Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Good day and I hope  you are having a great week. Today I feel like going to the deepest basic principles of The Law of Attraction. When you have a good foundation of basics,  getting creative and advanced becomes natural and easy. Without the basics, you may be OK for a while but then the fall is hard and fast. When it comes to The Law of Attraction the basics are “what do you want as the final results?” and “You have to be in harmony with the feeling that you want, to achieve the feeling that you want.”

What does that mean in English? The first part is very simple in theory. What do you want? When you ask this of people they usually start telling you what they don’t want. I don’t want debt, I don’t want to be sick, I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want my car; or they are vague: I want a better job, I want more money, I want a cool car, I want the perfect guy/girl.

Then you work with the Law for a while and you start phrasing and thinking in exactly what it is that you want and your start to over think it. I want a Porsche becomes, I want to have a V.P. position so I can make $200k per year so then I can go and get my Porsche. NO, NO, NO. If you want to be the V.P that is great. If you want $200k per year that is awesome. But if you want the Porsche you do not need to tell the Law how you want to get it. The how is not your job. Let me repeat that because it is really important: THE HOW IS NOT YOUR JOB. You do not tell the omnipotent how to make things happen from your limited perspective.  It is like me trying to tell a world poker champ strategies. If you have not figured it out, I do not gamble, and a full house to me means me, my kids, my wife and a bunch of people coming over to watch the UFC. So don’t go sabotaging your manifestation by cutting off the flow. Let it go. Be clear on what you want, be open to the opportunities that will present themselves and then take actions by going through the doors that open.

The second part is a bit more tricky. How do you come into vibration of feeling the way you want to feel? That in essence is being at peace with yourself at this moment no matter what is going on, and concentrating on what is most important. If you get angry with your kids at the drop of a hat, no matter how much you visualize that Porsche, it will never happen dude. You cannot give out anger and get something that brings you pleasure. It is against the law as much as trying to walk on the ceiling in defiance of gravity.  Make peace. The first step is to be happy and grateful for your kids. Appreciate them as they are a gift. Enjoy, and be at joy with them. Once you are at peace in the home front then you can resonate with the joy of driving with your kids in that brand new Porsche. Anything that brings feeling of anger, desperation, fear, and negativity is stopping the things that you want in your life to feel joy, pleasure and positivity. You cannot have negative feelings  and think of positive stuff. It is not the thought. It is not the words. IT IS THE FEELING. But the words can lead to changing of the thoughts which can lead to changing of your feelings. The feeling are the most important thing. Feel good, and you will feel good. It is not a riddle. It is as simple as it is stated.
I hope this makes sense and it helps you. As always if you are not clear or have comments or questions I welcome your comments on my Facebookpage and on my Twitter feed. Please feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit and until next Tuesday, I wish you success.

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