Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  Today’s post is for all of you non-believers.  Today is for those who are frustrated.  Today is for those who just don’t listen.  I do not intend to make you believe. I do not want to tell you what to do. I will treat you as adults that I hope you are and simply lay out the facts and let you take action based on those facts remembering that no action is also a form of action.  You can keep on doing what you have always been doing, and you know where that will get you already, or you can take actions to have the life you always wanted. 

            There are certain Universal laws that govern our planet and our lives.  You don’t have to believe in them. In fact for many centuries people did not believe them. The fact that they did not believe them meant that they would suffer the consequences.  If you don’t believe that gravity is real, and you think you can fly, you will fall.  If you know the specifics of the law of gravity and choose to work within its parameters you can utilize it to fly without getting hurt. For example  the sort of knowledge I am talking about is as such: On earth the force of gravity is 9.8N/kg times the mass of the object. If you can overcome that force you can fly. Well that is not exactly true either... let me blow your mind about points of reference. See this video

            The same applies to electricity.  If you don’t understand the rules that dictate how electricity works, and you touch a live wire, you will get electrocuted. It does not matter if you believe it or not.  Ignorance of the law in this case is definitely NOT BLISS.  If you know how the forces of electric current work, or you can seek the advice and expertise of an electrician however, you can have the convenience of warming up your food in a microwave, and have light to read by at night.  It has nothing to do with your belief. It has nothing to do with your stubbornness. It has nothing to do with persistence either.  You do the same thing you will get the same results. Get electrocuted if you touch the live wire with your bare hands if you have no knowledge of how electricity works.

            What makes The Law of Attraction different is that even though this law is as old as time, the bulk of humanity was not exposed to how it works for a long time, and only recently it has come to our attention.  Those who knew about it, either did not want to share the information or did not understand how they had use it to explain it.  There were many books written and hinted to how this works, but they were either too vague, or mystical and difficult to interpret.  We are so fortunate that in our time, now in 2015 there is so much information about how to use The Law of Attraction (LOA).  There are many teachers that have been working successfully with this law for many years, decade even.  There are also unfortunately many people who pose as such but do not convey the information needed. 

            This is the reason why this blog will always remain free. I only put here what I have been using successfully and the information that has worked for me.  I do not seek to convert you to my way of thinking. I really could not do that anyway.  I only care that you experience the same joy and success that I was faced with when I learned that something like this is out there that dictates how the Universe works. I was pissed at first that it took me so long to be exposed to it, but as we know being pissed is a very high energy vibration and will only bring me more opportunities to be pissed. So unless I wanted to keep on being pissed, I had to change the vibration to something like gratitude for having had the information presented to me. Gratitude for being open minded at the time to try to play and experiment with it. Gratitude to stick to it when things did not work, and investigate what was it that I was not doing properly, and making changes to fix those. 

            If you believe you can and if you believe you cannot you are right is what Henry Ford said.  Therein lies this Universal law in a nut shell.  History is full of incidences where people tried to tell the rest of the society how to use The LOA.  Some people picked up the hint and succeeded and others ignored it as a fad, or gibberish.  Well, that is where this will take us as well. You can take the hint and if you are new to LOA or are struggling with it, read the earlier blogs and work your way to here. Or you can be lazy, skeptical, or ignorant, and go about doing what you have been doing and … what expect a different result?

            I hope this post has stimulated your thought process. If you are a reader of this post and a student of LOA, I hope this has energized you to go deep to the basics and practice them over and over again. Don’t get complacent. These are great times for humanity regardless of what you see out in the so called “real world”.  The more people realize this the faster we can all have the world we “want to live in” because we have to share this planet with others.  We can each have what we want, but how cool and how much easier would it be if everyone practiced these principles? I can’t wait to see that. Comment on my Facebookpage, and send me Tweets on my Twitter feed. Till next week, to your success and happy holidays. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. This week I am posting a video blog to bring your attention that negativity is not good no matter what you are trying to protect.  For my readers all over the world that are not aware of the negative social media coverage over what coffee companies cups mean what when it applies to the holidays, this is a wake up call for all of us not to get sucked into the negativity and enjoy the joy no matter what your beliefs happen to be.

