Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.
Today I wanted to share again a mistake I made so you can benefit from my experience. For the past few months I have been really concentrating on getting some internet marketing projects off the ground. This is a very new filed for me and totally out of my comfort zone. In addition to my regular work, I have been taking classes, and seminars and working on setting up websites, and creating products around my book and putting together offers etc. It is very exciting.
This past month, I was faced with numerous setbacks that really derailed my concentration and I totally started to experience the warning signals of my feelings, but kept on ignoring them and tried to get away by  putting a few days of rest and relaxation in and as you read in the last post, I even took some “pity me time”.

I started to feel better but, I was very concerned at the amount of negative energy and by default the amount of negative circumstances that suddenly hit my reality. I could not really come to grip with them because “from my perspective” I had realigned myself and was emanating positive energy.  Well there are times like these that having a loving and in tune spouse is a great blessing.
In no uncertain terms my wife sat me down and told me that I was neglecting my family. As she was illustrating this to me I realized that recently my patience with my two little girls had been really short. I tended to yell at them and put them in time out more than I usually do. I had not gone to Jiu Jitsu or JKD in 4 months, and in general I was just off centered.
Well yesterday I went to my first JKD class in about 4 months. It was like all the toxins was sucked out of my body. I found myself concentrating and visualizing being more patient with my 4 years old daughter. I played with both of my little ones in the playground after work since I was not traveling out of town. In a word  there has been one day when I was starting to get back to myself.
I did not do anything with my personal projects. I have not touched the website or the auto responder. I have not recorded a single minute of video for the product launches I am planning. In fact if this blog was not a form of release and therapy for me I may have taken a few weeks off of writing as well.
I say all that to bring about the point that we all know innately, but in the busy hustle and bustle of daily life we seem to forget. The question of "what is more important"? We all have heard that success is a balance of everything in our life not just the financial aspect. Men specially have a tendency to think that if I work harder and bring home the bacon I am doing the best for my family. That may not be the case if you spend all or a major part of your time working and missing the events of your children or your spouse’s life.  Sometimes an evening out with your spouse, or having a glass of wine (or in my case green tea) together after the kids are gone to sleep has more value than a $1,000 check. It is important to keep the little things in perspective. When it comes to spending TIME, The most important commodity we have, we have to really think about the way we are investing.

How many times have you read that some really rich mogul passed away leaving a fortune to their heirs but the son or daughters utters "I wish I had had my parent come to my soccer game etc."? Don’t let that be you.
It is really easy to get out of balance in this day and age where there is more information exchanged in a second than it would have taken decades only a century ago. The same technology that has enabled us to be more productive, can also take away our most precious commodity from our loved ones.
Truly successful people schedule their non-work time and stick to it. Make sure that you take time for yourself to meditate, to exercise, and also make sure you take time to be with your family. When I say “be” with your family I mean truly be with them. Put the phone aside and be present with them. This is something that I seemed to have forgotten in the last few months and I need to really recheck my priorities because no amount of money or success is worth missing the growing millstones of my little girls or the loving embrace of my beautiful wife.
I hope this post was helpful and if not a warning signal at least a reminder that success and the Law of Attraction are all about balance and not stacking the chips on only one side of the scale.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I wanted to touch on subject that we all encounter in our daily lives but pay little attention to. That is, what happens when we are face to face with a set back from an emotional stand point.
Last week I shared with you how a project I was working on was derailed at the very last moment. Although I was blessed in the situation, the disappointment of having worked so hard and long on it was not any less painful. Now I consider myself an upbeat, and positive person, but I was really struck by the fact that this disappointment bothered me for quite a long time. I would say it lingered on the periphery of my attention for 4 days. That prompted me to take a closer look and led to the topic of this post.
You have heard me to talk about  the Sedona method before as a one of the ways of clearing resistance. One of the core tenants of this method is the need to allow whatever it is that we want to eliminate, to come through. It seems counter intuitive at first glance. When I first learned about this technique, I was struck by its simplicity but resisted the whole idea that I have to allow what I wanted to eliminate, and actually acknowledge that it is there and “welcome” the feeling.

