Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. The holidays are coming, and with all the preparations and hustle and bustle it is easy for many people to start feeling down.  In this post I want to concentrate on something that works well for those times that you are feeling bad, sad, depressed, or any such negative emotions.

When we are feeling bad, or sad, we are on a lower vibration spectrum.  It does not matter how we got there. If you have been a student of The Law of Attraction (LOA) you know that somehow you have been giving your attention to situations that you do not want, and those feelings have attracted more opportunities to feel more of the same feelings and finally they have overwhelmed you. By the time you actually realize this, in most instances you are deep down into the attraction of the things you don’t want, or the flood of emotions that make you sad, and depressed. It is unlikely that you can turn this situation on a dime and go be happy from where you are.

Well I have a quick sure way of setting you on the right track. It is so easy, most people do not give it a chance.  They quickly dismiss it. Yet if you actually follow through with honest and whole hearted effort you will be so surprised at how well it changes your vibration and starts attracting what you actually are looking for.  The simple solution is GO AND DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

Simple isn’t it.  That is it. Keep it simple. Do not over think it.  Do not go overboard. You do not want to stress yourself out. Something that comes genuinely from your heart is where you want to go with this. When you do something nice for someone else you are coming from a vibration of prosperity.  You are coming from the place of LOVE.  You are tapping into the higher, and good vibrations.  This type of action will send out the vibration that will be attracting more and more opportunities for you to feel good.

The action does not have to be grandiose.  It can be as simple as giving a person a smile, opening a door for someone, giving a child a big hug.  It can be whatever will make your heart smile. It can’t be fake, because a fake act of kindness is not coming from the place of prosperity. It is coming from a place of desperation and that is not the type of vibration you want to send out. 

Think about the last time you did something for someone that really made you smile inside. That really made you feel good. The simplest actions can make people feel like they are needed, that they are important, that the world is a good, kind, loving place. 

Some of the things I really like doing is leaving small denomination of money in random places for people to find. I sit back and watch as people find money and start to look around at first. They can’t believe it. It can be as little as $1.00.  For them it seems like it is a million dollars.  There is just something about finding things you like.  A quick smile comes on their face. I feel a rush when I can witness such incidences. 

I also like to treat people who do not usually get the respect they deserve extra nice.  In the airport in my travels if I see the bathroom attendant cleaning the place I make it a point to look at them in the eye and genuinely thank them for keeping the place clean. I make sure they really get it. It goes beyond just “thank you”.  Things which do not really take much effort on my part but will go a long way in someone else’s day. It just takes a little bit of thought. 

I hope this stuff makes sense to you and you will give it a chance and a try the next time you don’t feel so good. As always comment on my Facebook Page and sent me a tweet and follow me on Twitter.  Till next week, to your success. 

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