Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Good day. Throughout the discussion about the Law of Attraction we have noticed that whatever you think about creates a vibration that is send out to the universe and the source will respond with bringing to manifestation those vibrations for you. This brings us to the concept of competition. How does the Law of Attraction responds to competition? In the purest sense competition means that someone has to win and another has to loose. That is completely contrary to what the Law of Attraction teaches. Don’t get me wrong, competition in sports for young children in order to instill in them discipline and to get them to participate in physical activity is wonderful. Competition for the pure joy of competition is great. But when you start to think that the object of your desires can only come to you from someone else’s possessions you are going against the Law of Attraction. That cannot be. For you to receive something does not mean that another person has to lose it.
The Universe does nothing with scarcity. Get the thought of competition out of your mind when you are visualizing and desiring things, and see how much more quickly your desires and visualizations materialize. From the point of the view of the Law of Attraction desiring something in the competitive mindset is analogous to thinking about scarcity. That will only bring more scarcity for you. Remember you cannot use the Law of Attraction for long if you try to bring harm or negativity to other people. That type of activity only sends out negative vibration and will bring negativity to the creator of those vibration.
For me to Get my Porsche does not mean that somebody else has to lose their Porsche. For you to have more money does not mean somebody else has to lose money. For someone to get the relationship of their dream does not mean that somebody has to lose the love of their life.  Stop thinking in these terms. Things are created. Universe create things. The source creates things.  Just yesterday morning I watched on the news as a new pipeline was being drawn from Canada to central U.S. bringing more and more oil.  A few years ago everyone was screaming and panicking that our natural resources of oil was drying up. You see when there is a desire for something and there is intense emotions behind it,  the source will create those desires in physical reality. Opportunities will present themselves and those who are in tune with the desires will take action to get closer to their desires in its physical form.  So stop thinking in terms of competition when it comes to meaningful things and just have faith and trust that if you go about giving positive emotions and visualizations to what you want you will receive what you want to reach your goals.
Wishing for your continued success.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Good day,
Today’s post is a general one and will cover a few things that I have been thinking about and talked with a few people during the week. 

In this post I will make some religious references but I will use analogous scientific terms as well so I will not offend anyone or to turn anyone off.

The other day in my daughter’s school she learned that “only God is perfect”. That made me think. I recall in the Bible it is written that “we are created in the  image of God”.  Does that not mean we have the potential then to be perfect? Taking the Quantum Physics approach to the same topic I recall that everything is energy. The same energy,  and hence we all have the potential to be like the source. So why do we not reach perfection?
Here is what came into my mind when I was pondering this fun topic. I like the fact that we all have the potential for perfection. But then I thought HOW BORING WOULD IT BE IF WE ALL WERE PERFECT? Think about it. If we were perfect we would not need anything, we would not then by inference desire anything. All would be honky dory. 

It does not matter if you believe in a God or a source, the fact remains that as human beings we have the magnificent power to have desires and go about fulfilling those desires are the greatest of blessings no matter how you slice it. When people say “it is the journey, not the destination” perhaps that is what they mean.
So the next time you are confronted with something that is not perfect, think of the joyous adventure of going about overcoming that challenge and learn from it and become a better person. There is tremendous pleasure gained from the journey. At first it does not seem that way. But if you think about all the challenges you have faced and have overcome, do you not have a feeling of pride, or at least of accomplishment?
So perfection is highly overrated in my opinion. I like the fact that when I reach a goal I can desire more and set new ones. I love the fact that I can work my way to achieving my new goals and overcoming challenges. I will be the first to admit that when my garbage disposal breaks down I don’t immediately jump for joy at the prospect of getting it fixed but if I take some time I can see that it can provide me with an opportunity to learn to overcome challenges. Perhaps I may even do it myself and learn a new skill. Note there is a significant difference in how I change my point of view of what is happening to make sure I send out a positive vibration.

