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Good day all. I hope you are doing great.
No matter how many times I witness the Law of Attraction in action, it just never gets old. When my family starts to use it, then it just brings utter joy to my life. Let me illustrate how my wife used the Law of Attraction for the birth of our second child.
For the longest time we have wanted to have a natural birth, but even more special we wanted to have the child in the comfort of our own home, in a birth pool. We tried to do this with our first child but she was breached so that was that.
Even when we were thinking of it then, and in our joy, shared our ideas with friends many of them came up with how dangerous that would be. My wife’s friends told her how the labor would be 10 hours long, and it would be so difficult and painful, and how she should take the drugs and epidural etc.
Coming from a medical background even I doubted the procedure. I wanted a nice sterile environment, under the control of skilled professionals so if some thing went wrong, my wife would be taken care of; That became our reality because we concentrated on it. My first child was born through a C-section. Thank God she was happy, and healthy, and we had a great team of doctors and nurses that took good care of us. If you have not done so read my blog about negative self talk:
and your circle of friends: 
When my wife was pregnant with our second child, the same group of people said the same things about birth in general even though this time we kept our opinions to ourselves, until the last minutes. But the difference was that we were more in tune with how the Law of Attraction works. My wife constantly visualized the joy of having a child in a birth pool, in our home, with her sister and our little girl present.
As the birth was nearing we made arrangements with a midwife and coordinated with our doctor. We decided that it would be better if our little girl went and stay with her aunt, so we would not have to “worry” about her. So we planned to have my sister in law drive 4 hours to get my girl and take her for a couple of days surrounding the birth. Even now I do not know what we were thinking. Through out this time however,  in addition to her controlled breathing, my wife kept on visualizing the birth she wanted, with our daughter and her sister there.
I got all the supplies and all was good until 2 weeks before the due date. At 4:00 am my wife started feeling pressure. The night prior she had some small contractions lasting about 30 or so seconds so we knew it was not the real thing. We called them “practice run for the uterus”. This time though things were getting a bit stronger. By about 7:00am my wife told me to call the midwife. Not wanting to wake her up for a fake contraction I texted her. Can you believe that? She called me and when I explained to her the situation she told me she was on her way. So, still not believing it was the real thing, I thought well may be I’ll get the pool ready and the hose set up.
Well the baby came at 10:33 am that morning. