Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Good day and I hope  you are having a great week. Today I feel like going to the deepest basic principles of The Law of Attraction. When you have a good foundation of basics,  getting creative and advanced becomes natural and easy. Without the basics, you may be OK for a while but then the fall is hard and fast. When it comes to The Law of Attraction the basics are “what do you want as the final results?” and “You have to be in harmony with the feeling that you want, to achieve the feeling that you want.”

What does that mean in English? The first part is very simple in theory. What do you want? When you ask this of people they usually start telling you what they don’t want. I don’t want debt, I don’t want to be sick, I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want my car; or they are vague: I want a better job, I want more money, I want a cool car, I want the perfect guy/girl.

Then you work with the Law for a while and you start phrasing and thinking in exactly what it is that you want and your start to over think it. I want a Porsche becomes, I want to have a V.P. position so I can make $200k per year so then I can go and get my Porsche. NO, NO, NO. If you want to be the V.P that is great. If you want $200k per year that is awesome. But if you want the Porsche you do not need to tell the Law how you want to get it. The how is not your job. Let me repeat that because it is really important: THE HOW IS NOT YOUR JOB. You do not tell the omnipotent how to make things happen from your limited perspective.  It is like me trying to tell a world poker champ strategies. If you have not figured it out, I do not gamble, and a full house to me means me, my kids, my wife and a bunch of people coming over to watch the UFC. So don’t go sabotaging your manifestation by cutting off the flow. Let it go. Be clear on what you want, be open to the opportunities that will present themselves and then take actions by going through the doors that open.

