Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Today I want to tackle a very deep subject.  I don’t come to this from a perspective of religion or philosophy.  These are just my observations and my opinions that I hope will make you think about the events around the world.  I believe that the only way to have peace, the type of peace that will encompass the world is to be to be educated about the truth.  I don’t mean the truth like it is said in many religious books. I mean the truth that is obvious to everyone with an average amount of intelligence and common sense. The truth that is not dependent on interpretation.  The truth that cannot be disputed in the court of law.    The type of truth that is not based on what my father, or his father passed along down to me. The type of truth that is not based on years of prejudice. 

I am going to start with the premise that there is only one source.  Many religious books call that source God.  Some scientific evidence point to it as energy.  Depending on your religion, language, or culture you may refer to that source by different name.  But there is one source that this entire Universe was created from.  If we can agree on that point, we know that this Source also facilitated the creation of Humans.  Again it does not matter what you believe.  I am not arguing or disputing your belief.  Humans were created through the process originating from the one source.  Weather you believe in God, or Science, on this point we can all agree.  Either God created heaven and the earth, or there was a big bang and the Universe expanded to create the cosmos we are a part of. Let’s not get off topic.  That is not the discussion I am having.   Even though there are many galaxies, with many planets, you and I are happen to be on a planet called Earth in this time and in this space.  On this planet even though there are many organisms that are stronger, and more powerful than us, humans occupy the top of the food chain.  I don’t think that is by accident.

When it comes to being an apex predator, organisms like the great white shark, or the lion have a score of 5.  Humans on that same scale rank at a 2.5, yet we are considered an apex predator and in many respects the most dangerous animal on this planet.  So the source that has given us this kind of prosperity and advantage of power, has also created all of us.  Hence despite our physical, and phenotypic differences we are all created by the same process that was put in place by a single source.  Therefor we are all equal.  Many religious cultures believe that we are even created in the Image of the source.  Scientifically we are all energy. 

Now why is it then, that those same principles that are taught in different religions and different philosophies then differentiate between sections of humans who are created by the same source.  If we are ALL created by the same source, we are ALL created EQUAL.  We all have the same rights.

 Let me now get to the point of doing something to please the source.  The source that created us is so loving, and so graceful that we are the rulers of this planet despite our lack of physical attributes.  All of that love was given freely to us by this process from a single source, and the process came about freely.  I can only name it love, because that is the language that I am speaking now.   Maybe you want to call it a Plan.  Maybe you will like to call it being chosen. Whatever you choose has to apply to all of us.  The feeling however, goes much deeper than love, chosen, or plan.  We don’t have to do anything to please the source.  We do not have to kill anybody.  We do not have to build anything, we do not have to argue with others who differ in their opinions from us.  The love will always be there as it has always been there.  The source that created all these processes that created us, also does not need protecting.  None of us with our limitations can do anything to destroy or protect that source.  By definition that source just IS.  It has always been. It will always be. 

Nobody is better, nobody is worse.  Nobody is going to have more prosperity just because they name the source a certain name, and nobody will have less prosperity just because they happen to name the source differently or may not even believe in a source to begin with.  It is all love.  We are all the same.  It is only human ignorance that creates conflict, that creates war, that creates death.  It is the same ignorance that has created multiple propaganda to make others think we have to do something to please our source.  Nowhere in any true literature referring to the source is there any clear indication that one type of human should kill another type of innocent human just so they can please the source.  It is absolute idiocracy to believe that we in our limited life span and limited knowledge can do anything to vary the process that the source has put in place.  Just love one another, as the source love us.  Stop concentrating on your differences and stop making yourself believe that you have to create hate in order to achieve greatness or favor with the source.  The source does not care or want you to create hate.  The source does not understand hate.  Remember there was one source.  You and I are both created by the process set into motion by that one source with love and there is nothing that we need to do differently.  All the pain and suffering that we cause is caused by our human ignorance. 

Let me know what you think about this.  Once again I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone or any philosophy.  I am just pointing out obvious facts.  It is time for us Humans to stop killing each other, or justify our superiority in the name of anything.  It is time to stop being so stupid.  The same source that created us, will eventually destroy us in a blink of an eye in histories time scale if we do not wake up and figure out that we are all here with love and for the purpose of loving. That there is no competition but the one we make ourselves.  That we can all be at one with each other and with nature.  Make your comments on my Facebook, and twitter.  Till next week, to you success.  I wish you much success and happiness in 2016. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. I am visiting family in South of France for the holidays  whom I have not seen for over a decade.  As we are reminiscing about the past, I thought about something that inspired this post. Many times when family and friends get together,  talk eventually comes to “what if we had done…” kind of talk.  As Albert Einstein said “Time is an illusion, albeit a persistent one”.  I personally have a great deal of difficulty staying in the present.  I am more conscious of it after reading the book by Eckhart Tolle called The Power of Now, but this concept is still a difficult one to practice.

I keep on thinking if I don’t use my past as a learning experience, I may repeat my mistakes as I have done before.  This is all well and good, however when I start thinking and getting sucked into the “what if…” type of thinking it does no one any good.  When we start to reminisce about what could have been there is a good way and a bad way to go about doing it.  Let us analyze each way now.

The good way is the way Dr. Joe Vitale, and even Anthony Robbins explain “reframing” your past.  That is the constructive going back visualization of rethinking your mistakes and being constructive about the past.  That is a form of eliminating regret, and learning from mistakes. In this form of visualization you are changing the feelings of regret, sadness, envy, etc. into positive thoughts of accomplishment. The bad way of doing this is to actually bring up the past and re-live the mistakes and feel bad and worried about the events that originally produced the same negative feelings.  Often times during these sessions I get just as, or even more upset than the original situation.  My blood pressure goes up, my heart rate increases, and a general feeling regret comes over. 

As we have discussed, from the stand point of The Law of Attraction, these feelings have  a very high vibration, which means they will attract very quickly,  situations that will give me the opportunity to feel bad.  That is not what I want.  Using the past to learn, is a good thing.  It should be a short use of the “time”, not a place to wallow in ones pity. Yet that is what happens most of the time.  Once we start to go down that road, it is very easy to have others join us, because people love to talk about all the bad things that have happened to them.  Very rarely do people talk about the good things, and I think it is the social aversion to being over confident or to “brag” about one’s past. 

What we have to realize however, is that by going back to the negative feelings of the past, we are not doing anyone any good and in fact we are setting ourselves up for more failures.  We don’t have to brag, but confidence in the good things that have happened, and vocalization of these feelings with GRATITUDE  is a great way to attract more of it to our situation.  That is the purpose of visualization of the past.  We should use it to our advantage.  The mistake has happened and we have come through it one way or another.  What is the point of being upset over the so called “spilled milk”?

