Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  Today I want to concentrate on the part of the manifesting using The Law of Attraction (LOA)  that most people have trouble dealing with,  and that is the “HOW”? So I want to go ahead reiterate what many teachers preach : “The how is not your business”.  That does not mean that you sit on your butt and not do anything.  To me it is more like you do not force an issue. You are open to different ways of accomplishing the same task, even those that you may not have thought about. 

Let me give you an example.  I was trying to teach my oldest daughter how to swim.  After putting her in swimming class all last year and then not practicing all year long she seemed to have forgotten everything she had learned and went back to using her inflatable swimming aids. I started to teach her the way I was taught.  I held her by her stomach and had her do the paddling and kicking hoping she would get the momentum so I could let her go. Sort of like teaching her how to ride the bike.  Well that was not successful.  There was so much resistance. She would not kick properly.  She would keep on bending her knees and drop her hip and sink.  As this continued I felt myself get more and more frustrated.  So I just concentrated on the end results, which was wanting to have my daughter swim the length of the pool on her  own.  Then I let it go. 

When her friends came she asked if she could “just play”.  I said of course and let it go.  As she started to play with her friends who happened to know how to swim, she started to want to swim without her inflatable belt.  So she took them off and stayed in the shallow end.  As younger kids who knew how to swim came over to her and tried to help her and pull her around, she started to do it by herself more and more.  All this time I was sitting on the site of the pool and watching.  Finally after 2 days of this routine, she started to practice on her own.  All the things that I had told her and assumed were going into one ear and out the other like keep your knees straight, keep your hip up, reach and pull, were now the things that she started to repeat to me and then she started to set harder and harder goals for herself until she swam the length of the pool without putting her feet down. 

The point of  this story is you always want to concentrate on the end results that you want to achieve.  But being that we are all humans, we tend to want to do it our way. Especially if we are men.  That is the biggest stumble that people working with the LOA face.  It is this letting go that seems to be the key.  After all may things may not be in our  favor if we try to push our own methods. I have repeatedly made this mistake.  When you are not getting the results you want, let go and concentrate on the end results.  Very quickly opportunities will manifest for you to reach those exact end results.  Be open and take action on those even if it means sitting on the side line and watching your little girl swim on her own. 

I hope this makes sense.  I wrote this blog post because,  for the longest time and still to this day,  I tend to drop the ball on this point.  I try all kinds of things to try to do it by myself instead of asking the Universe and the source for help and then letting that help come and accept it with joy.   Remembering that I am not perfect and all-knowing will help check the ego at the door and just concentrating all my attention on what I want to accomplish with an open mind to the “how”. 

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Share it with those who may benefit and if you have questions or comments please be sure to click the blue links for my Facebook page and Twitter links and leave me comments.  I will answer them and many of the readers will also benefit.  Till next week, to your continued success.  

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