I hope you enjoy this. Comment on my Facebook page and follow me on my Twitter account. 
Enjoy the video blog:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Good day. I hope your week is going awesome.  This week’s post tackles negativity.  I am hoping that after you read this week’s post, you will think twice about feeling any kind of negative emotions.  But I also want you to realize this is a process.  You did not get to where you are in one day, and irradiating negativity will also not happen overnight, or after reading this post once.  I suggest you bookmark this post and come to it over and over, especially at times when you are feeling sad, critical of yourself, or feeling any negativity in general. 

When I ask why do we love our negativity, I mean that quiet literally.  We love negativity. By “we”  I include the general label of human kind.  If we did not love negativity why would we embrace it so much. Think about it.  There is absolutely no evidence that becoming angry, upset, self-critical, will have any kind of positive consequences in any situation.  On the contrary, as we have learned from The Law of Attraction (LOA), when you concentrating on negativity, you are only going to attract more and more opportunities to have negativity in your life which means that you are now in a negative feedback loop that just creates more “stuff” to deal with.  Even before LOA became main stream, there were examples of teachings that negativity will not work.  We hear it all the time, but we choose to ignore it.  So why do we get angry? Why do we get upset? Why do we criticize ourselves and others? Why do we get sad etc.? 

This is the question that I want you to ask yourself because if we are of average intelligence, and we know that negativity will not do anything to help our situation and in fact it will do the opposite, then we are either insane, or just plain stupid to react negatively to any situation. It is like knowing that something will make you sick, and eating it over and over again and getting sick and then doing it again.  I am including myself in that we.  What is the definition of insanity? It is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Does this sound like something an intelligent person would do? NO!!!!

I am trying to use reverse psychology here.  I am trying to stroke  my, and my reader’s ego here as a last resort.  After all I do not consider myself stupid or insane.  Therefore I am  not going to do stupid things like get angry at situations that have not gone my way.  The anger is not going to be productive so why would I waste my energy on it.  This is something I need to practice over and over. 

I urge you to stroke your own ego.  Make sure you understand that you are a perfect being created in the image of the Source with all of the Sources powers and glory.  So we should not be bringing ourselves down to the level of ignorant fools. No other being on this planet, with the exception of those in close proximity to humans, embraces negativity.  Simply because of the fact that every other being on this planet is driven by their instinct and does not have control of their thoughts, they act intelligently.  Ironic isn’t it?

The same control that gives us our power of thinking and manifesting is also giving us the handicap of reacting with negativity.  Use this lesson. Do not act ignorantly the next time something happens.  Do not reach for negativity as a tool of comfort. Step out of your comfort zone and do the right thing.  Anything would be better than reacting with negativity. 

Eckhart Tolle states that negativity is a “mind” process.  The mind is lazy in most instances.  It is the easy thing to reach for negativity.  Our society has programed us for it.  We get sympathy from it. Even though we know it will not get us anywhere we seem to stay grounded with the “rest” of the herd.  It is time to break out.  It is time to set an example that we can and are entitled to do better.  I don’t mean the lazy kind of entitlement. I mean the kind of knowing that we deserve only the best, because we are the best. ALL OF US.  No sense of competition. Have total acceptance of the situation, and do something about it, or leave it.  There is no need for negativity.  Accept, take action, or leave is what Eckhart Tolle teaches.  There is no need for getting angry, upset or any negative thought.

I hope this makes sense to you and if you have questions please do not hesitate to ask me questions on my Facebook Page or send me a tweet on my Twitter feed.  Till next week, to your success.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  This week I watched the 3rd GOP debates. There are many more debates from both parties coming.  One of the things that really jumped out at me, and because of my training finally send warning bells all over, was the fact that everyone is so concerned about equality. Is that a bad thing? Well let’s think and talk about it a bit from the Stand point of The Law of Attraction (LOA) Shall we?