I hope this makes sense to you and you will heed my warning about reminiscing about your mistakes.   Don’t beat yourself up over things that have been done.  There is nothing to come of it.  Concentrate on the positive and more positivity will come your way.  I look forwards to your comments on my Facebook page and your Tweets on my Twitterfeed.  Till next week, to your success and happy holidays. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week. This week’s blog is very practical. I am going to detail how you can have everything that you want and I am going to set down action plans for you to do it. The only thing you need to do is to actually do them. 

One of the things that many new practitioners of The Law of Attraction (LOA) have difficulty with is actually taking action and sticking to a set of actions that needs to be done on a daily bases until it becomes natural for them and then their manifestation becomes physical.  It takes discipline but more importantly it needs a “good WHY?”. If your  “why”  is very important, taking action and being disciplined is very easy.  If your “why” is just a hope out there, then when something better comes along, or when you don’t feel like it you will skip the action.  Once you skip doing something that you must do, it becomes easier to skip it again.  Very soon you have lost the momentum and you are not taking the action that you need to,  in order to get what you desire.

The action steps that I am going to set forth for you are very simple. If you have read this blog, specially the earlier posts from 2010 labeled SOME BASIC POSTS FOR NEW READERS on the right lower side of the page,  or if you have investigated or have been a student of LOA there won’t be any surprise in it for you.  I challenge you however, to do these action steps for the next 90 days. Every single day, and if you happen to stop one day or miss one day you start your timer again from zero.  Are you up to the challenge? 90 days to get everything you want? Because when you get one thing done, your will see the power, and you will believe which makes the next thing so much more easier to manifest. I hope you are up to the challenge. So let’s get started. 

As I mentioned before you are going to write down the “why” of what you want to accomplish along with what it is you want.  This is going to be the biggest and most important part of this process so take the time and make it as detailed as possible.  Again you are going to WRITE down the WHY of what you want to accomplish.  Try to bring as many feelings as you can into it. Try to keep the feelings positive.  If you have to write something negative, make sure you will continue to write the positive feelings that then will come about as a result of attaining the goal. For example: I want to have an extra $5k / month because I am about to get evicted from my house. Then I can write “I feel so happy and grateful now that I have achieved getting $5k extra per month and renting my own loft in Manhattan”.  So you notice the why at the beginning was “ I am getting evicted and I need $5k”. But that is coming from a place of desperation, so I am going to follow it up with “I am so happy and grateful now that I have my $5k and I have rented my loft in Manhattan”. 

You are going to write down again something you want to accomplish in specific details.  “I am going to rent a loft in Manhattan. It costs $5k per month”. Then you are going to visualize having that experience RIGHT NOW and FEELING the way you would feel in the loft right now.  So if you can go and visit a loft in Manhattan go and do it. Make an appointment with a realtor and go and visit a for rent loft in Manhattan if that is possible. You want to put yourself into the position of getting the feeling as real as they can be.  If you can’t visit the actual place, then do the best you can to bring about as much of the feelings as you can about being happy and in joy in YOUR LOFT. Take virtual tour of the lofts, find pictures of lofts etc.  This is huge, because you are going to need to do this every day for the next 90 days. By the time the 90th day comes around this feeling will be so familiar and so realistic to you, provided you have done this every day for the past 90 days, that the next logical step will be the manifestation of your goal

That is the biggest part of making the LOA work for you.  It is getting into the GOOD FEELING, again notice I am mentioning the GOOD FEELING OF HAVING ACCOMPLISHED WHAT YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH RIGHT NOW. It is huge. You are going to do this for the next 90 days.  Very simple. Not so easy, but I am trying to keep it simple.  There are no more steps than necessary.  This does not have to be  a big book of instructions.  The more complex you make it, the less chances of you actually taking action on it.  So HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT ? What is it worth to you to have whatever you want?  The good thing is that when you do achieve this, and I know you will,  you will have proven to yourself that you can do it. That will boost your confidence and your belief which will make the next thing you want exponentially easier to attract.  Is it worth it? Only you can answer that.  This is by far the most important post of this year.  Don’t waste it.  Share it.

If you can write to me on my Facebook page, or tweet me and let me know how things are going it would be great. The more of you post on my Facebook or use the hashtag #ajfarzad to tweet to me the more people can support you.  We can lift each other up. If you stumble also send me comments.  Send me pictures of the things you have accomplished and post them on my Facebook page.  I hope this makes sense. I hope this changes your life forever and gives you the confident to realize that you have the power to change your reality. Until next week, to your success. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. The holidays are coming, and with all the preparations and hustle and bustle it is easy for many people to start feeling down.  In this post I want to concentrate on something that works well for those times that you are feeling bad, sad, depressed, or any such negative emotions.

When we are feeling bad, or sad, we are on a lower vibration spectrum.  It does not matter how we got there. If you have been a student of The Law of Attraction (LOA) you know that somehow you have been giving your attention to situations that you do not want, and those feelings have attracted more opportunities to feel more of the same feelings and finally they have overwhelmed you. By the time you actually realize this, in most instances you are deep down into the attraction of the things you don’t want, or the flood of emotions that make you sad, and depressed. It is unlikely that you can turn this situation on a dime and go be happy from where you are.

Well I have a quick sure way of setting you on the right track. It is so easy, most people do not give it a chance.  They quickly dismiss it. Yet if you actually follow through with honest and whole hearted effort you will be so surprised at how well it changes your vibration and starts attracting what you actually are looking for.  The simple solution is GO AND DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

Simple isn’t it.  That is it. Keep it simple. Do not over think it.  Do not go overboard. You do not want to stress yourself out. Something that comes genuinely from your heart is where you want to go with this. When you do something nice for someone else you are coming from a vibration of prosperity.  You are coming from the place of LOVE.  You are tapping into the higher, and good vibrations.  This type of action will send out the vibration that will be attracting more and more opportunities for you to feel good.

The action does not have to be grandiose.  It can be as simple as giving a person a smile, opening a door for someone, giving a child a big hug.  It can be whatever will make your heart smile. It can’t be fake, because a fake act of kindness is not coming from the place of prosperity. It is coming from a place of desperation and that is not the type of vibration you want to send out. 

Think about the last time you did something for someone that really made you smile inside. That really made you feel good. The simplest actions can make people feel like they are needed, that they are important, that the world is a good, kind, loving place. 

Some of the things I really like doing is leaving small denomination of money in random places for people to find. I sit back and watch as people find money and start to look around at first. They can’t believe it. It can be as little as $1.00.  For them it seems like it is a million dollars.  There is just something about finding things you like.  A quick smile comes on their face. I feel a rush when I can witness such incidences. 

I also like to treat people who do not usually get the respect they deserve extra nice.  In the airport in my travels if I see the bathroom attendant cleaning the place I make it a point to look at them in the eye and genuinely thank them for keeping the place clean. I make sure they really get it. It goes beyond just “thank you”.  Things which do not really take much effort on my part but will go a long way in someone else’s day. It just takes a little bit of thought. 

