Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Good day,
Today’s post is a general one and will cover a few things that I have been thinking about and talked with a few people during the week. 

In this post I will make some religious references but I will use analogous scientific terms as well so I will not offend anyone or to turn anyone off.

The other day in my daughter’s school she learned that “only God is perfect”. That made me think. I recall in the Bible it is written that “we are created in the  image of God”.  Does that not mean we have the potential then to be perfect? Taking the Quantum Physics approach to the same topic I recall that everything is energy. The same energy,  and hence we all have the potential to be like the source. So why do we not reach perfection?
Here is what came into my mind when I was pondering this fun topic. I like the fact that we all have the potential for perfection. But then I thought HOW BORING WOULD IT BE IF WE ALL WERE PERFECT? Think about it. If we were perfect we would not need anything, we would not then by inference desire anything. All would be honky dory. 

It does not matter if you believe in a God or a source, the fact remains that as human beings we have the magnificent power to have desires and go about fulfilling those desires are the greatest of blessings no matter how you slice it. When people say “it is the journey, not the destination” perhaps that is what they mean.
So the next time you are confronted with something that is not perfect, think of the joyous adventure of going about overcoming that challenge and learn from it and become a better person. There is tremendous pleasure gained from the journey. At first it does not seem that way. But if you think about all the challenges you have faced and have overcome, do you not have a feeling of pride, or at least of accomplishment?
So perfection is highly overrated in my opinion. I like the fact that when I reach a goal I can desire more and set new ones. I love the fact that I can work my way to achieving my new goals and overcoming challenges. I will be the first to admit that when my garbage disposal breaks down I don’t immediately jump for joy at the prospect of getting it fixed but if I take some time I can see that it can provide me with an opportunity to learn to overcome challenges. Perhaps I may even do it myself and learn a new skill. Note there is a significant difference in how I change my point of view of what is happening to make sure I send out a positive vibration.

Lastly, I am thankful for the revelation that no matter how much I may think I want perfection, I really don’t, because it would take the spark of life out of life itself. I was talking with my uncle this morning and he told me to thank God a million times a day. You can insert source instead of God if you wish and it makes you feel more comfortable. He told me that just like when you are thinking of someone intensely and he suddenly gives you a call or runs into you on the street, when you thank constantly, God and source will give you a call and run into you more often. That is a cool way of looking at it. If you have not read my posts on Gratitude please do so.
 Many teachers from Napoleon Hill to Bob Proctor refer to gratitude as one of the most important and easiest way to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always please share and comment as you wish. To your success.