Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. In this week’s blog I want to dig deeper into what it takes to use The Law of Attraction and related techniques to achieve success. I think this post will be of benefit to you if you have been a practitioner of the techniques but as of yet have met with some disappointment or frustrations. Stay with me and I think you will pick up some powerful tips here as my epiphany from reading TheScience of Being Great culminated in this post. 

“It is your habitual, not the periodical thoughts that decides your destiny” Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Being Great.  If you have been a student of The Law of Attraction, or if the topic has just come to your attention, the fact remains that we as human beings are unique on this earth in that we have the capability of controlling our thoughts. Through working with The Law of Attraction you learn that you can use techniques such as visualization to plan your reality, you can use techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Sedona Method, or Ho’oponopono to reduce the resistance you have  developed knowingly or involuntarily, based on beliefs that have shaped your daily habits. All this is great and you should continue with these practices. I want to bring your attention to what you actually think about. 

You can visualize, meditate, do EFT, etc. once, twice, three times daily, and the rest of the day when you go to work your thinking you are misplaced, you’re not appreciated, so and so did not do what you wanted. Then you go home and watch some television and see people committing random acts of violence or getting away with cheating, steeling, and generally being not nice and profiting by it. You watch athletes making millions of dollars and behave badly or throwing it all away. Since the television puts your mind in a state that it will accept input without filter, you will be bombarded by all the negativity and in this state you go to sleep.
The next morning you start again with a sense of gratitude since you know that is what you are supposed to do. You will start your visualization and resistance work again for a few minutes to even a few hours.  Daaaahhhhh. I am being really, really obvious here in an attempt to bring to your attention that as great as these ACTIONS are and they are putting you above the other 90% of the population that is totally going about by default, you can do better. 

The purpose of visualization and  use of techniques  to decrease resistance is to change your habits, not just stuff to do three to 4 times a day. You think, you visualize, you affirm so your thoughts become subconscious and your actions become habitual. Your reaction and your behavior changes when you think about the things you read and you practice. When your habits and your routine behavior changes your reality will then also change. 

“Habitual thought and not environment or circumstance has made you what you are” Wallace D. Wattles. Many teachers point out that you have to live what you want now in your mind before you have it in your reality. This point means you live your ideal in EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY. This can only happen if your habits are the habits of what you want, and not habits of reacting to what your external environment throws at you. These habits will lead to actions that happen the way you want every moment of every day and not just 2-3 times a day when you are in an optimum environment. 

Thinking is arguably the hardest activity that human being engage in.   We do everything we can to avoid thinking. We talk, watch TV. , listen to music, day dream to avoid thinking. It happens most of the time without our conscious realization that we are doing it. You really have concentrate on thinking and even then you will be bombarded by other things that will distract you from your thought. It is a skill that can be mastered by only practicing it. Do not be discouraged. This is a journey. The fact that this information came to me at this point and I can share it with you means that in some way you are in tune and ready to receive it now. You are on the vibration of success. You are getting the tools you need to take the next step. Action is the culmination of thought. Now it is your turn to take action. 

Be grateful and think about it as much as you can. Visualize and think yourself as the most ideal you can be in every way, all day. You will be distracted and that is ok. Just like when you first learned about The Law of Attraction, and realized that you control what goes into your mind, you are now learning that just doing things is not as effective as consciously making a habit of it. The first step is the realization and now you are in tune with the next step. At first it will take concentrated effort to do things with thought and purpose. Soon it WILL become your natural state. For as long as I know my uncle has had a habit of thanking God, almost every few minutes. It is so natural that I expect it. It seems like it has become a way of life. How awesome is that? I still have to concentrate on giving gratitude and be in tune with the fact that I can make a decision about  how I react to everything that is happening to me. I can only look forwards to a day where gratitude flows from me on a continuous bases as it does with my uncle. 