The same is true with disappointment, depression, anger, grieving and any other emotional negativity that you may feel at different times. You have to allow it to come through.  You have to welcome it. The more we try to resist and fight the feeling the longer it will linger and persist and to some extent gain power. From the stand point of The Law of Attraction is should be clear because as you are trying to resist, you are giving power and energy to the situation you DO NOT want and hence you will be attracting more and more incidences that will bring you the same type of feelings and emotions.  What we resist definitely does persist. It is like being afraid of a dark attic. You want to go into the dark area but you are afraid and keep on avoiding it. The fear is there but you just ignore and move on to something else. Until one day you just face that fear. Allow it to come through and despite of it go into the attic, and find out that there is really nothing to be afraid of.  In fact there are treasures to be found in boxes and those dark corners.
I had to allow my disappointment to come and face it. Pushing it under the rug did not help. I had built it up so much that it took me a day of just  feeling like crap to get rid of it. I told myself “ok, I am going to feel  the disappointment, and get angry and whatever it takes, but today is it. I only have today so make it good and get it all out”.  I wish I could say it felt good. It DID NOT. It sucked. At one point I was on the verge of tears. I wanted it to work so bad. But then it did clear out. I stared seeing signs that I did indeed make the right decision. I saw an article on the U.S. Postal inspector’s website that went into detail about how similar ventures did not pay off in the end and why they were a waste of time and illegal at the same time. Seeing things like this started to make me feel better and helped me to move on to the next opportunity. None of it came to my attention however, until I just let it happen and felt the disappointment full on. As long as I was stuck on feeling the disappointment I was trapping my creative energy and I was not looking for other opportunities. So I had to allow the feelings to come out and be done with them.
It was easy in theory but our natural inclination, especially in the a Western society is to hide negative emotions. That is doubly true for guys, and worse for me because “I am supposed to be an expert on positivity”. Funny, that the more we seem to know about the subject,  we are sometimes blind to the obvious.  I am glad though  I went through it . One,  it will give my readers a perspective to learn from and two, now I know how to recognize when I am in a slump and instead of fighting it, I just have to use the concepts that I have learned in my martial arts life for over 30 years, and that is to go with the force of the opposition instead of resisting it. Allow it to come out. You have to recognize however, that most people will not be open to this. People do not like to see you depressed or angry. They will try to help you get out of it but that is fighting it and is only temporary, unless they actually listen and let you vent and allow the feelings to come out. So sometimes you may just have to do it alone. It is sometimes more productive this way. Allow those feelings to come out. Give them a time limit and then go for it. Feel as crappy as you want, cry, scream, yell, sleep all day if you have to, don’t be productive for a weekend, but let it out and then once it is out it is done. It had its chance and now it is time to move on. So move on. Don’t get stuck. Very important to not get stuck in self-pity. Channel your energy and be open for other opportunities.
I hope this was helpful and interesting. As always feel free to comment, either here or on our Face book page and as always share this, PIN it and let people know where to find us.
Till next week to your success. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Good day everyone,
I created this on Wednesday November 7th, 2012 the day after the Presidential Elections in the United States. I did this because as I was traveling on business I noticed different kind of energies surrounding the election results at the breakfast table and I found myself caught up in it. This post is my personal views on how to concentrate on success and goals and what it takes to use The Law of Attraction for your personal success. I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Good day,
Today's post is about letting The Law of Attraction protect you and listen to it. I am going to share with you an experience I had in trying to produce a product and raise some money for a charitable organization as well as making a solid profit myself. The product "seemed" great. It was a service that was designed I thought to help people and also allow a quick generation of funds I needed to help out a favorite organization of mine.
I ran this through my mastermind and the reactions were mixed. Some loved it, and some were not sure. I started the process and then just a night before launch something happened that I had not expected...