I hope this stuff makes sense to you and you will give it a chance and a try the next time you don’t feel so good. As always comment on my Facebook Page and sent me a tweet and follow me on Twitter.  Till next week, to your success. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Good day and I hope you had a great week thus far. Today I pose the question not as an end all solution but to point out the characteristics that I had forgotten I had when it came to resolving conflicts.  What if children ruled the world? I do this in the hope that it benefits you the reader or at the very least will make you think the next time you are in a conflict. 

Let me start with a story. I was recently watching a pee wee football game. It was a very competitive and close game. Towards the end of the game, there was a flag thrown that many in the stands disagreed with and it ended up deciding the outcome of the game. Conflicts ensued, words were exchanged, lots of yelling and lots of shouting went on for another 30 to 45 minutes.

I am sure you can guess who was doing the yelling and shouting. Yup the parents on both sides.  Do you know what the kids were doing? For the first 5 minutes “players” (the kids) on both teams, were mesmerized by the actions of their parents.  Parents from both sides rushed the field and got in the faces of the referees.  Then something amazing happened.

Both teams sat down on the field, slowly took off their helmets and shoulder pads, and gathered together and started talking, and then soon started to play random games together, or talked about their school stuff. They completely tuned out their parents, and the results of the game. 

As an outsider who happened to walk up when the conflict happened I could not help be amused. The looks on the parents as they were going to their cars in the parking lot was stress, anger, concern.  The look on the kids’ faces before coming in contact with their parents were joy, laughter, and harmony. 

Somewhere between pee wee football, and perhaps late 9th grade we lose the perspective of conflict resolution.  What is it that allows children to get upset one minute and go on playing the next minute? What an awesome skill to have.  Can you imagine a world where conflict was solved by 5-8 years old, and the rest of the world was run by adults?  A world where adults had no say in arguments? No say in who to go to war against? No say in whose ______ was better or worse? What an awesome world. 

I think the reason why children of that age have this ability to move on, is the fact that at that age they see the world as “all possible”.  If I can’t have it now, I can have it in a few seconds.  I may not even want it anymore.  There is no scarcity.  There is nothing more important than feeling good.  Does this sound familiar?

Children are natural teachers of the Universal Law of Attraction (LOA).  How awesome is that? Yet as a father I am constantly overriding their natural instinct to just feel good. How often could I just let them be happy? How often is it really necessary for me to intervene?   If I am honest with myself much less than I actually do interfere. This is a lesson for me to hold back and let my kids work it out for themselves, or to allow them an extra leeway here and there.  It also makes me want to learn to behave more like a child the next time an argument comes up and think to myself, will pursuing this argument make me happy? Is it really worthwhile to be unhappy and win the argument? You have to be the judge in your case. I hope this makes sense to you. As always please feel free to comment on my Facebook page and leave me tweets, and follow me on Twitter.  Till next week, to your success. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  Today’s post is for all of you non-believers.  Today is for those who are frustrated.  Today is for those who just don’t listen.  I do not intend to make you believe. I do not want to tell you what to do. I will treat you as adults that I hope you are and simply lay out the facts and let you take action based on those facts remembering that no action is also a form of action.  You can keep on doing what you have always been doing, and you know where that will get you already, or you can take actions to have the life you always wanted. 

            There are certain Universal laws that govern our planet and our lives.  You don’t have to believe in them. In fact for many centuries people did not believe them. The fact that they did not believe them meant that they would suffer the consequences.  If you don’t believe that gravity is real, and you think you can fly, you will fall.  If you know the specifics of the law of gravity and choose to work within its parameters you can utilize it to fly without getting hurt. For example  the sort of knowledge I am talking about is as such: On earth the force of gravity is 9.8N/kg times the mass of the object. If you can overcome that force you can fly. Well that is not exactly true either... let me blow your mind about points of reference. See this video

            The same applies to electricity.  If you don’t understand the rules that dictate how electricity works, and you touch a live wire, you will get electrocuted. It does not matter if you believe it or not.  Ignorance of the law in this case is definitely NOT BLISS.  If you know how the forces of electric current work, or you can seek the advice and expertise of an electrician however, you can have the convenience of warming up your food in a microwave, and have light to read by at night.  It has nothing to do with your belief. It has nothing to do with your stubbornness. It has nothing to do with persistence either.  You do the same thing you will get the same results. Get electrocuted if you touch the live wire with your bare hands if you have no knowledge of how electricity works.

            What makes The Law of Attraction different is that even though this law is as old as time, the bulk of humanity was not exposed to how it works for a long time, and only recently it has come to our attention.  Those who knew about it, either did not want to share the information or did not understand how they had use it to explain it.  There were many books written and hinted to how this works, but they were either too vague, or mystical and difficult to interpret.  We are so fortunate that in our time, now in 2015 there is so much information about how to use The Law of Attraction (LOA).  There are many teachers that have been working successfully with this law for many years, decade even.  There are also unfortunately many people who pose as such but do not convey the information needed. 

            This is the reason why this blog will always remain free. I only put here what I have been using successfully and the information that has worked for me.  I do not seek to convert you to my way of thinking. I really could not do that anyway.  I only care that you experience the same joy and success that I was faced with when I learned that something like this is out there that dictates how the Universe works. I was pissed at first that it took me so long to be exposed to it, but as we know being pissed is a very high energy vibration and will only bring me more opportunities to be pissed. So unless I wanted to keep on being pissed, I had to change the vibration to something like gratitude for having had the information presented to me. Gratitude for being open minded at the time to try to play and experiment with it. Gratitude to stick to it when things did not work, and investigate what was it that I was not doing properly, and making changes to fix those. 

            If you believe you can and if you believe you cannot you are right is what Henry Ford said.  Therein lies this Universal law in a nut shell.  History is full of incidences where people tried to tell the rest of the society how to use The LOA.  Some people picked up the hint and succeeded and others ignored it as a fad, or gibberish.  Well, that is where this will take us as well. You can take the hint and if you are new to LOA or are struggling with it, read the earlier blogs and work your way to here. Or you can be lazy, skeptical, or ignorant, and go about doing what you have been doing and … what expect a different result?

            I hope this post has stimulated your thought process. If you are a reader of this post and a student of LOA, I hope this has energized you to go deep to the basics and practice them over and over again. Don’t get complacent. These are great times for humanity regardless of what you see out in the so called “real world”.  The more people realize this the faster we can all have the world we “want to live in” because we have to share this planet with others.  We can each have what we want, but how cool and how much easier would it be if everyone practiced these principles? I can’t wait to see that. Comment on my Facebookpage, and send me Tweets on my Twitter feed. Till next week, to your success and happy holidays. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. This week I am posting a video blog to bring your attention that negativity is not good no matter what you are trying to protect.  For my readers all over the world that are not aware of the negative social media coverage over what coffee companies cups mean what when it applies to the holidays, this is a wake up call for all of us not to get sucked into the negativity and enjoy the joy no matter what your beliefs happen to be.