The second part is a bit more tricky. How do you come into vibration of feeling the way you want to feel? That in essence is being at peace with yourself at this moment no matter what is going on, and concentrating on what is most important. If you get angry with your kids at the drop of a hat, no matter how much you visualize that Porsche, it will never happen dude. You cannot give out anger and get something that brings you pleasure. It is against the law as much as trying to walk on the ceiling in defiance of gravity.  Make peace. The first step is to be happy and grateful for your kids. Appreciate them as they are a gift. Enjoy, and be at joy with them. Once you are at peace in the home front then you can resonate with the joy of driving with your kids in that brand new Porsche. Anything that brings feeling of anger, desperation, fear, and negativity is stopping the things that you want in your life to feel joy, pleasure and positivity. You cannot have negative feelings  and think of positive stuff. It is not the thought. It is not the words. IT IS THE FEELING. But the words can lead to changing of the thoughts which can lead to changing of your feelings. The feeling are the most important thing. Feel good, and you will feel good. It is not a riddle. It is as simple as it is stated.
I hope this makes sense and it helps you. As always if you are not clear or have comments or questions I welcome your comments on my Facebookpage and on my Twitter feed. Please feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit and until next Tuesday, I wish you success.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. It always amazes me how seamlessly universal laws blend with every aspect of life. That is the topic of today’s post.  Like many of my posts, today I am going to reach into the world of martial arts for inspirations. When Bruce Lee invented his combative system of Jeet Kune Do (The way of intercepting fist), he was looking for a realistic system that would end confrontations rapidly and decisively.  As the name implies, the emphasis is offense  rather than defense. There are techniques categorized as stop hits and destruction that for the lack of better word embody the concept of “a good offense is the best defense”. 
In a stop hit, you literally are jamming the opponent’s movement before his attack can reach you, or hitting him before he can hit you. In the use of destruction, you are attacking the opponents attacking tool be it a fist or a foot. For example if he throws a jab at your face, you will meet his fist with your elbow instead of a passive parry or cover.  Few other systems advocate hitting at the same time as you are blocking. I am only aware of Krav Maga and JKD that have this as their core fundamentals.  Curiously enough, these two systems are also among the most effective self-defense systems around the world.
What does all this have to do with The Law of Attraction? I have been studying and teaching The Law of Attraction (LOA) for a while now, and when I see frustration, or lack of success it is usually because of the lack of offense if you will, in application of the principles.  Just as in JKD, you cannot perform a stop hit or destruction while retreating, in LOA you cannot succeed when you are backpedaling with uncertainty and limiting beliefs. 
When someone asks you how you are doing, replying “not bad”, or “doing all right”, or “I’m hanging in there” is a backpedalling response.   Even saying “I am doing great” while feeling like I am feeling like S@#%t is analogous to attempting a halfhearted destruction on an opponent’s jab.  In the latter instance you will get hit in the face, and in the former you will attract crappy events into your immediate future. 
W. Clement Stone in his Success Seminars to insurance sales representatives had a game playing scenario centered around the concept of “if you want to feel a certain way, act that way”.  He would have representatives write flash cards, and play roles. “If you want to feel enthusiastic; act enthusiastically”.  You might be thinking “come on, does that really make a difference?”  Let me assure you as factually as you will get hit in the face if you try to stop hit, or destroy a jab halfheartedly, you will get punched by reality if you try to fake using The Law of Attraction.  Either do it with all of your might, or don’t do it at all.  Because if you are just half a$$ing it, you will fail, and then you have just reinforced your false resistance that this stuff does NOT work.  So you would be better off not even doing anything. 
When you are doing a stop-hit or destruction, you are going to move forwards, you are leaning in, and you will not hesitate. You will go in full throttle, and commit to the technique. The same hold true when utilizing the techniques of The Law of Attraction. You HAVE TO FEEL GOOD, TO GET GOOD THINGS COMING TO YOU.  If you are going to do it, do it with all of your being. Put on a fantastic piece of music, get yourself psyched up, jump up and down, hit a punching bag, go for a vigorous run, pump your fist up and down, … Do whatever it takes to get into the FEELING of feeling good.
Sounds simple enough, but just like mastering JKD it is not easy.  I have been hit in the face many times trying a stop hit or destruction. Over and over, I have missed the opportunity, I have hesitated, and continued to try, and practice. I have also felt the same utilizing the LOA. When I am feeling the challenges that are thrown my way, it takes discipline and fortitude to do whatever it takes to change my feeling.  It was not easy the first few YEARS. But hey, if I can get JKD, I can sure enough get through LOA.  So can you. Like any skill, practice, patience, and persistence are the key ingredients to perfection. 
If you achieve perfection in JKD, you are a bad a$$ in a physical confrontation. If you perfect The Law of Attraction, you are A BAD A$$ IN LIFE. How cool is that? I would say that is worth practicing day and night to achieve. In the end, it is your choice and your reality. Whatever you believe YOU ARE RIGHT. That is the beauty of The Law of Attraction.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and as always I really welcome your comments on my Facebook page. Please also join me on Twitter, and share this with anyone who can benefit from it. Till next Tuesday, here is to your success.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today’s post will help you make more of your affirmation as well as motivate you to pursue your goals.
Think about the type of music you really love. I mean the type of music you really enjoy listening to. See how it has the power to make you feel good?  How it makes your body move even if you are not a dancer? Music has a way of bringing out different emotions, and raising your vibration, and you can incorporate this tool to help you succeed.
I remember when I was competing in martial arts tournaments and had to memorize a form (KATA), I always found it easier to perform the movements to music.  It added an extra oomph to the performance.  It made me feel more in the zone even when I was tiered. 
When I was up all night studying for exams in school, taking a little break and cranking the music up in my headphones, energized me more than that cup of espresso. Music has power. 
I want you to put the power of music and your affirmations together.  Take your goals cards, or written goals, and affirmations and yell, shout, sing them to your favorite music.  If you can, incorporate them into the songs.   Doing this will make you use more of your senses, and also it gets you more in tune with the source. 
Have you noticed how you can’t get the lyrics to that song out of your head when someone hums it around.  Imagine the power you can harness if your affirmations were constantly being hummed in your mind on a daily bases.
It is really important to say your goals out loud every day and night and whatever means you can use to make it more fun, the more vibrational power you attach to it. You want to be happy when you visualize your goals, and having music around that puts you into a great mood, just adds the power. Remember it is not what you say but what you feel that bring The Law of Attraction to help you succeed in your goals.
Great music also serves as great situation reversers when you find yourself faced with challenges. There is so much power in music and you can harness it to help you reach your goals. I hope you enjoyed this post. As always please pass this and share it with anyone who may benefit from it. Comment on our Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


In the early 1900s Charles F. Haanel wrote the Master Key System.  Today I want to look into just one concept. “The world within is the cause, the world without the effect; to change the effect you must change the cause”. This is one of the summary points at the end of the first chapter.  When Charles Haanel wrote this, it was designed as a correspondence course over 24 weeks. If you have the intention to read the book which I highly recommend, it is important that you take at least one week to cover each of the chapters and not read it like a novel as warned by the introduction of the audio book format.

