Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Today I want to tackle a very deep subject.  I don’t come to this from a perspective of religion or philosophy.  These are just my observations and my opinions that I hope will make you think about the events around the world.  I believe that the only way to have peace, the type of peace that will encompass the world is to be to be educated about the truth.  I don’t mean the truth like it is said in many religious books. I mean the truth that is obvious to everyone with an average amount of intelligence and common sense. The truth that is not dependent on interpretation.  The truth that cannot be disputed in the court of law.    The type of truth that is not based on what my father, or his father passed along down to me. The type of truth that is not based on years of prejudice. 

I am going to start with the premise that there is only one source.  Many religious books call that source God.  Some scientific evidence point to it as energy.  Depending on your religion, language, or culture you may refer to that source by different name.  But there is one source that this entire Universe was created from.  If we can agree on that point, we know that this Source also facilitated the creation of Humans.  Again it does not matter what you believe.  I am not arguing or disputing your belief.  Humans were created through the process originating from the one source.  Weather you believe in God, or Science, on this point we can all agree.  Either God created heaven and the earth, or there was a big bang and the Universe expanded to create the cosmos we are a part of. Let’s not get off topic.  That is not the discussion I am having.   Even though there are many galaxies, with many planets, you and I are happen to be on a planet called Earth in this time and in this space.  On this planet even though there are many organisms that are stronger, and more powerful than us, humans occupy the top of the food chain.  I don’t think that is by accident.

When it comes to being an apex predator, organisms like the great white shark, or the lion have a score of 5.  Humans on that same scale rank at a 2.5, yet we are considered an apex predator and in many respects the most dangerous animal on this planet.  So the source that has given us this kind of prosperity and advantage of power, has also created all of us.  Hence despite our physical, and phenotypic differences we are all created by the same process that was put in place by a single source.  Therefor we are all equal.  Many religious cultures believe that we are even created in the Image of the source.  Scientifically we are all energy. 

Now why is it then, that those same principles that are taught in different religions and different philosophies then differentiate between sections of humans who are created by the same source.  If we are ALL created by the same source, we are ALL created EQUAL.  We all have the same rights.

 Let me now get to the point of doing something to please the source.  The source that created us is so loving, and so graceful that we are the rulers of this planet despite our lack of physical attributes.  All of that love was given freely to us by this process from a single source, and the process came about freely.  I can only name it love, because that is the language that I am speaking now.   Maybe you want to call it a Plan.  Maybe you will like to call it being chosen. Whatever you choose has to apply to all of us.  The feeling however, goes much deeper than love, chosen, or plan.  We don’t have to do anything to please the source.  We do not have to kill anybody.  We do not have to build anything, we do not have to argue with others who differ in their opinions from us.  The love will always be there as it has always been there.  The source that created all these processes that created us, also does not need protecting.  None of us with our limitations can do anything to destroy or protect that source.  By definition that source just IS.  It has always been. It will always be. 

Nobody is better, nobody is worse.  Nobody is going to have more prosperity just because they name the source a certain name, and nobody will have less prosperity just because they happen to name the source differently or may not even believe in a source to begin with.  It is all love.  We are all the same.  It is only human ignorance that creates conflict, that creates war, that creates death.  It is the same ignorance that has created multiple propaganda to make others think we have to do something to please our source.  Nowhere in any true literature referring to the source is there any clear indication that one type of human should kill another type of innocent human just so they can please the source.  It is absolute idiocracy to believe that we in our limited life span and limited knowledge can do anything to vary the process that the source has put in place.  Just love one another, as the source love us.  Stop concentrating on your differences and stop making yourself believe that you have to create hate in order to achieve greatness or favor with the source.  The source does not care or want you to create hate.  The source does not understand hate.  Remember there was one source.  You and I are both created by the process set into motion by that one source with love and there is nothing that we need to do differently.  All the pain and suffering that we cause is caused by our human ignorance. 

Let me know what you think about this.  Once again I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone or any philosophy.  I am just pointing out obvious facts.  It is time for us Humans to stop killing each other, or justify our superiority in the name of anything.  It is time to stop being so stupid.  The same source that created us, will eventually destroy us in a blink of an eye in histories time scale if we do not wake up and figure out that we are all here with love and for the purpose of loving. That there is no competition but the one we make ourselves.  That we can all be at one with each other and with nature.  Make your comments on my Facebook, and twitter.  Till next week, to you success.  I wish you much success and happiness in 2016. 

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