I hope this post stirred some thoughts within you to take your work with The Law of Attraction to the next step. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this post. If you have any comments or suggestions please visit our FACEBOOK page and start a thread. This is a never ending educational process for all of us and we can always benefit by each other’s support and comments. 
As always please feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit from it. I wish you success till next week.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. I am reading Wallace D. Wattles’ book The Science of Being Well. One of the most intriguing concepts that will also relate to success and financial wealth is the fact that he states to succeed takes  “doing things in a certain way”. I am paraphrasing my understanding here and he states that to be healthy and to really achieve anything you want, you have to want that for everyone and not just yourself. The idea being that there is only one source and we all are part of that source. Let me quote directly from the book:
“The person who is in conscious and intelligent harmony will ALL will receive a continuous inflow of vital power from the Supreme Life; and this inflow is prevented by angry, selfish or antagonistic mental attitude. If you are against any part, you will have severed relations with all” (The Science of Being Well Chapter 8).
Animosity or envy for anyone is actually blocking you from the achieving of your goal. I don’t know what it is about humans that we tend to like some and dislike others? I don’t know how much effort and discipline it takes to act like a Buddhist Monk that respects all life forms regardless of actions or past behaviors? Personally I can say for sure that I have had animosity towards people, and continue to get upset with people and believe that some are wrong and others are right based on my values. That is just me, and a part of my personality and as far as I can tell it is my flaw and part of being human.  Through education and learning I can put to practice better behavior because it is amazing to be able to not only forgive but want what you want for everyone else.
What an awesome concept. It falls exactly in line with The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction works by bringing you what you send out. A sort of a karmic concept if you will. So if you want success and wealth for yourself and you can honestly want success and wealth for all others, what an awesome way to live and what a great way to conduct yourself. With that kind of careless and pure desire you cannot help but succeed. It is The Law of Attraction in its purest form.
This is simple principle was described by Wattles in the 1900s. The same concept that will keep you healthy can be attributed to the building of wealth and having peace of mind or whatever is your ultimate goal. Let go and let live. Do not worry yourself about others. Let the source take care of it because it does. It is the Law. Those who abuse will get abused. It is dictated. You will gain nothing but stress and harm yourself by contemplating injustice and having resentments or anger towards others, no matter what they have done. Let it go. Just like my post on Forgiveness, this is for you not for them.
I hope you enjoyed and learned from this post. As always comment on our Facebook page and pass this along to anyone who may benefit. Until next week, to your success.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Good day and I hope your week is starting great. Today I have a personal story to share with you. I have been learning about the subject of internet marketing and working on putting some online product portfolio together for some time now. What happened to me recently  just verified what I knew but at the time did not acknowledge. So I hope you can learn from my mistake.
I just started to publish the first two years of my blog posts on Amazon Kindle platform recently. To do that I used a “squeeze page” and an “auto-responder” to deliver free copies of my two volumes to the people as a way to build a word of mouth advertising. Even though I used the same technique and the same tools, the first volume was downloaded 997 times and the second volume was downloaded 10 times. The funny thing is that the second volume had more content because it was an entire year’s worth as well as better topics filled with video links.
Here was the difference. The first volume was my first attempt at using Amazon’s platform and I was so excited and happy about the project. At the end of the first volume trial bases one of my readers contacted me that they had some trouble downloading the book through the link that was automatically sent to them. I investigated and noticed that there were some quirks in the auto-responder. Evidently the link brings up an advertisement of the auto responder and in small font in the lower right it says that you need to “close the page” to move to the actual download page. I was so frustrated because in the test copy I had sent to myself and others this was not the case, so I had no idea this issue existed or how to fix it. Frustration soon became full blown pissed off feeling as I was creating the copy of the 2nd volume of the book download offer. I should have known better but I still sent out the copy and the link in the mood that I was. In fact I sent out two messages. One included a manual step by step directions on how to download the book from Amazon. That made me even more frustrated and as I am reflecting on this issue I am laughing at how obvious things were but I could not see it.
I am about to release the third volume and the other day after a  great day with customers and students,  when I got back to the hotel  and started to  work on the squeeze page, even though I was a little bit weary of everything that had happened in my previous attempt everything went flawlessly. Things just seem to click. Ideas poured in, and I cannot wait to see how many downloads the third volume  of Success With the Law of Attraction will bring when I release it in a few months. In fact I think just to test this, I will limit the FREE OFFER days to a shorter time but will concentrate and feel great before I send out the links. I am willing to bet this will be the best result yet.
Moral of the story is “listen to your feelings”. When you hit a snag, if you don’t feel exhilarated about finding the solution, it is time to take a break. Most important thing, especially if you deal with people is, DO NOT WRITE, call, talk to your customers when you are feeling like crap. That crap is sent out their way and they will not be able to respond to the crap with roses.
I hope you enjoyed this post. As always please feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit and do not forget to review my e-books on Amazon, if you have them and leave me comments on our Facebook page. To your success till next week.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.
The other day I was walking through Portland airport. I don’t know if I had not noticed it before, or if it was a new addition, but there was a moving walkway available for passengers in the E terminal. Unlike other airports, like the DFW where this conveyer is in the middle of the terminal though, here in Portland, it was to the corner by the wall. Some people used it and swiftly proceeded to their destination, and others chose to walk. In fact the majority of the people did not use the walkway.
The same is true with The Law of Attraction. Even though we now know by examples of people succeeding, people we respect like Opera, Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and the likes, there are still a majority of people that do not use this tool. The principles of this universal law are like the moving walkway. Some people will use it, and  many will not. Perhaps they are not aware of its existence. Perhaps like being afraid to fall, people do not feel comfortable using it. Perhaps people are just in no rush to get to where they are going. That is all OK provided they are feeling good.
You see when you are ready for it, you will attract the information. There is a belief that if you do not work hard you will not succeed. If that is your belief, you will not use the walkway. The only thing is that working hard usually does not feel good. When you are not feeling good, you are sending out that “not feeling good” vibration, and you will bring more opportunities to attract what feels like working hard. When you believe you will succeed through inspired action and success comes freely and easily, then you are choosing to step on the moving walkway.  In both cases you are walking (taking action, and not sitting on your butt). One path  just happens to reach the end of the line a little quicker.
I consider breathing an import activity in my daily life. I think most people agree with me.  I also beileve breathing brings me success in the act of being physical i.e. living this physical life. If I was of the mindset that I have to work hard to succeed, then I would take the time and concentrate on each and every breath, and you can imagine what that would do with my daily life. Life goes on effortlessly when it counts. Our sympathetic nervous system takes over the daily functions of living. With amazing precision all functions of our body “take action” exactly how they have to, and it seems effortless for us even though we are exerting effort and burning considerable energy breathing. Under normal healthy conditions that action is not considered “hard” however. It is very obvious with this example. Change your attitude towards success. Whatever success means to you,  it is something that you deserve. It will come to you as easily as breathing at the exact right time when you follow the guidance of the source and use the walkway. Be successful, and you will do the things that successful people do and you will have the things successful people have. Check out the post on BE, DO, HAVE for clarification.
I hope this post was enjoyable and more importantly got you to think and evaluate. I urge you to share this with anyone who can benefit from it and as always comment and like us on our Facebook page. To your success as always because you DESERVE IT.