I hope you enjoy this. Comment on my Facebook page and follow me on my Twitter account. 
Enjoy the video blog:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Good day. I hope your week is going awesome.  This week’s post tackles negativity.  I am hoping that after you read this week’s post, you will think twice about feeling any kind of negative emotions.  But I also want you to realize this is a process.  You did not get to where you are in one day, and irradiating negativity will also not happen overnight, or after reading this post once.  I suggest you bookmark this post and come to it over and over, especially at times when you are feeling sad, critical of yourself, or feeling any negativity in general. 

When I ask why do we love our negativity, I mean that quiet literally.  We love negativity. By “we”  I include the general label of human kind.  If we did not love negativity why would we embrace it so much. Think about it.  There is absolutely no evidence that becoming angry, upset, self-critical, will have any kind of positive consequences in any situation.  On the contrary, as we have learned from The Law of Attraction (LOA), when you concentrating on negativity, you are only going to attract more and more opportunities to have negativity in your life which means that you are now in a negative feedback loop that just creates more “stuff” to deal with.  Even before LOA became main stream, there were examples of teachings that negativity will not work.  We hear it all the time, but we choose to ignore it.  So why do we get angry? Why do we get upset? Why do we criticize ourselves and others? Why do we get sad etc.? 

This is the question that I want you to ask yourself because if we are of average intelligence, and we know that negativity will not do anything to help our situation and in fact it will do the opposite, then we are either insane, or just plain stupid to react negatively to any situation. It is like knowing that something will make you sick, and eating it over and over again and getting sick and then doing it again.  I am including myself in that we.  What is the definition of insanity? It is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Does this sound like something an intelligent person would do? NO!!!!

I am trying to use reverse psychology here.  I am trying to stroke  my, and my reader’s ego here as a last resort.  After all I do not consider myself stupid or insane.  Therefore I am  not going to do stupid things like get angry at situations that have not gone my way.  The anger is not going to be productive so why would I waste my energy on it.  This is something I need to practice over and over. 

I urge you to stroke your own ego.  Make sure you understand that you are a perfect being created in the image of the Source with all of the Sources powers and glory.  So we should not be bringing ourselves down to the level of ignorant fools. No other being on this planet, with the exception of those in close proximity to humans, embraces negativity.  Simply because of the fact that every other being on this planet is driven by their instinct and does not have control of their thoughts, they act intelligently.  Ironic isn’t it?

The same control that gives us our power of thinking and manifesting is also giving us the handicap of reacting with negativity.  Use this lesson. Do not act ignorantly the next time something happens.  Do not reach for negativity as a tool of comfort. Step out of your comfort zone and do the right thing.  Anything would be better than reacting with negativity. 

Eckhart Tolle states that negativity is a “mind” process.  The mind is lazy in most instances.  It is the easy thing to reach for negativity.  Our society has programed us for it.  We get sympathy from it. Even though we know it will not get us anywhere we seem to stay grounded with the “rest” of the herd.  It is time to break out.  It is time to set an example that we can and are entitled to do better.  I don’t mean the lazy kind of entitlement. I mean the kind of knowing that we deserve only the best, because we are the best. ALL OF US.  No sense of competition. Have total acceptance of the situation, and do something about it, or leave it.  There is no need for negativity.  Accept, take action, or leave is what Eckhart Tolle teaches.  There is no need for getting angry, upset or any negative thought.

I hope this makes sense to you and if you have questions please do not hesitate to ask me questions on my Facebook Page or send me a tweet on my Twitter feed.  Till next week, to your success.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  This week I watched the 3rd GOP debates. There are many more debates from both parties coming.  One of the things that really jumped out at me, and because of my training finally send warning bells all over, was the fact that everyone is so concerned about equality. Is that a bad thing? Well let’s think and talk about it a bit from the Stand point of The Law of Attraction (LOA) Shall we?

On the surface equality seems to be great right? Did you read my last week’s post on Communism and the LOA? If you did,  you will have an idea of where I am going with this.  Equality is great as long as you are not comparing yourself to others, or others to you.  Remember we get what we put our attention on. If you are wanting equality for all, and then concentrate on what people have and what others do not have, and build up your negative emotions about why things are the way they are and how unfair things are… WHAT ARE YOU ATTRACTING WITH ALL THESE EMOTIONS?

It would be great if you can put your emotion on how awesome and abundant the UNIVERSE is and how it is possible for all to have everything. But that is not what we are going to be bombarded with over the next year is it?  No absolutely not, because that does not get air time or sell adds.  You are going to hear all about how unfair it is that some small number or percentage of people make 98% of the income and all that crap.  So then you will concentrate on that. So what you give your energy to is then, getting more and more opportunities to see, YES SEE, a small number of people make 98% of the money.  Do you know why they make 98% of the money? Because they visualize and think about, and feel about making the 98% of the money and not on what you are doing or how much you are making. So learn.  It makes me sick and tired of hearing how unfair things are.  I hope you are starting to feel the same. Well you know what you have to do. WE CANNOT USE THE LAW OF ATTRACTION FOR OTHERS.  YOU CANNOT WISH TO TAKE AWAY from others.  That is negative energy and only will come back on you.  Plus when did we figure out that it was right to punish those who are successful by taking from them and giving to those who are not successful. How will that motivate people to actually succeed? In what reality does this actually work?  Perhaps you can enlighten me. I welcome any incidences of where taking from those who have and giving it to those who have not has had long term successful results. Perhaps we can analyze that.  I am not saying anything about POLICIES here. I DON’T CARE.  I am not going to waste my energy debating and worrying what Government policy will make things better for the top 1% or the bottom 1%. 

The reason why many people have a hard time using The Law of Attraction, especially in the West is this concept of Equality.  Forget about equality and concentrate on abundance. The reason I say this is because people are more concerned about what the other guy or their neighbor has, or is making, or whatever, than they are about their own abundance.  We are wondering why so and so has what kind of a car, or lives in how big of a house, instead of concentrating on our own cars, and our own houses.  We are more concerned about the top 1% not paying enough in taxes, instead of worrying about our own abundance and what we pay on our taxes.  I actually heard this on the debate. That oh let’s make the people who make millions pay more taxes so it will help the people who don’t make enough.  Dude why do you think the IRS code has over 4000 pages of policies that no one understand? So  now you have to hire someone who actually spends all their time studying this.  Guess what, only the people who have  lost of money will be able to afford that type of help so then they will find a way to take advantage of the system.   And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It is the way the system that tries to take away from successful people and give it to those who are not successful always ends up working. Look at history if you don’t believe me.  It is an argument as old as time. Whenever you try to take from the successful and give to those who do not have the behavior or mentality of success, you will just create more crap and in the end it always just goes back to the same.  Why? It IS THE LAW people.  It is not a Democrat or Republican law.  It IS A UNIVERSAL LAW.  Forget about the other guy’s stuff, and concentrate on your own life.  That is the only way you can make and manifest what YOU WANT. 

