Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. It always amazes me how seamlessly universal laws blend with every aspect of life. That is the topic of today’s post.  Like many of my posts, today I am going to reach into the world of martial arts for inspirations. When Bruce Lee invented his combative system of Jeet Kune Do (The way of intercepting fist), he was looking for a realistic system that would end confrontations rapidly and decisively.  As the name implies, the emphasis is offense  rather than defense. There are techniques categorized as stop hits and destruction that for the lack of better word embody the concept of “a good offense is the best defense”. 
In a stop hit, you literally are jamming the opponent’s movement before his attack can reach you, or hitting him before he can hit you. In the use of destruction, you are attacking the opponents attacking tool be it a fist or a foot. For example if he throws a jab at your face, you will meet his fist with your elbow instead of a passive parry or cover.  Few other systems advocate hitting at the same time as you are blocking. I am only aware of Krav Maga and JKD that have this as their core fundamentals.  Curiously enough, these two systems are also among the most effective self-defense systems around the world.
What does all this have to do with The Law of Attraction? I have been studying and teaching The Law of Attraction (LOA) for a while now, and when I see frustration, or lack of success it is usually because of the lack of offense if you will, in application of the principles.  Just as in JKD, you cannot perform a stop hit or destruction while retreating, in LOA you cannot succeed when you are backpedaling with uncertainty and limiting beliefs. 
When someone asks you how you are doing, replying “not bad”, or “doing all right”, or “I’m hanging in there” is a backpedalling response.   Even saying “I am doing great” while feeling like I am feeling like S@#%t is analogous to attempting a halfhearted destruction on an opponent’s jab.  In the latter instance you will get hit in the face, and in the former you will attract crappy events into your immediate future. 
W. Clement Stone in his Success Seminars to insurance sales representatives had a game playing scenario centered around the concept of “if you want to feel a certain way, act that way”.  He would have representatives write flash cards, and play roles. “If you want to feel enthusiastic; act enthusiastically”.  You might be thinking “come on, does that really make a difference?”  Let me assure you as factually as you will get hit in the face if you try to stop hit, or destroy a jab halfheartedly, you will get punched by reality if you try to fake using The Law of Attraction.  Either do it with all of your might, or don’t do it at all.  Because if you are just half a$$ing it, you will fail, and then you have just reinforced your false resistance that this stuff does NOT work.  So you would be better off not even doing anything. 
When you are doing a stop-hit or destruction, you are going to move forwards, you are leaning in, and you will not hesitate. You will go in full throttle, and commit to the technique. The same hold true when utilizing the techniques of The Law of Attraction. You HAVE TO FEEL GOOD, TO GET GOOD THINGS COMING TO YOU.  If you are going to do it, do it with all of your being. Put on a fantastic piece of music, get yourself psyched up, jump up and down, hit a punching bag, go for a vigorous run, pump your fist up and down, … Do whatever it takes to get into the FEELING of feeling good.
Sounds simple enough, but just like mastering JKD it is not easy.  I have been hit in the face many times trying a stop hit or destruction. Over and over, I have missed the opportunity, I have hesitated, and continued to try, and practice. I have also felt the same utilizing the LOA. When I am feeling the challenges that are thrown my way, it takes discipline and fortitude to do whatever it takes to change my feeling.  It was not easy the first few YEARS. But hey, if I can get JKD, I can sure enough get through LOA.  So can you. Like any skill, practice, patience, and persistence are the key ingredients to perfection. 
If you achieve perfection in JKD, you are a bad a$$ in a physical confrontation. If you perfect The Law of Attraction, you are A BAD A$$ IN LIFE. How cool is that? I would say that is worth practicing day and night to achieve. In the end, it is your choice and your reality. Whatever you believe YOU ARE RIGHT. That is the beauty of The Law of Attraction.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and as always I really welcome your comments on my Facebook page. Please also join me on Twitter, and share this with anyone who can benefit from it. Till next Tuesday, here is to your success.

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