Friday, December 17, 2010


Good day. Today’s blog is more on how to create your success, so I hope you enjoy it.  This came to me as I was trying to discipline my toddler to listen to what I wanted her to do. I kept on concentrating on wanting her to not scream, or not go on the furniture etc.
Most people go about manifesting their reality and future by concentrating on actions and not their thoughts. Actions like not wanting to be fat, or trying to loose weight, or fighting against drugs. All these are concentrating on lack and negativity. People concentrate on dressing for success, and spend hours preparing presentation for success, but do not give even 1/100th of their attention to the thoughts of success. Because actions are in the moment we have very little control over the feelings they arouse. Remember any circumstance has only two options as to the feelings they arouse; either positive or negative. If we are trying to solve a “problem” the actions associated with that usually carry with them feelings of frustration, anger, disappointment etc. As apposed to trying to solve a challenge, which bring about feeling of competition, excitement, and acheivment etc. Follow this visualization for example: Try to imagine this picture as I describe it to you:
Imagine you are walking on a beach in the Caribbean. The white sand is soft under your feet and it feels warm and comfortable as you leisurely are strolling along the beach. You hear the wave of the ocean crashing on the sand and as the water reaches your toes you feel the warmth of it on your skin. The sun is shining and there is not a single cloud in the sky. The sun is warming your shoulders and skin, and the cool breeze accompanying it feels so good. Could you see yourself smiling as you envisioned the little walk on the beach?
Now what I want you to do is NOT TO THINK OF THE STORM COMING ON THE BEACH. Remember I want you NOT TO THINK of the Storm.
You hear the news that says there is a category 3 hurricane coming to the island. The weather is turning cloudy… How are you doing with NOT thinking of the storm? Do you see how quickly the smile faded? Do you see how difficult it is to feel good when you are trying NOT to concentrate on some thing you don’t want?
The universal laws do not comprehend words of negation. What you are concentrating when you tell yourself I DON’T WANT this is actually inviting more and more thoughts of it and soon that event into your life.
Practice THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT, ahead of the action of entering into any situation. When you get a feeling of things not going the way they are supposed to it should be like WARNING LIGHTS AND ALARMS going off. It is very difficult at first and you will not succeed in turning every evet around immediately but believe me it is well worth the practice of trying to start feeling for the better and better feelings. It is like any skill some thing that you can master with time and practice and it really does not take as long as you may think. The reason is that once you start working by actually thinking your way through your day things will be so easy and flowing that you have no effort in trying to master this task. Small step at a time and you will reach a point of controlling  most of your day instead of moving about by defaults based on actions that happen to cross your path.
Things will still come up but you then will be at a much better vibration point and have the practice of turning your feeling about any circumstance as apposed to be driven and lead by it.
I am trying to work on this aspect every day of my life and although there are days that it is trying on my patience, it is a nice game that I play with myself to see how much self discipline I have to control it. It is kind of fun.
Feel free to share this with your friends and I always welcome your comments.

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