You can’t have it for somebody else.  You definitely cannot effect somebody else’s stuff.  So get over yourself and realize that the law of attraction only works for you. In fact if you are concentrating on how UNFAIR it is that the top 1% have more and pay less taxes than you, that is exactly what you are going to attract into your life.  More opportunities to feel bad about how the top 1% is paying less than you.  We are in an election year, with tons and tons of media on the subject.  All this attention to how others have and we do not will ONLY ATTRACT MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR US TO HAVE this inequality.  PUT A STOP TO THIS.  Worry and visualize about your stuff and then only on the stuff YOU WANT. 

I hope this actually hit a point for you. I want to wake up the attention that we can manifest what we want regardless of who is in the White House. We can have prosperity regardless of what is going on in Greece or China, or where ever.  So be informed, watch debates if that is your thing. Definitely go out and vote, but do not concentrate on the negative and what you DO NOT WANT.  Because you will attract it. There is no negation when it comes to the LOA.

I hope this makes sense and I invite you to put your comments on my Facebook page and twitter feed.  To your success, till next week. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now states that if we were in Heaven, we would say after a while, this is great, but.  This is something that makes us who we are.  We are constantly looking for the next desire, and that is a great thing.  It is not a bad thing.  This is a bountiful Universe and we should be looking for our hearts content.  What does this have to with brokenness?

There is a Japanese art called Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi that is the art of repairing broken ceramic and china by filling and sticking the pieces together with a resin which has gold dust in it.  The moral of the story being that what is broken is actually more beautiful than the original.  As we dare to go after our desires instead of sitting back, we risk being broken.  We risk, to gain. We go beyond what is comfortable to gain new successes.  We push our boundaries, to experience the new opportunities.  This risk will come with stumbles, setbacks,  and what many may call “failure”.  In reality though has there been anything that we have achieved without failing and trying again? Imagine if you had stopped trying to walk because you fell down the first time you tried.  Ridiculous right?

There is a great beauty and I would go as far as saying power to someone who perseveres in the face of setbacks and prevails.  Many coaches will say “ you are not beaten until you quit”. Motivational speakers are fond of saying “you are the only one who can stop you”.  These are not just tweetable quotes, although feel free to tweet them. 

Do not hide behind your mistakes. Do not run from failure. Why do we let our failures and stumbles define our actions? It is called Shame.  Shame is different from guilt.  Guilt is an action that you did that was wrong. Shame is an identity; you believe there is something wrong with you.  There could not be anything further from the truth.  You recall Thomas Edison tried and failed 10,000 times to perfect the light bulb.  Do you think he was ashamed after each try.  Oh sure people were readily available to ridicule him, but imagine if he had stopped trying to invent his inventions.  

Remember people are always ready to bring you down. It is not always from a place of malice, it can actually be from a place of love.  Loved ones fear for your wounds.  When you experience brokenness, it hurts those who love you as well and they want to protect you from experiencing scars. Or it maybe they have experienced some brokenness and have not persevered to overcome and have not reached their goals.  Since this is a point of pain for them they “think” they can save you from experiencing the same results.  Success is not something we can want for others. You have to want it.  If you want it enough you will achieve it.  If your desires change then you can move on. In either case the brokenness or scars have taught you a valuable lesson that more than likely you will use and benefit from in the future.

I hope this makes sense. Please feel free to comment and ask questions on my Facebook Page and do not forget to tweet me and follow me onTweeter.  Until next week, to your continued success.  

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week.  Why doesn’t the concept of communism work in reality? Doesn’t believing in no scarcity, and everyone prospering as The Law  of Attraction (LOA) teaches the same as communism? These are the topics I want to discuss this week in this post. I hope it will clarify what LOA is and more importantly what it is not. 

The simple answer to the question, is LOA the new communism is no.  In fact it is exactly because of this Universal law called The Law of Attraction that communism does not work in reality.  In theory communism would be a society that works to help everyone achieve a certain equality in every aspects of their lives.  The caveat is that some people are more ambitious in different categories of their lives and some people are just lazy and don’t want to do anything but want to have all the benefits of those who are working. Some people like to accumulate more money.  Some people like to give more love. Some people are more of an intellectual.  Because of LOA when you start gravitating and releasing the vibration that gets you in tune with what you want, there will always be different levels of success in different categories of life, and hence no matter how much a governing authority tries to push down those who are successful in an attempt  to raise those who are not successful, the Universals laws will counter act that, and result in the failure of the concept as we have seen throughout the history of the world.  This in turn will just feed fuel to the belief that something is wrong with this system and the by The Law of Attraction more opportunities will manifest to prove what a failure the system is. It is law. It has to be that way.  You cannot help those who are not successful by taking away from those who are successful.  It just does not work in reality.  It is a pipe dream and frankly it is not fair.

What makes LOA different from communism is that The Law of Attraction is not something that can be forced on a society or people.  As you have seen me write in this blog post you CANNOT want it for someone else.  LOA is a personal choice and in that respect it also requires 100% personal responsibility.   No blaming your parents, the government, the economy, the media, the rich, the poor or whatever the fill in the blank. The underlying concept of LOA and law of  prosperity is that, Source does nothing with scarcity. Which means that if you actually follow the principles of the LOA, prosperity is your results.  What these principles dictate is that competition comes from a place of scarcity.  Everyone can have everything they want as long as they match their vibration to it.  How do you go about matching your vibration to something you want? You visualize it. You become extremely clear on exactly what it is that you want and then as opportunities are opened for you by the Universe, you take action on those.  These seems very simple in principle, but because by our innate nature human beings tend to concentrate on negativity and human beings are lazy, it make the practice of this law difficult but not impossible.  

Stop trying to have what your neighbor has. Stop envying what others have in their relationships. Stop gossiping about where people go on their vacation or what they wear.  Be happy for people when you see them having what you want. Do you know why? Because when you envy, and gossip and are jealous you are sending the REQUEST to the UNIVERSE to bring you more and more opportunities to gossip, and envy and be jealous which does nothing to help you improve your situation.  When you are happy for people, guess what signal you are sending out? You are sending out the REQUEST to the UNIVERSE to bring you, yes, you got it, more opportunities to be happy which in turn means your situation has to have improved.   This is completely the opposite of take it from those who are happy and give it to those who are not to make them happy. What idiot came up with this stupid idea anyway.  I guess on paper it must have seemed great. NOT.

