Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Good day all,
Today I hope to start a post that will generate some discussion. We have all heard the saying “the clothes makes the man”. I want to discuss that in the concept of success and the Law of Attraction.  Having worked for myself, as well as in the corporate world I have some definite ideas on the subject and will share them here to start the discussion.
I really don’t know exactly when or how I went from preferring  T-shirts with logos like Bon Jovi on them to wearing French cuff dress shirts, but it seems like it  happened instantaneously.  It was not a gradual change. It was deliberate and decisive.  I don’t have to dress up today in my work but I really do prefer to do that. What exactly changed from wanting to feel comfortable to wanting to look really good, or professional, I can’t put my finger on. What I can attest to is that cleanliness, or style was not a part of it. There are some really great looking, stylish T-shirts out there, but I prefer to wear a dress shirt in most cases.
Maybe it is because I think first impressions are really important and I want to come across as professional. Does that mean that wearing a T-shirt does not look professional to me. The answer is yes. That is because I work in a field that I deal with Business people. Even in my own business when I am doing speaking or coaching I feel like I have to present an image of professionalism that I cannot convey wearing a T-shirt. Note that is my personal preference. When I am dressed up in  a nice dress shirt, and wearing a sport coat in a crowed that is under dressed I feel more confident and I also feel I am setting myself apart to be noticed by opportunities.
Now let’s take this into the realm of The Law of Attraction. The feeling of confidence and professionalism that I exude wearing a nice suit is sending out that positive vibration to the universe, and the source will come back to me with more opportunities to feel comfortable and professional. That may be in the form of having a great performance at a speaking engagement, or getting increased sales, or meeting people that will bring new and exciting opportunities for collaboration. It also helps me make great first impression because that is what I believe will happen.
For years I wanted to think that the worth of the man should not be based on his clothes but on his performance,  but in my experience you get a few seconds in most cases to make an impression and appearing professional suited to the environment, by wearing the appropriate attire is a big part of that first impression. Note I clarified the fact that you have to be appropriately dressed. For example I will not be wearing a suit to visit a meat packing plant. But at the same time I will not be wearing overalls either. I try to think about the average appropriate attire and then take it one step up just to set myself apart, but at the same not be out of place.
In the end it is how you feel. And you have to remember that no matter how much you want to think that you are unaffected by what people think, it is very difficult to tune out other people’s evaluation of you. Most often it is the nonverbal cues that you may not even be aware of that will knock you off of your positive vibration. Have you had times where you were feeling great but then met someone or had a conversation or an interview and knew in the pit of your stomach that things did not go as well as you wanted to. It is hard to turn those feelings around on a dime.
Dressing well and above the general crowd’s standard, like it or not, has an ability to tip the odds in your favor most of the time. That is my opinion and because I believe in it, it has become my reality.
I welcome your experiences on this subject, and I am sure the readers would benefit from alternate point of view. Please click the comment section bellow and either sign in or comment anonymously.
To your success.

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