Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Good day and I hope your week is starting great. Today I have a personal story to share with you. I have been learning about the subject of internet marketing and working on putting some online product portfolio together for some time now. What happened to me recently  just verified what I knew but at the time did not acknowledge. So I hope you can learn from my mistake.
I just started to publish the first two years of my blog posts on Amazon Kindle platform recently. To do that I used a “squeeze page” and an “auto-responder” to deliver free copies of my two volumes to the people as a way to build a word of mouth advertising. Even though I used the same technique and the same tools, the first volume was downloaded 997 times and the second volume was downloaded 10 times. The funny thing is that the second volume had more content because it was an entire year’s worth as well as better topics filled with video links.
Here was the difference. The first volume was my first attempt at using Amazon’s platform and I was so excited and happy about the project. At the end of the first volume trial bases one of my readers contacted me that they had some trouble downloading the book through the link that was automatically sent to them. I investigated and noticed that there were some quirks in the auto-responder. Evidently the link brings up an advertisement of the auto responder and in small font in the lower right it says that you need to “close the page” to move to the actual download page. I was so frustrated because in the test copy I had sent to myself and others this was not the case, so I had no idea this issue existed or how to fix it. Frustration soon became full blown pissed off feeling as I was creating the copy of the 2nd volume of the book download offer. I should have known better but I still sent out the copy and the link in the mood that I was. In fact I sent out two messages. One included a manual step by step directions on how to download the book from Amazon. That made me even more frustrated and as I am reflecting on this issue I am laughing at how obvious things were but I could not see it.
I am about to release the third volume and the other day after a  great day with customers and students,  when I got back to the hotel  and started to  work on the squeeze page, even though I was a little bit weary of everything that had happened in my previous attempt everything went flawlessly. Things just seem to click. Ideas poured in, and I cannot wait to see how many downloads the third volume  of Success With the Law of Attraction will bring when I release it in a few months. In fact I think just to test this, I will limit the FREE OFFER days to a shorter time but will concentrate and feel great before I send out the links. I am willing to bet this will be the best result yet.
Moral of the story is “listen to your feelings”. When you hit a snag, if you don’t feel exhilarated about finding the solution, it is time to take a break. Most important thing, especially if you deal with people is, DO NOT WRITE, call, talk to your customers when you are feeling like crap. That crap is sent out their way and they will not be able to respond to the crap with roses.
I hope you enjoyed this post. As always please feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit and do not forget to review my e-books on Amazon, if you have them and leave me comments on our Facebook page. To your success till next week.

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