I am willing to bet in the next century, the LOA will be wide spread and routinely practiced.  It is exciting to see a new world where people are not trying to cheat each other out of a measly dollar.  It is exciting to see a future where animosity because so and so loved someone else is not an issue because everyone can attract the relationship that they desire.  We are not far from it.  As it is we are understanding why it is that some people are widely successful in their lives while others who seemingly should be successful are not. 
Let’s take money for example.  For the longest time it was believed that the higher you level of education, the more money you would make.  I am a great supporter of higher education so don’t mistake what I am trying to preach here, but there is a magic ceiling on top of that, and we notice people who are extremely successful in business usually come from very humble beginnings. The reason is that education is not everything.  As Napoleon Hill said, specialized knowledge is the cheapest form of commodity one can purchase.  If knowledge was power, then our academia would be the richest and most powerful segment of society.  Knowledge is great, but there is a behavior portion that comes with understanding how to use The Law of Attraction that will unleash the power within knowledge. 

Please start putting these concept into practice.  Start sharing your knowledge of the LOA with people because this is something that needs to be widespread.  This is something that needs to go viral.  The prosperity of our world depends on it. Even though we have come a long way from 2006 when the movie The Secret was released, there are so many misconception of what is and what is not considered The Law of Attraction.  Misconceptions turn people off and create stagnation in the propagation of this knowledge.  Spend time on this blog or others like it, and understand what exactly is the LOA. Understand how you can use it to your advantage, and then share those skills with others. 

I hope this post got you thinking. If you have any questions on this post please don’t forget to post it on our Facebook page or send me a tweet.  Until next week, as always to your success. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. This week I have a video blog for you. In this week's blog I make a reference to a previous blog post from last in which I explain that sometimes you actually think that negative actions are to your best interest. Here is the post

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Enjoy the video:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Often times I think about stuff that is happening around me in the present reality that I face as I travel through airports because even though I try to avoid the media news, it is all over the screens (that seem to be getting bigger and bigger) on airport monitors. These days airports have big screens that readily bring the chaos and negativity face to face to us.  Without exception these T.V screens are tuned to either CNN or Headline News, or Fox news or some station similar to them.  I have to remind myself that my world and my reality is not based on what I see right there and right now.  I have to remind myself that I have complete control to create the world as I want it.  I take a serene comfort in the fact that if people are afraid, and there is greater and greater chaos on this little blue planet, perhaps it is because we are on the verge of transcending into something even better and more magical.

I am not talking about some end of world crap either.  I am more practical and optimistic than that.  I am sure you have heard the saying that “it is darkest before dawn”. It is a scientific fact and it is often used to comfort people who are facing challenges.  I believe that humanity is on the verge of transcending the mere materialistic, and competitive nature that has brought so much chaos and at the same time comforts and technological advances that we could not have even dreamed of just a few decades ago.  I believe we are on the verge of truly Universal Love among all people. I believe we are on the verge of seeing a world where hate will be erased from our vocabulary.  Scarcity will be erased from our vocabulary.  The knowledge that the Universe is an abundant Universe is spreading.

More and more people are becoming conscious of the fact that we have complete control over our world and our reality.  More and more people are realizing that competition and scarcity are created by our own thoughts, hence can also be displaced and forgotten by changing our thought patterns. Competition is not the only way to achieve abundance and excellence. There are other ways. We just have to change what lies we have believed in thus far, and concentrate on the truth. The truth is that Universe does nothing with scarcity.

I want you to join me in thinking great thoughts.  Join me in believing the fact that humanity is taking a big step towards the better, instead of wallowing in our own pity that the world is in chaos and everything is going to hell in a hand basket.   After all this is not only a better thought and a better feeling, but if all of us start thinking that way, there is much more power to the vibration and it will exponentially manifest a world where everyone would love to live in.  We can do it.  Numerous studies have shown that even a small group of 100 to 300 people meditating in unison for common peace decreases crime and chaos in neighborhood and cities.  Imagine if we could do this throughout the world.  So the next time you are visualizing that thing that you want add a special visualization for a better, more loving world for yourself.  You cannot want it for anyone else, but you can create it for you.  It takes only you, and you, and you…

I don’t know how many people read this blog post, but please share this with your friends.  Do it for the betterment of our world. This is my plea to you this week. Thank you and until next week to your success.  Please follow me on Twitter, and make comments or questions on my Facebook page.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week.  Have you noticed it is so much easier to get angry than it is to love? Seemingly little things trip us and we seem to get angry a lot more than we enjoy the finer moments of life.  Why do you suppose that is?  Today I want to explore that topic and how it relates to The Law of Attraction (LOA). 

If you really think about it, your capacity to love or to hate relies on, and is dependent on how much practice you give to each topic.  If you are someone that gets angry easily it is because you have practiced that emotion more than you have practiced love. It has nothing to do with your innate self.  It is not an identity. It is just something you do.  Because of the amount of attention you give to it, by the LOA you are going to attract more and more of it the more you get angry.  The good thing is that this is not a catch 22. Because of the mere fact that you control your thoughts, you can start to apply the LOA to attract more wonderful things into your life.  How do you do this? You have to do this consciously because subconsciously the world will throw things at you every second, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get angry, upset, and feel sad.  Good news does not make the news.  Feel free to Tweet that. 

So what you have to do is you have to actually go about looking for things to make you happy.  Looking for things that make your heart move to joy.  Looking for things to love.  Start putting pictures of little children playing, beautiful scenery, flowers, puppies or kittens all over your phone, computer and your Facebook page. Get in the habit of looking for good things in every place.  Walking around, driving in traffic, or when surfing the internet start looking for things that will make you happy. This way you are actually practicing the vibration of being happy and by the LOA you will attract more and more opportunities to be happy, attract love, and be joyful. 

It is a practice and it is a skill set just like any other ability.  The more you give your attention to good things, the more good things will come about to take your attention and hence you will experience more joy than anger or hate.  Start practicing this and shut the door on negative reactions and negative news that surrounds you on a daily bases.  You have a choice of what you listen to.  You have the choice of what to watch.  Start putting those choices into good use. 

Successful people do the things that the general public and the average person does not.  It is easy to just go around and discuss what is on the news.  Specially right now.  It is so easy to get into the “locker room” discussion around the water cooler about what is wrong with this and what is wrong with that.  Everybody is doing it.  Well that is not really accurate is it? The people who are successful, who are joyous, and are manifesting the lives they actually want are absolutely NOT doing this.  They go about and take control of their thoughts. They go about and place themselves in situation that feels good. It is so simple.  You always have the choice of how you react to something even though you may not be able to control what happens.  You can only do what you can do.  100 % personal responsibility.  Control the person you can control.  Control the situations that you can control. When you cannot, you have 3 choices.  1) Remove yourself from the situation, 2) change the situation, and 3) or accept it and move on.  There is nothing to be gained by getting upset and angry as Eckhart Tolle states in his book The Power of Now

So take charge of your destiny.  Take actions that bring smiles to your face as much as you can so when challenges arise, you are already on a high vibration.  I hope this makes sense. Please feel free to comment on my Facebook Page if you have any questions or feedback, and do not forget to follow me on Twitter.  Until next week, to you success. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Is there a shadow looming in your life now? Do you have issues that you wonder where they came from, and why? Are you wondering what the heck are you supposed to do now? Then this week we are going to get some really good news for you from the field of Success as well as The Law of Attraction (LOA).

