Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. This week, I am going to get a little metaphysical.  This Universe has such amazing principles that can guide us to success,  that when I stumble on some of them I can’t help get excited and want to share them with you.  Today’s blog is about one such method, or tool that I have recently given some extra thought and attention to. 

When I was younger and was much more involved in martial arts, it was not unusual for me to meditate 2 or 3 times a day for 15 minutes or more.  After years of meditation, I discovered that in addition to clearing my mind, I could also ask questions.  I asked questions about different things.  I would hear answers in my mind, and in my own voice.  At first I just ignored them and chalked them to “self-talk” that we all have a tendency to do. The important thing was that when I would hear these answers in the quiet and calm places, the answers were very profound and helpful. If I remained humble, I would know that there was more than just my own intuition involved.   When in turn I would attempt this question and answer session amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy life,  the answers were not so great. In fact they were mostly useless or costly. 

I have come to the conclusion that the source talks to me in the calm and quiet, when I am slowing down.  After all, loudness and chaos come from scarcity and calmness and the quiet patience come from a place of prosperity.  It makes such perfect sense from a Law of Attraction stand  (LOA)              point that it is a perfect subject for this blog.   

I want to urge you to ask questions.   Ask for what want.  Ask for guidance in regards to what you should do?  Ask for guidance and then be quiet and listen? If that is not possible, then wait for the answers when it is possible to be quiet.  The answers will come all the time.  Our mind likes to look for the answers but weather those answers are coming from our  ego, or are they part of the grand wisdom of the Source, depends on how you are receiving the answers.  Real, answers are very seldom loud, and outspoken.  They are little hints and whispers  which you will get used to recognizing  with practice.

It is so unusual for us, specially living in the West to hear the wisdom of calm and quiet answers.  We are so used to our out of this world, loud and boisterous responses.  Look for the real answers in places that may not be obvious. When you are sitting alone in traffic or are in line.  Sometimes when you are lost in your own thoughts just walking in nature.  I have even experience some profound answers when I long holds on the phone.   Instead of having your iPod, or music blasting,  or trying to multitask your way through the day, just listen.  Many times the answers will come to you at the edges of sleep just before going to sleep or before waking up. 

Get into the habit of having a pen and paper or,  your phone by your bedside so you can take notes or record your thoughts at these times.  Do not trust your memory in these instances and with such important information.  You may not be able to recall these thoughts  if you let them pass and trust that you can write them or put them into action when you reach your destination or when you wake up.  Practice recognizing these inputs from the source and make sure you are recording and using them as if you ignore them, they may slowly stop coming to you all together. 

I hope this post was helpful.  Please feel free to share this blog with anyone who may benefit from it. As always if you want to comment or something is unclear, leave me a comment on my Facebook page or on my Twitter feed. Until next week, to your success. 

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