Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. The other day I was listening to one of my favorite speakers and teachers of The Law of Attraction, Dr. Joe Vitale, and something he said rang a bell. So I wanted to elaborate on the significance of it here on my blog to help anyone interested as well as to document it for my own use lest I forget.
I really admire Dr. Joe Vitale. I have taken his Law of Attraction certification course and on the right side of this blog you can see a link to that course, if you want to take it. It is allot of information, very well described and put together that can help anyone make sense of this universal law. Here is a QR code for his program
What he said in the interview I was listening to that made a great impression was that “many people who have used visualization or The Law of Attraction successfully in many other areas of their lives have problems when it comes to money because they have deep routed negative beliefs about money”. The interviewer then pointed out that his coaching clients usually refer to their money goals this way: “I have to have the money by…” That is so obviously is coming from a point of view of scarcity.
I want to walk you through a story. When you see a really fit person in the gym, perhaps the personal trainer, or a body builder, can you see the passion and the playful attitude they have in what they do. I don’t mean to say they are not serious because obviously to be such elite athletes they have to be serious but they do it like it is play. Contrast that now with someone who really dislikes working out but has to do it for one reason or another. They rarely achieve the results you would expect someone who is putting that much effort in, should achieve.
Here is another one. Diets. People who are healthy and in good physical shape enjoy eating their food.  I am even referring to those who follow what many will consider strange diets. They really are “in to” their thing. They love it. They are playful at it. Again contrast that with people who pick up fad diets and try to do what these people are doing to get the physic or benefits. Frequently, unless they start to enjoy the diet, they will fail to achieve much success. Why is that?
Here again is where the universal laws come into effect. They work weather you are aware of them or not, and they work for everyone the same way. The Law of Attraction will bring you what your feelings indicate. When you are struggling with doing something you don’t want, you will continue to attract doing something you don’t want to do because the universe thinks you enjoy doing what you don’t want to do, because that is the energy you are putting forth. It sucks I know, but this is the way the law works and if you learn to use the law then it will not suck. I promise you.
So when it comes to money , play. Esther Hicks has a method of putting a $100 dollar bill in your wallet and consciously go around shops and say to yourself “I can have that. I can afford that. I can buy that”. It sounds wired but it changes your attitude to money. Again it is a game. Do it as it is intended to be played. I shared this with a student and when I asked a month later how it was going, he had actually forgotten he had the money in his wallet. Not the way it is supposed to be played. I mean come on. If you can’t play with a simple mind game like this do you really expect the universe to hand over great wealth to you grumpy? Guess what, the story of Christmas Carol is real. Scrooge will get screwed if he does not change his attitude.
So play with different avenues of earning income. When you put a garage sale make it fun. Who cares what your old pair of shoes will bring in. Have fun. When you put stuff on eBay be playful, the energy will transfer to your listing. Be playful because play comes from a place of prosperity.  When you play things  just fall into place.  Prosperous people play. Needy people don’t .  I don’t mean lose money. Play to succeed. Notice I did not say play to win. There is no win or lose in this universe. It is a friendly universe and there is plenty out there for everyone. Play to succeed. Do your due diligence, but play.
 I hope you enjoyed this blog post. As always feel free, and be encouraged to comment on myFacebook page and follow me on Twitter. Share this with anyone who needs it and I will talk to you next week.

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