Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week.  Why doesn’t the concept of communism work in reality? Doesn’t believing in no scarcity, and everyone prospering as The Law  of Attraction (LOA) teaches the same as communism? These are the topics I want to discuss this week in this post. I hope it will clarify what LOA is and more importantly what it is not. 

The simple answer to the question, is LOA the new communism is no.  In fact it is exactly because of this Universal law called The Law of Attraction that communism does not work in reality.  In theory communism would be a society that works to help everyone achieve a certain equality in every aspects of their lives.  The caveat is that some people are more ambitious in different categories of their lives and some people are just lazy and don’t want to do anything but want to have all the benefits of those who are working. Some people like to accumulate more money.  Some people like to give more love. Some people are more of an intellectual.  Because of LOA when you start gravitating and releasing the vibration that gets you in tune with what you want, there will always be different levels of success in different categories of life, and hence no matter how much a governing authority tries to push down those who are successful in an attempt  to raise those who are not successful, the Universals laws will counter act that, and result in the failure of the concept as we have seen throughout the history of the world.  This in turn will just feed fuel to the belief that something is wrong with this system and the by The Law of Attraction more opportunities will manifest to prove what a failure the system is. It is law. It has to be that way.  You cannot help those who are not successful by taking away from those who are successful.  It just does not work in reality.  It is a pipe dream and frankly it is not fair.

What makes LOA different from communism is that The Law of Attraction is not something that can be forced on a society or people.  As you have seen me write in this blog post you CANNOT want it for someone else.  LOA is a personal choice and in that respect it also requires 100% personal responsibility.   No blaming your parents, the government, the economy, the media, the rich, the poor or whatever the fill in the blank. The underlying concept of LOA and law of  prosperity is that, Source does nothing with scarcity. Which means that if you actually follow the principles of the LOA, prosperity is your results.  What these principles dictate is that competition comes from a place of scarcity.  Everyone can have everything they want as long as they match their vibration to it.  How do you go about matching your vibration to something you want? You visualize it. You become extremely clear on exactly what it is that you want and then as opportunities are opened for you by the Universe, you take action on those.  These seems very simple in principle, but because by our innate nature human beings tend to concentrate on negativity and human beings are lazy, it make the practice of this law difficult but not impossible.  

Stop trying to have what your neighbor has. Stop envying what others have in their relationships. Stop gossiping about where people go on their vacation or what they wear.  Be happy for people when you see them having what you want. Do you know why? Because when you envy, and gossip and are jealous you are sending the REQUEST to the UNIVERSE to bring you more and more opportunities to gossip, and envy and be jealous which does nothing to help you improve your situation.  When you are happy for people, guess what signal you are sending out? You are sending out the REQUEST to the UNIVERSE to bring you, yes, you got it, more opportunities to be happy which in turn means your situation has to have improved.   This is completely the opposite of take it from those who are happy and give it to those who are not to make them happy. What idiot came up with this stupid idea anyway.  I guess on paper it must have seemed great. NOT.

I am willing to bet in the next century, the LOA will be wide spread and routinely practiced.  It is exciting to see a new world where people are not trying to cheat each other out of a measly dollar.  It is exciting to see a future where animosity because so and so loved someone else is not an issue because everyone can attract the relationship that they desire.  We are not far from it.  As it is we are understanding why it is that some people are widely successful in their lives while others who seemingly should be successful are not. 
Let’s take money for example.  For the longest time it was believed that the higher you level of education, the more money you would make.  I am a great supporter of higher education so don’t mistake what I am trying to preach here, but there is a magic ceiling on top of that, and we notice people who are extremely successful in business usually come from very humble beginnings. The reason is that education is not everything.  As Napoleon Hill said, specialized knowledge is the cheapest form of commodity one can purchase.  If knowledge was power, then our academia would be the richest and most powerful segment of society.  Knowledge is great, but there is a behavior portion that comes with understanding how to use The Law of Attraction that will unleash the power within knowledge. 

Please start putting these concept into practice.  Start sharing your knowledge of the LOA with people because this is something that needs to be widespread.  This is something that needs to go viral.  The prosperity of our world depends on it. Even though we have come a long way from 2006 when the movie The Secret was released, there are so many misconception of what is and what is not considered The Law of Attraction.  Misconceptions turn people off and create stagnation in the propagation of this knowledge.  Spend time on this blog or others like it, and understand what exactly is the LOA. Understand how you can use it to your advantage, and then share those skills with others. 

I hope this post got you thinking. If you have any questions on this post please don’t forget to post it on our Facebook page or send me a tweet.  Until next week, as always to your success. 

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