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In the early 1900s Charles F. Haanel wrote the Master Key System.  Today I want to look into just one concept. “The world within is the cause, the world without the effect; to change the effect you must change the cause”. This is one of the summary points at the end of the first chapter.  When Charles Haanel wrote this, it was designed as a correspondence course over 24 weeks. If you have the intention to read the book which I highly recommend, it is important that you take at least one week to cover each of the chapters and not read it like a novel as warned by the introduction of the audio book format.

It is a great quote. This is a simple concept in theory but it is, like many aspects of The Law of Attraction, by no means easy.  I will attempt to go over the concept in the hope to introduce in a different way the concept that most people still find alien even though it has been around for thousands of years.  The concept that what you “think” is reality,  is just the result, not the cause in your world. The world within is your thoughts. According to Haanel and many teachers, your thoughts literally “creates” your real world.  Many people are taken aback when they hear this and they counter with “oh come on, how does a new born baby create a disease in himself” or “how do people in some part of the world create a Tsunami that destroys their lives”? Isn’t it interesting that very few people come up with the other side of the equation and say “ah, that is how Edison created the light bulb” or “that is what the Wright brothers did to succeed in achieving flight”.  If you have been reading this blog for a while you know I have addressed the questions of why bad things happen etc (Jan 24th, 2012 video blog post).  Today I want to delve into the principles.

I just watched Bob Proctor present his program and in it he mentioned most animals blend into their environment, but man does not. He creates his environment and he is the only animal that can do this by the virtue that he can control his thoughts. The ability to think and feel, and believe in your visions is so powerful, and at the same time so under emphasized in Western civilization.  Yet most of the successful people in the world make their own reality. They always are told that they cannot do it. There is always nay Sayers when you reach for the stars. Have you been told “oh that is just a pipe dream”, “money does not grow on trees”, “who do you think you are to dream that big?”.  It is not their fault. Our loved ones genuinely are thinking they are protecting us, because that is all they know. I am here to tell you that you need to change your thinking. DO DREAM BIG. Dream so big and it will bring a smile to your face. Are you smiling yet?

Have you noticed that when someone tells you something you like you start seeing it all around you if you like it. If I told you Harley Davidson, you will start to see, hear and smell motorcycles all around you very soon. It is that easy.  There is no resistance involved with that thought so it happens really quick. When you start to change your internal thoughts, however, you will raise up a slew of resistances that have been built over the years.  It is ok. DO NOT RESIST THEM. Just welcome those resistances. Talk to them. Give it a color, texture, smell. Ask it questions like why are you here? What are you telling me? This may feel strange and even counter intuitive to you, but DO IT. Remember when you were first afraid to go into the darkness. It was not the darkness that made you afraid, but the unknown. The unknown of your resistance is what give it power. You will imagine thousands of things that can go wrong. 95% of the things you think will happen never will materialize. You waste energy on them.  When you face your resistances (the voice that sais bull shit when you set a goal to be a bodybuilder for example) it loses its power.
Your thoughts will help you set goals. When you set goals, and you start to concentrate on them as though you have already achieved it, you will be presented with new opportunities to change your life. You have to be persistent. If you are like most people and new to this,  it will be difficult to get clear on what you want and you will change your goals many times, and you will hit the fear wall, and change your mind and you will be like a little kid that keeps on going and disturbing the earth to see if the seed he planted is growing yet. It takes  time. You keep on keeping on. Think about your dreams every day multiple times a day. Get clear on the things you want. Set goals and make plans and take action to pursue those plans.  If you fail, give a little thanks because you just learned a lesson and you can modify your plan but NEVER YOUR GOAL.

That is what Charles Haanel means  when he says “within is the cause and without is the effect”.  I hope you enjoyed this post and as always feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit from it and comment on my Facebook fan page as well as follow me on Twitter.

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