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Good day and I hope you are having a great week. In this week’s blog I want to dig deeper into what it takes to use The Law of Attraction and related techniques to achieve success. I think this post will be of benefit to you if you have been a practitioner of the techniques but as of yet have met with some disappointment or frustrations. Stay with me and I think you will pick up some powerful tips here as my epiphany from reading TheScience of Being Great culminated in this post. 

“It is your habitual, not the periodical thoughts that decides your destiny” Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Being Great.  If you have been a student of The Law of Attraction, or if the topic has just come to your attention, the fact remains that we as human beings are unique on this earth in that we have the capability of controlling our thoughts. Through working with The Law of Attraction you learn that you can use techniques such as visualization to plan your reality, you can use techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Sedona Method, or Ho’oponopono to reduce the resistance you have  developed knowingly or involuntarily, based on beliefs that have shaped your daily habits. All this is great and you should continue with these practices. I want to bring your attention to what you actually think about. 

You can visualize, meditate, do EFT, etc. once, twice, three times daily, and the rest of the day when you go to work your thinking you are misplaced, you’re not appreciated, so and so did not do what you wanted. Then you go home and watch some television and see people committing random acts of violence or getting away with cheating, steeling, and generally being not nice and profiting by it. You watch athletes making millions of dollars and behave badly or throwing it all away. Since the television puts your mind in a state that it will accept input without filter, you will be bombarded by all the negativity and in this state you go to sleep.
The next morning you start again with a sense of gratitude since you know that is what you are supposed to do. You will start your visualization and resistance work again for a few minutes to even a few hours.  Daaaahhhhh. I am being really, really obvious here in an attempt to bring to your attention that as great as these ACTIONS are and they are putting you above the other 90% of the population that is totally going about by default, you can do better. 

The purpose of visualization and  use of techniques  to decrease resistance is to change your habits, not just stuff to do three to 4 times a day. You think, you visualize, you affirm so your thoughts become subconscious and your actions become habitual. Your reaction and your behavior changes when you think about the things you read and you practice. When your habits and your routine behavior changes your reality will then also change. 

“Habitual thought and not environment or circumstance has made you what you are” Wallace D. Wattles. Many teachers point out that you have to live what you want now in your mind before you have it in your reality. This point means you live your ideal in EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY. This can only happen if your habits are the habits of what you want, and not habits of reacting to what your external environment throws at you. These habits will lead to actions that happen the way you want every moment of every day and not just 2-3 times a day when you are in an optimum environment. 

Thinking is arguably the hardest activity that human being engage in.   We do everything we can to avoid thinking. We talk, watch TV. , listen to music, day dream to avoid thinking. It happens most of the time without our conscious realization that we are doing it. You really have concentrate on thinking and even then you will be bombarded by other things that will distract you from your thought. It is a skill that can be mastered by only practicing it. Do not be discouraged. This is a journey. The fact that this information came to me at this point and I can share it with you means that in some way you are in tune and ready to receive it now. You are on the vibration of success. You are getting the tools you need to take the next step. Action is the culmination of thought. Now it is your turn to take action. 

Be grateful and think about it as much as you can. Visualize and think yourself as the most ideal you can be in every way, all day. You will be distracted and that is ok. Just like when you first learned about The Law of Attraction, and realized that you control what goes into your mind, you are now learning that just doing things is not as effective as consciously making a habit of it. The first step is the realization and now you are in tune with the next step. At first it will take concentrated effort to do things with thought and purpose. Soon it WILL become your natural state. For as long as I know my uncle has had a habit of thanking God, almost every few minutes. It is so natural that I expect it. It seems like it has become a way of life. How awesome is that? I still have to concentrate on giving gratitude and be in tune with the fact that I can make a decision about  how I react to everything that is happening to me. I can only look forwards to a day where gratitude flows from me on a continuous bases as it does with my uncle. 

I hope this post stirred some thoughts within you to take your work with The Law of Attraction to the next step. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this post. If you have any comments or suggestions please visit our FACEBOOK page and start a thread. This is a never ending educational process for all of us and we can always benefit by each other’s support and comments. 
As always please feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit from it. I wish you success till next week.

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