Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Good day and I hope your day is going well. Today’s blog post covers our feelings of guilt about success and achievements.  It just feels wrong right?  In today’s world you cannot go more than a few hours without being confronted by news of poverty, disasters, or famine in some part of the world. Many times when we are faced with this kind of information and news, we feel guilty.  We feel guilty and feel like we are not deserving,  or that we are greedy.  Those kind of internal and many times subconscious thoughts build resistances and stumbling blocks to our success.

If you are feeling guilty about your achievements, or your desires, then you are sabotaging the whole mechanism of manifesting the things that you want.  The thought process of  “After all, how dare you want to drive a Porsche, when the guy down the street is homeless, or doesn’t know where is his next meal is coming from?” is damaging to you and the person you are feeling guilty about.  You know by The Law of Attraction this type of thinking is only attracting more incidences for you to witness this, so you are not doing yourself or anyone else any favors by feeling guilty for having what you have.  

Once and for all,  I want to go ahead and put this myth, and guilt trip to rest.  Remember, The Law of Attraction (LOA) tells you that you can have everything that YOU want. No I take it back, it says you deserve to have everything that you desire.  It also states that you cannot want it for someone else.   That does not mean that you cannot visualize that someone else also has everything that they want.  In fact it is built into the system that you have to want all the good things that you want for others as well.  Remember there is no scarcity in this Universe for you.  Your job in this world,  and in this Universe is to achieve as much of your desires as you can possibly manifest.  Why? Because by your example, others will be able to realize that they also have this power. When people actually see a thing, it is easier for them to develop faith in the system… Take for example running the 4 minute mile.  A year after Roger Bannister broke that imaginary wall, college athletes were doing it.

This power is not reserved for exceptional few.  We as humans by the whole concept of having a free will and being able to control our thoughts have this power.  So the next time you see someone less fortunate than you, or a bad situation, try to check the feelings of guilt that may arise in you.  Be grateful for the things and blessings that you have, and imagine that person having all the blessings and more that they deserve in a perfect way. This is the best thing you can do for them.  Go about visualizing and manifesting your desires without guilt or shame because that is what the Source wants for you. 

I hope this makes sense and is clear to you.  Please leave me comments or questions on the Facebook page, or Twitter feed and share this with anyone who many benefit from it. Till next week, to your absolute and unending success. 

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