Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I am going to go deep into what powers The Law of Attraction (LOA).  Many times I have eluded to this, but it is so important that I am once again going to address it in its own post.  Your feelings are the most important part of manifesting your future the way you want it to be.  You have heard me use the analogy that your thoughts may be the steering wheel of the car, but the emotions they entail is the mechanism connecting the steering wheel to the tires. 

Without your feelings, your efforts will bear fruit but,  things are just going to occur very slowly. When things happen slowly, you are more likely to give up before you see the fruits of your labor.  Visualization, and concentration are wonderful, and will get you to a more positive vibration,  but if you can control your feelings, then you are amplifying and magnifying all of your results many times over.

When things are going well, this is not a big problem.  That is how most of the population handles their life. When things are good, they feel good. When things are challenging they do not feel good.  It is changing your feelings when challenges arise that requires a mental effort.  It is very easy to say “change your state”, but it is much more difficult to do in practice if you have not given the effort and attention it requires in practice. Even so called masters blunder on this point at times.

Great speakers like Anthony Robbins, spend 10-15 minutes before addressing the audience getting their state, their emotional feelings, revved up and at a high vibration before going and teaching their positive message. This is because they know that the feeling that they put in their message is many times more important than what they are saying.

If you are in business and are creating a marketing campaign for example, it would behoove you to follow Dr. Joe Vitale’s example.  What he does is that when he writes an ad copy, he does is over and over and at each re-write he tries to amplify his positive emotions. He writes marketing campaign only  when he is feeling good. Rhonda Byrne is another great example.  When she was writing the now famous book The Secret, and all the sequels, she would sit down and develop her emotions into a positive, grateful, inspiring vibration before writing a single word on paper. 

At first it is very frustrating to fight against negativity when challenges arise.  Many of us have been conditioned to feel bad when stuff is not going our way. We may even think it is “natural”.  That is just a euphemism for “I have done it this way, my parents have done it this way, everyone I know has done it this way”.  It takes amazing amount of emotional and mental discipline to continually try to reach for that one thing that feels just a little bit better on the emotional level.  On this point though, perseverance is of up most importance.  If you want to make any noticeable change in your life, you have get a hold of this principle and make it your own. Practice it. Practice it often. It is fun. Sit down, and close your eyes and imagine how much more wonderful your life would be if you could control your emotions when challenges arise?  I don’t mean you have to ignore challenges. Not at all. On the contrary, you deal with them, but you choose to feel good.  Even if you don’t want to admit it, I am telling you that it is a fact that you have complete control over your emotions at all times. Many times, many of us do not exhibit that control, but we all know that person who is capable of this feat don’t we?  But control is power and you can be proud of yourself and happy when you can achieve it. Here are some benefits that you can be happy about.  Maybe because you can be objective. Maybe because throwing a tantrum like a child is really not going to help you anyway.  Maybe because you know deep inside you that it takes strength to control your own emotions, and that it is a character that is admired by many in business as well as personal life. 

In business and your personal life, the little bit of planning you can do by making your vibration and feelings positive before you send out the vibration of desire are worth more than many days, even months of continual visualizing in a neutral or negative state. When corresponding with people in writing or otherwise, getting yourself into a good state can be the difference between a great outcome or not. You don’t have to be a Tony Robbins on a stage addressing 30,000 people. You like I, may be addressing your child.  Imagine how much better the situation would proceed with emotional control?

I hope this makes sense, and is clear. It is by far one of the corner stones of making LOA work well for you.  Please feel free to share this, and if you have questions or comments let me know by posting them on my Facebook or Twitterfeed and I will answer them.  Until next week, to your success. 

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