I am using the metaphor of shadow here to represent anything that is challenging you right now.  I want to let you know that in case you missed it, everyone has challenges and shadows in their lives.  Where do shadows come from? Let’s look at it from the scientific point of view.  Google search of what is a shadow gave this result

1.    1.
a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface.

Do you see what I see in that definition.  A body “coming between rays of light”.   A shadow cannot exist unless there is light.  Can you see this.  Are you reading the same definition I am reading.  This means that if you have shadows in your life there is light shining just behind it.  Napoleon Hill said “success is a trickster that takes joy in tripping you just shy of triumph”. This is the way I want you to think about the challenges that are in your “now” reality.  If you are having challenges, it means you are going to the light. 

If you were just sitting doing nothing there would not be any challenges.  Challenges by their definitions come to those that are expanding, evolving, and making themselves better. The people who are going after the opportunities.  Do you recall the saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.  Well this is the point dude. You are having challenges and shadows because you are almost there. And when I say almost, you have no idea how close you are.  Keep on taking the opportunities. Keep on stepping one foot in front of the other. The light is there, just over the challenge you are facing.

From a success point of view, this concept is an unprecedented fact.  Very few people or companies achieved success without going through challenges and shadows in the process or in their careers.  The greatest “heroes”  are those who faced their shadows and came out on the other side basking in the sunshine in the face of all kinds of obstacles.  They were persistent (see my post here ) with proper motivation.  They took action (see my post on action ) .

From The Law of Attraction point of view you have to be feeding your mind the positivity that is the TRUTH in every challenge.  You know that when you are in the middle of a challenging situation, or in the shadow you are not seeing the forest for the trees.  You have to feed yourself the positivity to know and believe with your whole core that there is success over the hill. This is the point where you are going to doubt yourself. When people are going to tell you “I told you so”.  But that is not the TRUTH people. There is light on the other side. SAY THIS WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY.   You have to be open minded and maybe understand that sometimes you have to slow down to go further.  To take a breather and come back and look at the situation with a fresh perspective.  Most important point of all is the fact that you have to continually see yourself in the final, completed, successful position you want in your visualization.  That type of visualization and thinking is what is going to increase your vibration and attract the opportunities and people that will be able to help you get over this hump. 

I hope this makes sense to you and gives you the hope you need to get up and get going again if you are feeling down, and frazzled. If the shadow is freezing you, I hope you can see that the warmth of the sunshine is just around the corner. Do not quit. Do not give up. You are so close. You are almost there. Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions if this is not clear on my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.  I engage with you all over the place, so pass this along to anyone who may benefit from it. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a blessed day.  The topic of this week’s blog post will be reading like a satire to some readers who are students of success principles, and even some hard core Law of Attraction (LOA) students. To the majority of the society though, this will be an eye opening post. I hope it will be educational, and more importantly something that you will take action on. 

What is the single most important step to take towards success? Arguably knowing where you are and where you want to go.  In addition to writing down your goals, the majority of highly successful people have another habit in common.  Taking time to plan their day the FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.   What do I mean by this?  Simply this, start your day by taking 15 to 30 minutes to QUIETLY plan the rest of your day.   Better yet, get this done the last thing the night before and spend  15 minutes fine tuning it in the morning. FRIST THING. 

Many people tell me they don’t have the time to plan every morning.  The response of you the success students to this is most likely “whhhaaaatttt?”. So I ask you to read it again out loud and see how ridiculous it sounds saying it out loud. Because I want this to have an impact.  “I don’t have time to plan first thing in the morning”. Sometimes when we internally dialogue with ourselves it sounds reasonable. When said out loud it will have a different effect.  This just sounds backwards.  Your success cannot happen without planning.
From a LOA point of view,  you have to visualize daily and as you take steps to accomplishing your goals you cannot afford not to start your day with at least positive inputs to your subconscious.  All throughout  your day, you will in all likelihood be bombarded with negative propaganda.  That is just what is out there.  You have to feed your mind appropriate fuel first thing in the morning just as you feed your body a healthy breakfast.  

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day for your body, the 15 to 30 minutes you take before doing anything else is the most important “meal” for your brain.  Most of us and I include myself, have a tendency to grab some tea or coffee, and hit the e-mails first.  Before you know it, the time is past and it is noon.  If you are disciplined, maybe you get a work out in before, which is much better alternative.  Your 15-30 minutes of planning though has to happen preferably before that or right after your workout.

Imagine trying to navigate a path you have not taken before.  Would you just start walking as you check a few e-mails, sipping coffee?  You would walk into trees, or fall of the face of the cliff.  You would take out your map or GPS, or compass and plan your rout carefully considering options, milestones, and  landmarks to keep you on track.  Once you are done planning your route, then you eat your breakfast and get moving. 

You cannot afford not to take time at the start of your day to at least plan the rest of the day.  In fact you should do this every day, every week, every month, and every year depending on the time frame of your goals.  If may seem like you are wasting time and I assure you nothing could be further from the truth.  Once you get into a habit of doing this for a month or so, you will ask yourself how you could have survived not doing this?  So please humor me and try this for a couple of weeks. Give it a honest effort and you will see that it will streamline your day, make you more effective, and will increase your vibration from start which can only attract more opportunity to you. 

I hope you enjoyed and gained something from this post. If something is unclear or you have any comments don’t hesitate to click this link to my Facebook Page and / or my Twitter feed and leave me a comment. Till next week, to your success.   

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  Recently a good friend of mine who had overcome cancer posted a picture of a prayer to “beat Cancer”.  When I liked the picture and commented with the point to bring  focus on healthy recovery, and health for everyone instead of “beating cancer”  I may have touched a nerve. 

This is common in my experience as I try to keep my focus on positivity and share the teachings of The Law of Attraction (LOA).  When I work with veterans who have given almost everything to protect this country and our freedoms, and we discuss peace, it rubs them the wrong way not to say “we are fighting against war”.  When I work with law enforcement on programs to help kids develop and build self-confidence, it also rubs them the wrong way to not concentrate on “war on drugs, or war on domestic abuse”. 

