Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  Today I want to make a comparison between abuse, weather physical or emotional and the abuse that most of us take from life.  It is just as sad to see someone take the abuse from life as it is when you see a victim of abuse.  It is even more unfortunate because with physical and emotional abuse you can at least try to intervene, but just like physical abuse it is up to the person who is being abused to want to change and take action to change their situation.   

If you understand the prototype or the makeup of an abuse victim sometimes you will be surprised.  The stereotype of a helpless, uneducated, and yes usually female victim is far from the reality.  Many abuse victims are not ignorant, uneducated, helpless women. Many victims in fact are highly educated and accomplished, but they are either afraid or more likely ashamed to admit that they backed themselves into a situation where they are being abused physically or mentally.  The fear is of what will people think not just the fear of violence. The fear is that of “how could I have made that mistake?”  Making this comparison with life, and getting a lesson from The Law of Attraction (LOA) is as follows:  All throughout our life we have been told certain myths that we have taken for granted as truth.  When you learn the information through The Law of attraction and laws of success, you now suddenly realize that for the bulk of your life you have been “doing something wrong” or “you’ve been fooled by Life”.  Now a few reactions will surface.  You get angry. You get ashamed.  You have regrets. You feel like you have been taken advantage of.  You feel like you have wasted your life. 

You can do a few things from here. You can be bitter and not do anything about your life to change the situation.  To continue to be a victim. Or you can like many abuse victims take responsibility for yourself and take action to take yourself out of the situation.  Within the scope of life it means that you have to stop doing the things that got you there.  You have to replace the beliefs that you thought were truth with positive and empowering new beliefs.  REMEMBER you CANNOT just eliminate a belief. You have to REPLACE IT.  The more you try to resist a belief, the more it will persist.  So don’t try to fight your old, negative beliefs. Replace them with something positive.  For example “money does not grow on trees”,  can become “money comes to me easily and with frequency”.  Repeat that to yourself. Prove it to yourself by little actions. When you find  a penny on the floor don’t ignore it. Pick it up.  You are building a new relationship with money.  You re building an accepting relationship with money.   Or one of my favorites, something that I believed for a long time : When it comes to success, “you can only succeed by hard work”.  How many hardworking people you know that have multiple jobs and are still struggling.  So hard work is not the only key.   You have to work smart. You  have to have the mental fortitude for success, which is what this blog is all about.  You have to see yourself with the END RESULT of your success.  You have to look for opportunities that present themselves and you have to take action on those opportunities, or learn from your mistakes if you miss them.  You have to persist on your actions but be open to alter course if one plan is not getting you to where you want to go.  You have to be open minded and change your plans and not your GOALS. 

Don’t let life abuse you.  Don’t let the myths and fallacies that one way or another you  have learned handicap you.  Know that you are the creator of your own future.  You are the creator of all your dreams.  As always if anything is unclear or you have comments leave me a post on my Facebook Page or send me a Tweet. Till next week to your unlimited success. 

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