Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  Today’s post is for all of you non-believers.  Today is for those who are frustrated.  Today is for those who just don’t listen.  I do not intend to make you believe. I do not want to tell you what to do. I will treat you as adults that I hope you are and simply lay out the facts and let you take action based on those facts remembering that no action is also a form of action.  You can keep on doing what you have always been doing, and you know where that will get you already, or you can take actions to have the life you always wanted. 

            There are certain Universal laws that govern our planet and our lives.  You don’t have to believe in them. In fact for many centuries people did not believe them. The fact that they did not believe them meant that they would suffer the consequences.  If you don’t believe that gravity is real, and you think you can fly, you will fall.  If you know the specifics of the law of gravity and choose to work within its parameters you can utilize it to fly without getting hurt. For example  the sort of knowledge I am talking about is as such: On earth the force of gravity is 9.8N/kg times the mass of the object. If you can overcome that force you can fly. Well that is not exactly true either... let me blow your mind about points of reference. See this video

            The same applies to electricity.  If you don’t understand the rules that dictate how electricity works, and you touch a live wire, you will get electrocuted. It does not matter if you believe it or not.  Ignorance of the law in this case is definitely NOT BLISS.  If you know how the forces of electric current work, or you can seek the advice and expertise of an electrician however, you can have the convenience of warming up your food in a microwave, and have light to read by at night.  It has nothing to do with your belief. It has nothing to do with your stubbornness. It has nothing to do with persistence either.  You do the same thing you will get the same results. Get electrocuted if you touch the live wire with your bare hands if you have no knowledge of how electricity works.

            What makes The Law of Attraction different is that even though this law is as old as time, the bulk of humanity was not exposed to how it works for a long time, and only recently it has come to our attention.  Those who knew about it, either did not want to share the information or did not understand how they had use it to explain it.  There were many books written and hinted to how this works, but they were either too vague, or mystical and difficult to interpret.  We are so fortunate that in our time, now in 2015 there is so much information about how to use The Law of Attraction (LOA).  There are many teachers that have been working successfully with this law for many years, decade even.  There are also unfortunately many people who pose as such but do not convey the information needed. 

            This is the reason why this blog will always remain free. I only put here what I have been using successfully and the information that has worked for me.  I do not seek to convert you to my way of thinking. I really could not do that anyway.  I only care that you experience the same joy and success that I was faced with when I learned that something like this is out there that dictates how the Universe works. I was pissed at first that it took me so long to be exposed to it, but as we know being pissed is a very high energy vibration and will only bring me more opportunities to be pissed. So unless I wanted to keep on being pissed, I had to change the vibration to something like gratitude for having had the information presented to me. Gratitude for being open minded at the time to try to play and experiment with it. Gratitude to stick to it when things did not work, and investigate what was it that I was not doing properly, and making changes to fix those. 

            If you believe you can and if you believe you cannot you are right is what Henry Ford said.  Therein lies this Universal law in a nut shell.  History is full of incidences where people tried to tell the rest of the society how to use The LOA.  Some people picked up the hint and succeeded and others ignored it as a fad, or gibberish.  Well, that is where this will take us as well. You can take the hint and if you are new to LOA or are struggling with it, read the earlier blogs and work your way to here. Or you can be lazy, skeptical, or ignorant, and go about doing what you have been doing and … what expect a different result?

            I hope this post has stimulated your thought process. If you are a reader of this post and a student of LOA, I hope this has energized you to go deep to the basics and practice them over and over again. Don’t get complacent. These are great times for humanity regardless of what you see out in the so called “real world”.  The more people realize this the faster we can all have the world we “want to live in” because we have to share this planet with others.  We can each have what we want, but how cool and how much easier would it be if everyone practiced these principles? I can’t wait to see that. Comment on my Facebookpage, and send me Tweets on my Twitter feed. Till next week, to your success and happy holidays. 

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