Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today’s post will help you make more of your affirmation as well as motivate you to pursue your goals.
Think about the type of music you really love. I mean the type of music you really enjoy listening to. See how it has the power to make you feel good?  How it makes your body move even if you are not a dancer? Music has a way of bringing out different emotions, and raising your vibration, and you can incorporate this tool to help you succeed.
I remember when I was competing in martial arts tournaments and had to memorize a form (KATA), I always found it easier to perform the movements to music.  It added an extra oomph to the performance.  It made me feel more in the zone even when I was tiered. 
When I was up all night studying for exams in school, taking a little break and cranking the music up in my headphones, energized me more than that cup of espresso. Music has power. 
I want you to put the power of music and your affirmations together.  Take your goals cards, or written goals, and affirmations and yell, shout, sing them to your favorite music.  If you can, incorporate them into the songs.   Doing this will make you use more of your senses, and also it gets you more in tune with the source. 
Have you noticed how you can’t get the lyrics to that song out of your head when someone hums it around.  Imagine the power you can harness if your affirmations were constantly being hummed in your mind on a daily bases.
It is really important to say your goals out loud every day and night and whatever means you can use to make it more fun, the more vibrational power you attach to it. You want to be happy when you visualize your goals, and having music around that puts you into a great mood, just adds the power. Remember it is not what you say but what you feel that bring The Law of Attraction to help you succeed in your goals.
Great music also serves as great situation reversers when you find yourself faced with challenges. There is so much power in music and you can harness it to help you reach your goals. I hope you enjoyed this post. As always please pass this and share it with anyone who may benefit from it. Comment on our Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter.

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