Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week. This week’s blog is very practical. I am going to detail how you can have everything that you want and I am going to set down action plans for you to do it. The only thing you need to do is to actually do them. 

One of the things that many new practitioners of The Law of Attraction (LOA) have difficulty with is actually taking action and sticking to a set of actions that needs to be done on a daily bases until it becomes natural for them and then their manifestation becomes physical.  It takes discipline but more importantly it needs a “good WHY?”. If your  “why”  is very important, taking action and being disciplined is very easy.  If your “why” is just a hope out there, then when something better comes along, or when you don’t feel like it you will skip the action.  Once you skip doing something that you must do, it becomes easier to skip it again.  Very soon you have lost the momentum and you are not taking the action that you need to,  in order to get what you desire.

The action steps that I am going to set forth for you are very simple. If you have read this blog, specially the earlier posts from 2010 labeled SOME BASIC POSTS FOR NEW READERS on the right lower side of the page,  or if you have investigated or have been a student of LOA there won’t be any surprise in it for you.  I challenge you however, to do these action steps for the next 90 days. Every single day, and if you happen to stop one day or miss one day you start your timer again from zero.  Are you up to the challenge? 90 days to get everything you want? Because when you get one thing done, your will see the power, and you will believe which makes the next thing so much more easier to manifest. I hope you are up to the challenge. So let’s get started. 

As I mentioned before you are going to write down the “why” of what you want to accomplish along with what it is you want.  This is going to be the biggest and most important part of this process so take the time and make it as detailed as possible.  Again you are going to WRITE down the WHY of what you want to accomplish.  Try to bring as many feelings as you can into it. Try to keep the feelings positive.  If you have to write something negative, make sure you will continue to write the positive feelings that then will come about as a result of attaining the goal. For example: I want to have an extra $5k / month because I am about to get evicted from my house. Then I can write “I feel so happy and grateful now that I have achieved getting $5k extra per month and renting my own loft in Manhattan”.  So you notice the why at the beginning was “ I am getting evicted and I need $5k”. But that is coming from a place of desperation, so I am going to follow it up with “I am so happy and grateful now that I have my $5k and I have rented my loft in Manhattan”. 

You are going to write down again something you want to accomplish in specific details.  “I am going to rent a loft in Manhattan. It costs $5k per month”. Then you are going to visualize having that experience RIGHT NOW and FEELING the way you would feel in the loft right now.  So if you can go and visit a loft in Manhattan go and do it. Make an appointment with a realtor and go and visit a for rent loft in Manhattan if that is possible. You want to put yourself into the position of getting the feeling as real as they can be.  If you can’t visit the actual place, then do the best you can to bring about as much of the feelings as you can about being happy and in joy in YOUR LOFT. Take virtual tour of the lofts, find pictures of lofts etc.  This is huge, because you are going to need to do this every day for the next 90 days. By the time the 90th day comes around this feeling will be so familiar and so realistic to you, provided you have done this every day for the past 90 days, that the next logical step will be the manifestation of your goal

That is the biggest part of making the LOA work for you.  It is getting into the GOOD FEELING, again notice I am mentioning the GOOD FEELING OF HAVING ACCOMPLISHED WHAT YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH RIGHT NOW. It is huge. You are going to do this for the next 90 days.  Very simple. Not so easy, but I am trying to keep it simple.  There are no more steps than necessary.  This does not have to be  a big book of instructions.  The more complex you make it, the less chances of you actually taking action on it.  So HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT ? What is it worth to you to have whatever you want?  The good thing is that when you do achieve this, and I know you will,  you will have proven to yourself that you can do it. That will boost your confidence and your belief which will make the next thing you want exponentially easier to attract.  Is it worth it? Only you can answer that.  This is by far the most important post of this year.  Don’t waste it.  Share it.

If you can write to me on my Facebook page, or tweet me and let me know how things are going it would be great. The more of you post on my Facebook or use the hashtag #ajfarzad to tweet to me the more people can support you.  We can lift each other up. If you stumble also send me comments.  Send me pictures of the things you have accomplished and post them on my Facebook page.  I hope this makes sense. I hope this changes your life forever and gives you the confident to realize that you have the power to change your reality. Until next week, to your success. 

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