So even though I may be pissing off some of the people with this blog post, I want you to know that this is coming from LOVE.  It is because I want you, my good friends, my readers, and my clients to access the full force of the Source in your battles.  Some people get a charge out of fighting against something initially.  That increases their vibration to a high level and for a time, it brings up the results that they want.  This is because even though this vibration is coming from a source of negativity, it is internally associated with a feeling of being positive.  I hope this makes sense.  Initially the experience of treatment of an illness is with the feeling of wanting health.  We just have to be careful not to get wrapped up in the  “fighting the opposite” and understand that we will attract what we give our feelings and attention to. 

As success comes however, and that feeling vibration starts to diminish the focus of the negativity then can take root.  Because we are constantly bombarded with negative thoughts, this vibration has a tendency to get internalized subconsciously and backfire.  There is a very good reason why Mother Teresa said “I will never attend an anti-war rally. When you have a peace rally invite me and I will be there”.  There is a tremendous amount of wisdom in this quote. This is where I am coming from.  Realize that after you have won your fight against something, you need to change your focus to the opposite and the thing that you WANT.  For example if you have beat cancer your focus now should be on I am healthy. I am in the best health possible.  I am so happy and grateful now that I am healthy. My body knows the best possible condition to be at all the time.  Do not go to the comfort zone of “I am beating cancer” because now you are concentrating on the Cancer. 

The same reason that when you concentrate on debt you cannot achieve wealth applies here.  If you want to end domestic abuse, concentrate on happy families.  If you want to keep kids off drugs, concentrate on vibrant and excited kids.  Please see this post from where it is coming.  If this post is bringing up negative emotions of anger, stop now. Calm down and leave it for an hour or two so you can calm your feelings and try to read it with an open mind. 

I hope this makes sense.  I hope I have not offended anyone.  I hope I have not angered anyone and I hope you take this from the place that it is coming. It is with total love for you. Leave me comments on my Facebook Page and Twitter feed. To your success till next week.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  I don’t know about you but when I want something, I usually want it yesterday, so the second step of RECEIVING that is not my job usually is a difficult thing for me.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, I highly recommend you start with the  “SOME BASIC POSTS FOR NEW READERS” links on the lower right hand side of the blog page.  There are 4 links to some basic blog posts that will bring you up to speed with the basics of the Law of Attraction (LOA). 

We know that the desire part and the Asking is happening all the time. That is the easy part. We need to be specific about what we want, and poof step one is done. Now when it comes to the how, that is not our job as you recall. The Source is always granting our wishes.  The thing is that we are not always in the RECEIVING mode. That is the time delay thing, and I am telling you that it is for YOUR BEST INTEREST, so just wait. 

You are intelligent and you have been brought to this blog page because you are looking for something to make sense of this whole LOA thing and to make your life better.  Then allow it to unfold. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT SAYING SIT AND WAIT.  Take the inspired actions, but when things are not unfolding and you are, in vibration with your desires, know that there is something that is coming that is to your best interest.  The Source will always protect you. He will protect you even from yourself. Sometimes though we try to push through because as I mentioned earlier we want what we want yesterday.  This “free will” thing sometimes gets us into trouble and when your vibration is “I know what is best for me”, well then the gracious and loving Source will allow you the freedom to experience what You can. It is not usually to our best interest.  Why? Because we only have a limited view and understanding of our world in our physical form.  The Source has an infinite view of what is best for us.  Makes sense to let things unfold from the perspective of infinite rather than limited, doesn't it?

I can’t tell you  how many times, when I thought things that I really wanted were gone and out of my reach, something came into my reality that was not only what I needed but something I wanted even more.  Time and Time again, when I do not force the issue and allow things to unfold while at the same time taking actions on the opportunities what is best for me, happens. 

Conversely when I try to push my timeline I either see the error in my ways a few days or weeks after, or I feel the pain of the mistake immediately.  But I am only human and I keep on making this mistake occasionally over and over again. It is natural to want and want it now.  After all our whole society is being programmed to have things fast.  Fast food, fast cash, fast this and fast that.  Patience is a virtue seems to be the saying of our grandfather’s generations.  Is it any wonder then that they did not make as many mistakes as we did?

I urge you to spend as much time being patient as you do in the first step of getting clear; really clear on what you want.  It is the journey not the destination.  You can have anything you want to have. You deserve everything you want to have.  Follow the process, and when the process calls for patience know that something really really great is coming. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and it made sense to you.  If you have any questions please leave comments on my Facebook Page and or my Twitter feed. Feel free to share this with anyone who may need it.  Till next week, to your success. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week. Today I go back to one of my favorite shows of recent times Shark Tank. The business advice that Mark Cuban gives over and over in that show to would be entrepreneurs is priceless and so to the point in using The Law of Attraction (LOA) .  The advice is simple, but by no means does that mean you should  take it lightly, or dismiss it.  What is that advice? Get your product out there.

So simple. Many times entrepreneurs get fixated on “perfecting” their product before they launch.  They plan, and modify, and plan and modify and plan some more, but have no idea if there is even a market for this great widget.  The same is true with The LOA principles.   The best way I can summarize this is, “to be in the present moment”.

When we visualize and work on our vibration it is so easy to want to plan ahead and delve into the how.  The more you attempt to do this the more there is the  possibly of resistance creeping into the equation in the form of doubt, or fear. It is normal for humans to want to concentrate on what is wrong, or what can go wrong.  No matter how successful you are, that is always in the back of your mind.  While a certain level of realism is great, you do have to do the things that will move you forwards NOW

It is so crucial with your practice of LOA to take the inspired actions on the opportunities that present themselves now.  Each step of the way will open up doors for your next action step to happen. Even when you get rejected and or things don’t go as planned, realize that it is a needed step of the process. You needed to experience this set back so in the future you will not be making a bigger mistake.  Believe that you will accomplish the final results, and move where you are inspired to move.  But MOVE NOW

There are thinkers, and then there are doers.  You have to have a certain amount of thinking.  That is where everything begins, and takes shape.  That is where the vibration of desire come from.  There is a disconnect between your reality now and what you want = desire.  You already have send out the vibration.  You visualize and concentrate on the final results the way you want them to be.  You bring your vibration to the feeling of having the success, and feeling good about it.  This is where opportunities start showing up and since you are in tune with the vibration you are now noticing those opportunities.  Then there is that part of you that will keep on saying but then what? Or How am I going to do that after this? 

Stop yourself and take the action that is needed now.  Take the action and send the Universe the message that you are “wanting” what you want.  That in turn will bring you more opportunities to move you ahead.  It is not “I have all the steps outlined and then I will start”. Nothing will ever go as planned.  It is important to have a plan, but it is more important to start, and keep on taking small actions steps to move through the plan and modify if needed. 

I hope this makes sense and triggers you to move now.  If you have any questions or comments please click on my Facebook link and Twitter feed and share your questions and inputs.  Till next week, here is to your success.