Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.
The other day I was walking through Portland airport. I don’t know if I had not noticed it before, or if it was a new addition, but there was a moving walkway available for passengers in the E terminal. Unlike other airports, like the DFW where this conveyer is in the middle of the terminal though, here in Portland, it was to the corner by the wall. Some people used it and swiftly proceeded to their destination, and others chose to walk. In fact the majority of the people did not use the walkway.
The same is true with The Law of Attraction. Even though we now know by examples of people succeeding, people we respect like Opera, Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and the likes, there are still a majority of people that do not use this tool. The principles of this universal law are like the moving walkway. Some people will use it, and  many will not. Perhaps they are not aware of its existence. Perhaps like being afraid to fall, people do not feel comfortable using it. Perhaps people are just in no rush to get to where they are going. That is all OK provided they are feeling good.
You see when you are ready for it, you will attract the information. There is a belief that if you do not work hard you will not succeed. If that is your belief, you will not use the walkway. The only thing is that working hard usually does not feel good. When you are not feeling good, you are sending out that “not feeling good” vibration, and you will bring more opportunities to attract what feels like working hard. When you believe you will succeed through inspired action and success comes freely and easily, then you are choosing to step on the moving walkway.  In both cases you are walking (taking action, and not sitting on your butt). One path  just happens to reach the end of the line a little quicker.
I consider breathing an import activity in my daily life. I think most people agree with me.  I also beileve breathing brings me success in the act of being physical i.e. living this physical life. If I was of the mindset that I have to work hard to succeed, then I would take the time and concentrate on each and every breath, and you can imagine what that would do with my daily life. Life goes on effortlessly when it counts. Our sympathetic nervous system takes over the daily functions of living. With amazing precision all functions of our body “take action” exactly how they have to, and it seems effortless for us even though we are exerting effort and burning considerable energy breathing. Under normal healthy conditions that action is not considered “hard” however. It is very obvious with this example. Change your attitude towards success. Whatever success means to you,  it is something that you deserve. It will come to you as easily as breathing at the exact right time when you follow the guidance of the source and use the walkway. Be successful, and you will do the things that successful people do and you will have the things successful people have. Check out the post on BE, DO, HAVE for clarification.
I hope this post was enjoyable and more importantly got you to think and evaluate. I urge you to share this with anyone who can benefit from it and as always comment and like us on our Facebook page. To your success as always because you DESERVE IT.


  1. Hi! Nice post. I like the way you approach it and what you say about the moving walkway.

    1. Thank you Evelyn. I am glad you enjoyed it. Welcome to the site. Make sure you check out our facebook page as well.


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