Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Good day all,
Have you ever noticed that when you’re in need of something, it eludes you? Whenever you have all you need you are offered more, but when you really need something no one or nothing resembling your need is anywhere to be found.
When you were younger and dating, or perhaps now that you are dating the thrill of the chase keeps you going. Then you find someone that is great. Then all of a sudden all kind of attractive alternatives pop up all over the place. You wonder where were all these people when I was all alone and chasing my tail?
The same is true with wealth. It seems as soon as you make your first fortune all types of opportunities come out of the woodwork. Well the key is to keep on doing what you are doing. With relationships this does not mean to have a polygamist type of lifestyle. It just means keep on doing the things that brought that special someone to you otherwise that is how complacency takes over. In business it is the same way. Once you have the right direction keep on doing what has been working. Don’t just step back and rest on your butt. The great entrepreneurs like  Robert Kyosaki, and Jack Canfield are successful because they do not stop what they love to do once they have hit it big. It took Robert and Jack years to get their first works published. But after giving them away, then selling them, they did not stop. They franchised, they did speaking engagements, they built companies, and brought on like-minded partners to help them grow even bigger.
I have read many times that “money like speed”. Success in anything is the same way. Let’s look at it from the Law of Attraction point of view and see how beautiful it all makes sense. When you have achieved your success the vibration of that success is bringing more and more opportunities to keep that vibration going. When you step back and halt this vibration the new vibration is sending out signals that the success needs to stop because that is what you want by your focus and thoughts. You don’t want to over work yourself, but remember inspired action should not feel like work. If your feelings are telling you that you are NOT enjoying what you are doing that is what The Law of Attraction will bring more and more to you. On the other hand things that bring you the joy of success, will keep on coming as long as you keep those feelings. That does not mean that you cannot rest and enjoy your rewards. In fact enjoying your success, and being grateful and sharing your success with others will just keep on bringing more and more of that success to you.
So when you have achieved the success you desired, concentrate on the saying “keep on keeping on” and follow through with action on the opportunities that keep on coming your way. If you stop, you will stop the flow. That means it just takes longer to build the momentum again and  if the stoppage bring about bad feelings, the bad feelings will be challenging to turn around. So don’t let it happen.
Keep on working on your relationships. Keep on working on opportunities. Keep on giving gratitude and share your success. Keep the vibrations positive and you will enjoy the rewards forever.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to comment and share.
To your success till the next time. You can be what you will to be.