On the surface equality seems to be great right? Did you read my last week’s post on Communism and the LOA? If you did,  you will have an idea of where I am going with this.  Equality is great as long as you are not comparing yourself to others, or others to you.  Remember we get what we put our attention on. If you are wanting equality for all, and then concentrate on what people have and what others do not have, and build up your negative emotions about why things are the way they are and how unfair things are… WHAT ARE YOU ATTRACTING WITH ALL THESE EMOTIONS?

It would be great if you can put your emotion on how awesome and abundant the UNIVERSE is and how it is possible for all to have everything. But that is not what we are going to be bombarded with over the next year is it?  No absolutely not, because that does not get air time or sell adds.  You are going to hear all about how unfair it is that some small number or percentage of people make 98% of the income and all that crap.  So then you will concentrate on that. So what you give your energy to is then, getting more and more opportunities to see, YES SEE, a small number of people make 98% of the money.  Do you know why they make 98% of the money? Because they visualize and think about, and feel about making the 98% of the money and not on what you are doing or how much you are making. So learn.  It makes me sick and tired of hearing how unfair things are.  I hope you are starting to feel the same. Well you know what you have to do. WE CANNOT USE THE LAW OF ATTRACTION FOR OTHERS.  YOU CANNOT WISH TO TAKE AWAY from others.  That is negative energy and only will come back on you.  Plus when did we figure out that it was right to punish those who are successful by taking from them and giving to those who are not successful. How will that motivate people to actually succeed? In what reality does this actually work?  Perhaps you can enlighten me. I welcome any incidences of where taking from those who have and giving it to those who have not has had long term successful results. Perhaps we can analyze that.  I am not saying anything about POLICIES here. I DON’T CARE.  I am not going to waste my energy debating and worrying what Government policy will make things better for the top 1% or the bottom 1%. 

The reason why many people have a hard time using The Law of Attraction, especially in the West is this concept of Equality.  Forget about equality and concentrate on abundance. The reason I say this is because people are more concerned about what the other guy or their neighbor has, or is making, or whatever, than they are about their own abundance.  We are wondering why so and so has what kind of a car, or lives in how big of a house, instead of concentrating on our own cars, and our own houses.  We are more concerned about the top 1% not paying enough in taxes, instead of worrying about our own abundance and what we pay on our taxes.  I actually heard this on the debate. That oh let’s make the people who make millions pay more taxes so it will help the people who don’t make enough.  Dude why do you think the IRS code has over 4000 pages of policies that no one understand? So  now you have to hire someone who actually spends all their time studying this.  Guess what, only the people who have  lost of money will be able to afford that type of help so then they will find a way to take advantage of the system.   And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It is the way the system that tries to take away from successful people and give it to those who are not successful always ends up working. Look at history if you don’t believe me.  It is an argument as old as time. Whenever you try to take from the successful and give to those who do not have the behavior or mentality of success, you will just create more crap and in the end it always just goes back to the same.  Why? It IS THE LAW people.  It is not a Democrat or Republican law.  It IS A UNIVERSAL LAW.  Forget about the other guy’s stuff, and concentrate on your own life.  That is the only way you can make and manifest what YOU WANT. 

You can’t have it for somebody else.  You definitely cannot effect somebody else’s stuff.  So get over yourself and realize that the law of attraction only works for you. In fact if you are concentrating on how UNFAIR it is that the top 1% have more and pay less taxes than you, that is exactly what you are going to attract into your life.  More opportunities to feel bad about how the top 1% is paying less than you.  We are in an election year, with tons and tons of media on the subject.  All this attention to how others have and we do not will ONLY ATTRACT MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR US TO HAVE this inequality.  PUT A STOP TO THIS.  Worry and visualize about your stuff and then only on the stuff YOU WANT. 

I hope this actually hit a point for you. I want to wake up the attention that we can manifest what we want regardless of who is in the White House. We can have prosperity regardless of what is going on in Greece or China, or where ever.  So be informed, watch debates if that is your thing. Definitely go out and vote, but do not concentrate on the negative and what you DO NOT WANT.  Because you will attract it. There is no negation when it comes to the LOA.

I hope this makes sense and I invite you to put your comments on my Facebook page and twitter feed.  To your success, till next week.