Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. This week I want to talk about a counter-intuitive characteristic of Universal Laws like The Law of Attraction, Gravity, Electricity etc. This will a sort of food for thought posting and I hope you enjoy it.

This world we live in, our planet, is traveling at thousands of miles per second around the Sun, which in turn is traveling at thousands of miles per second through the universe, and yet I don’t need to know exactly how that stuff works to walk out of my house and stroll around the neighborhood. I know that I will not fly off the planet. Alternately I also do not have to know how the microwave works to pop some popcorns. I just press some buttons, and boom there it is. 

As I have mentioned many times in this blog, I am a scientist. I like to know how things work at their core.  This is especially true with concepts that are new to me. Sometimes though, this need slows me down. When it comes to The Law of Attraction, the people who get the most the quickest, are the ones that push the buttons that they are taught to push and expect the things that are supposed to happen to happen.  Jack Canfield said that “you don’t have to know how electricity works to push the button and turn on the lights”.  When you follow The Law of Attraction, you begin to create your reality.  This is a huge power you have within your no matter what your circumstance is looking like at this moment.  Like Nike sais “just do it”.  This brings up a very important concept and that is this:
            If you are going to use The Law of Attraction, don’t quit, and if you plan on quitting at the first sign of challenges, or it is just a fad you are following, do yourself a favor and leave it alone. Go about doing what you’ve been doing by default. 

Are you still with me? Good.  The next important point is to start small.  By starting small, you built small successes that built your belief system.  Because there usually is not much of a resistance involved with attracting a cup of coffee, or a parking space you can work with a clean slate and get into the feeling of manifesting.  The Law of attraction certification course that I have a link for on this page by Dr. Joe Vitale from the movie The Secret, goes into detail about resistance and how to clear it.  As you go through your learning process, keep a “Win journal” and document your wins to go back to and review when things get rough.  Most importantly realize that as Jack Canfield puts it “how you do anything is how you do everything”. 

If you quit at the first of sign of challenges, you will in all likelihood learn that quitting is an acceptable option.  And you know what happens? You will be cheating yourself out of a wonderful life full of joy. 

I hope this post was helpful and interesting. As always I really welcome your comments on my Facebook page as well as on my Twitter feed. Until next week, to your success.

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