decade,  you need to cut yourself some slack. Because remember every time you  are upset with yourself, or make yourself feel bad for doing something wrong, you are actually attracting more opportunities to do that. So give yourself a break.  Praise and reward good actions but when occasionally you stumble, and you will stumble to different degrees, give yourself a break because you deserve it and you are on your way to changing your attitudes and beliefs and your future reality. 

You also need to treat people as challenges and practice tools.  I know you have heard this before and it is very difficult to ignore people in the heat of the moment, but you have to.  There is a saying that “you can’t please everyone all the time”.   That is true but when we are trying and someone thinks we need to hear criticism as though we don’t realize we goofed, it is kind of hard to ignore them. Believe me, I know how hard it is. I deal with it every day.  It is very hard to take personal criticism especially when you are trying to work on a behavior that you know is preventing you from succeeding.  Usually people are well meaning,  but that does not make it any easier to take.  So what you need to do is what Rhonda Byrne suggests in her book The Power.  Treat people like they are your personal trainers. They are put there to test to see how well you react to the negativity in your life.  Sometimes they are easy. Little things. Sometimes they will really test your patience.  It will take time to work this into your routine.  Do not beat yourself up if at first it does not work. It will take time. There is no rush on this. It is all for your development.  Take it one step at a time and treat everyone as a challenge. 
Take is as a game. To see if anyone can piss you off? If they can, you  get a minus point. If they cannot, you get a point. You can keep track of it, and at the end of the week if you have reached 10 points treat yourself to a reward.  Something small but something you enjoy. Go get a half an hour massage, or an ice-cream.  Something and will anchor the good behavior to a positive event.  Before you know it, you have learned to deal with people and bad situations and at the same time you have changed a bad habit or behavior.

I hope this is helpful, and as always I invite you to comment about this post or post your questions on my Facebook Page or TwitterFeed.  To your success till next week.  

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