Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Good day,
Often times when I am discussing The Law of Attraction with people a common question comes up. That is “if we can think our reality, how can major disasters like the Holocaust, or World War II  happen? Surely people don’t think evil of such proportion”. That is a valid question. One that can be logically answered and perhaps even provide us with a learning experience for success.
Let consider the Holocaust first. When we think about the devastation and the attempted genocide of the Holocaust, we have one extremely motivated, and focused maniac in the person of Hitler, wanting to rule the world and eradicate a civilization. His focus and his dedication brings more and more people in tune with his goal in the form of the SS soldiers and the Third Rich. What is the reaction  of the majority, albeit not all of the world and society? It is a reaction by default. The response is panic, terror, and horror. So we have one person giving a huge amount of emotion and focus to eradicating a civilization and wanting to rule the world, and the majority of the people go about doing things the wrong way by thinking and reacting to what is happening.  So more and more focus is on the terror, and fear, and all these things are sending out the vibration of negativity and pretty soon they are manifesting in reality.
On the other end of the spectrum though is Gandhi. You have one man, pure of thought, and focus on a goal to bring freedom to his people. That focus and that steadfastness allowed Gandhi  to go against and to defeat the largest, most powerful empire at the time without having any weapons, or military, and without violence.
That is how The Law of Attraction works. It is not biased. It is not vindictive. It is a fact that the focus of some people may not be correct or virtuous. Unfortunately thought it is very emotional and thus powerful form of vibration. That is why it is important for us to spread the word about how The Law of Attraction works, so people are not manifesting by default.  This is the case in our society right now. Everyone is worried about financial meltdown. If we keep on thinking this way and if we keep on worrying and giving more and more attention to it we are just feeding the energy that will bring more and more of these disasters vibrations and sooner or later it becomes the reality of the people who think this way which is the majority of the people because they go about their day by default. Their thought patterns are influenced by CNN and FOX NEWS or U.S.A. Today. What do those media outlets concentrate on to sell their product? It is all negativity.
But just like the Holocaust, and any financial downturn or disasters there are opportunities exist for people that have the right frame of mind and the people that believe they can survive,  will survive in any situation.
So the next time you are watching the news, think to yourself, is this doing me any good? You have a choice of where to concentrate your attention.  You may not think you have a choice but you do. Make your thoughts and emotions positive. Give yourself daily dose of positivity and meditation to bring about good vibrations and feelings into your life. Then look for opportunities that will present themselves and prosper. Do not try to think for others because you can’t. You can only control your own thoughts. By all means try to lead people but if they are not ready do not let them drain and drag you down into their negative vibrations. We can survive. If people survived concentration camps, and POW camps we can survive this financial turmoil as well.
Best wishes for you and feel free to share this.