Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Good day. Throughout the discussion about the Law of Attraction we have noticed that whatever you think about creates a vibration that is send out to the universe and the source will respond with bringing to manifestation those vibrations for you. This brings us to the concept of competition. How does the Law of Attraction responds to competition? In the purest sense competition means that someone has to win and another has to loose. That is completely contrary to what the Law of Attraction teaches. Don’t get me wrong, competition in sports for young children in order to instill in them discipline and to get them to participate in physical activity is wonderful. Competition for the pure joy of competition is great. But when you start to think that the object of your desires can only come to you from someone else’s possessions you are going against the Law of Attraction. That cannot be. For you to receive something does not mean that another person has to lose it.
The Universe does nothing with scarcity. Get the thought of competition out of your mind when you are visualizing and desiring things, and see how much more quickly your desires and visualizations materialize. From the point of the view of the Law of Attraction desiring something in the competitive mindset is analogous to thinking about scarcity. That will only bring more scarcity for you. Remember you cannot use the Law of Attraction for long if you try to bring harm or negativity to other people. That type of activity only sends out negative vibration and will bring negativity to the creator of those vibration.
For me to Get my Porsche does not mean that somebody else has to lose their Porsche. For you to have more money does not mean somebody else has to lose money. For someone to get the relationship of their dream does not mean that somebody has to lose the love of their life.  Stop thinking in these terms. Things are created. Universe create things. The source creates things.  Just yesterday morning I watched on the news as a new pipeline was being drawn from Canada to central U.S. bringing more and more oil.  A few years ago everyone was screaming and panicking that our natural resources of oil was drying up. You see when there is a desire for something and there is intense emotions behind it,  the source will create those desires in physical reality. Opportunities will present themselves and those who are in tune with the desires will take action to get closer to their desires in its physical form.  So stop thinking in terms of competition when it comes to meaningful things and just have faith and trust that if you go about giving positive emotions and visualizations to what you want you will receive what you want to reach your goals.
Wishing for your continued success.

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