It is a great quote. This is a simple concept in theory but it is, like many aspects of The Law of Attraction, by no means easy.  I will attempt to go over the concept in the hope to introduce in a different way the concept that most people still find alien even though it has been around for thousands of years.  The concept that what you “think” is reality,  is just the result, not the cause in your world. The world within is your thoughts. According to Haanel and many teachers, your thoughts literally “creates” your real world.  Many people are taken aback when they hear this and they counter with “oh come on, how does a new born baby create a disease in himself” or “how do people in some part of the world create a Tsunami that destroys their lives”? Isn’t it interesting that very few people come up with the other side of the equation and say “ah, that is how Edison created the light bulb” or “that is what the Wright brothers did to succeed in achieving flight”.  If you have been reading this blog for a while you know I have addressed the questions of why bad things happen etc (Jan 24th, 2012 video blog post).  Today I want to delve into the principles.

I just watched Bob Proctor present his program and in it he mentioned most animals blend into their environment, but man does not. He creates his environment and he is the only animal that can do this by the virtue that he can control his thoughts. The ability to think and feel, and believe in your visions is so powerful, and at the same time so under emphasized in Western civilization.  Yet most of the successful people in the world make their own reality. They always are told that they cannot do it. There is always nay Sayers when you reach for the stars. Have you been told “oh that is just a pipe dream”, “money does not grow on trees”, “who do you think you are to dream that big?”.  It is not their fault. Our loved ones genuinely are thinking they are protecting us, because that is all they know. I am here to tell you that you need to change your thinking. DO DREAM BIG. Dream so big and it will bring a smile to your face. Are you smiling yet?

Have you noticed that when someone tells you something you like you start seeing it all around you if you like it. If I told you Harley Davidson, you will start to see, hear and smell motorcycles all around you very soon. It is that easy.  There is no resistance involved with that thought so it happens really quick. When you start to change your internal thoughts, however, you will raise up a slew of resistances that have been built over the years.  It is ok. DO NOT RESIST THEM. Just welcome those resistances. Talk to them. Give it a color, texture, smell. Ask it questions like why are you here? What are you telling me? This may feel strange and even counter intuitive to you, but DO IT. Remember when you were first afraid to go into the darkness. It was not the darkness that made you afraid, but the unknown. The unknown of your resistance is what give it power. You will imagine thousands of things that can go wrong. 95% of the things you think will happen never will materialize. You waste energy on them.  When you face your resistances (the voice that sais bull shit when you set a goal to be a bodybuilder for example) it loses its power.
Your thoughts will help you set goals. When you set goals, and you start to concentrate on them as though you have already achieved it, you will be presented with new opportunities to change your life. You have to be persistent. If you are like most people and new to this,  it will be difficult to get clear on what you want and you will change your goals many times, and you will hit the fear wall, and change your mind and you will be like a little kid that keeps on going and disturbing the earth to see if the seed he planted is growing yet. It takes  time. You keep on keeping on. Think about your dreams every day multiple times a day. Get clear on the things you want. Set goals and make plans and take action to pursue those plans.  If you fail, give a little thanks because you just learned a lesson and you can modify your plan but NEVER YOUR GOAL.

That is what Charles Haanel means  when he says “within is the cause and without is the effect”.  I hope you enjoyed this post and as always feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit from it and comment on my Facebook fan page as well as follow me on Twitter.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I wanted to delve deep into how ANY of the Universal laws including The Law of Attraction works and dispel the myths and confusions that many people have, which is sometimes the criticism of the use of The Law of Attraction (LOA).

Bob Proctor quoted Thomas Trower as saying “Don’t expect the law to do something FOR YOU, when it can only do something THROUGH you”. This will be the basis of this Video post and I hope you enjoy it.
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