Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. This weekend a mentor of mine mentioned something that reeked of pure Law of Attraction, and I wanted to share it in a post.  He is a very spiritual person and what works for him will also work for anyone and I am going to explore the reasoning behind it from the stand point of The Law of Attraction. Science or religion, the logic is the same so there is no resistance associated with it.  This is the beauty of Universal laws.

The premiss is that he would love, and ask for abundance for everyone he came into contact with.  Regardless of their attitude or treatment of him, he made it a point to have positive expectations for them.  My first reaction was "wow, what a tolerant person." Then resistance kicked in and I started to justify and make excuses like "who do I think I am to ask for blessings for other people?" I felt like people would see me as conceited if I started to behave in the manner suggested by my mentor. So naturally this type of thinking did not feel good.  I have learned now to listen to my FEELINGS. I knew it was not the way I wanted to feel, so I reached for what would make me feel better. Slowly the thoughts I was looking for came to me, and as I listened the answer materialized.

The thoughts that I had was coming from the stand point of scarcity. When I really analyzed it from the logic of universal laws, I started to realize that feeling bad for wanting good things for other people is exactly the opposite of prosperity.  When we want blessings and good things for others from the bottom of our heart, we are signaling that we are abundant, and more importantly we acknowledge that there is abundance for all to enjoy. 

You  will know if this is genuine or not.  Your gut feeling will tell you if you are BSing yourself or really feeling the  joy of wanting abundance for others.  That is ok, though. It will take practice and you will start to feel more and more comfortable with it. Eventually like my mentor, you will also be able to do this even for people that may not be nice to you. That is the ultimate place of PROSPERITY.  Imagine how much confidence, and belief you must have, to want the best for everyone, even those who may not be so nice to you.  Vibrationally you are at a point where you have opened the floodgates of prosperity.  You are in the ultimate place of accepting all that you want, and that is when good things will flow to you like you have never experienced.  

As mentioned earlier, this state is not natural to most people in the western culture, but believe it or not it is our natural state.  With practice, we can make this a natural part of our reaction. Be persistent, and do not feel bad when you reactively reach for scarcity. Realize, and reach for thoughts that feel just a little better until you climb back up the spectrum to joy.  Remember you cannot turn on a dime from envy to prosperity consciousness, but you can walk your way slowly there. It is not a race. It's the journey that will teach you and strengthen you.  You will get better at it every day.  The fact that you are reading this indicates you are on the right vibration. Follow it. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please share your thoughts with me and others on my Facebook page, and Twitter feed. Share this with anyone who may benefit from it. Until next week, I wish you much success and prosperity. 


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful insight. After going through 3 cancers, this is now what I live by and now with blessing others through my cancer foundation Heaven's Door..I have such joy in seeing others makes ME happy. Daphne


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