Lastly, I am thankful for the revelation that no matter how much I may think I want perfection, I really don’t, because it would take the spark of life out of life itself. I was talking with my uncle this morning and he told me to thank God a million times a day. You can insert source instead of God if you wish and it makes you feel more comfortable. He told me that just like when you are thinking of someone intensely and he suddenly gives you a call or runs into you on the street, when you thank constantly, God and source will give you a call and run into you more often. That is a cool way of looking at it. If you have not read my posts on Gratitude please do so.
 Many teachers from Napoleon Hill to Bob Proctor refer to gratitude as one of the most important and easiest way to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always please share and comment as you wish. To your success.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Good day all,
The most frustrating thing most people face when trying to use the Law of Attraction is the timing. If conceptually we had no idea of what time was all would be great. Time is a man-made thing. As far as the source is concerned time has no meaning. Everything is available to everyone all the time. The challenge is that YOU DON’T BELIEVE THAT WITH ALL YOUR HEART.
We have grown up to believe that things take time. Some take a little and some take allot and unfortunately that hampers your manifestation of what you want. There is however a solution. Because we are “programed” to think that things take time the manifestation of that vibration has only one solution and that is PERSISTENCE.
The Law of Attraction is a universal law. The vibration we feed it will come back. For centuries man has fed the vibration that it takes time for things to come about. So people who are successful, and who get what they want are the ones that do not know what it means to fail. They do not have the word “impossible” in their vocabulary. They keep on going and going and make corrections and keep on going and make corrections until they think “the universe, and the source gives them what they want because they have proven they want it”. That is a little game we play with the universe. If you truly believed that time was not an object in your manifestation what you visualize with feelings would manifest instantly. Someday soon I am sure we will get there. For now we have to persist.
Do you recall Napoleon Hill mentioned that “Opportunity has a sly habit of creeping up disguised as misfortune, or setback”? Do you remember that Thomas Edison who had no more than few months of public education became the greatest inventor of all time not by chance but by persistence? He failed, that is right failed over 10,000 times before he got the light bulb right. But do you think he thought of that as failure. NO, EACH ATTEMPT was a way to modify his desire and his focus. James Dyson the inventor of the DYSON Vacuum cleaner went through over 5,000 prototypes and was turned down by “those who knew what a vacuum cleaner should be like” until he perfected his design. He is now worth over $2 billion by some estimates. Anthony Robbins was a janitor in Los Angeles. He is now one of the most famous and popular motivational coaches in the world. Do you think a few people did not tell him to “forget about it? Who would listen to a janitor?”  We look at these people in their success and think that it happened over night. Jack Canfield the author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and his partner went around to over 1000 publishers who told them “no one would want to read a bunch of feel good short stories”. Now the series has been translated into hundreds of languages as worldwide best sellers.  The reason for their success is that these people and those around them believed in themselves. They did not know the word “failure”. They kept on going because the desire for what they wanted was more powerful that a rejection letter or sarcasm of the so called experts. People told me that I could not write a book. What do I know about finance and coaching? I did not have a finance background, but I want to bring the knowledge and the path to as many people as I can and I will keep on going and going until everyone knows that they can do whatever they want and be whatever they want if they change their thoughts.
That is the reason why you need to have feelings in your visualization and make them strong and happy because you will need to tap those feelings when you hit a minor challenge. Know that what you may think is failure is just your vibration of insecurity bringing back to you ways to test your idea and visualization. When you keep on going and going you instill in yourself that you don’t care what everyone else thinks, you will get what you want, and every time you get up, dust off the dirt and continue on, you get more and more confident and that vibration will bring you more opportunities to succeed. When you know it in your heart that you will get what you want it will happen. Think of PERSISTANCE as the little guardian angel that slowly urges you on and helps you get more and more confident until you have what you want.
Don’t let anyone shatters your dream. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you it can’t be done. After all there was a time where people were certain the world was flat. You can be and have whatever you will to be and have.
To your success.
take a look at this video by Bob Proctor about Persistence: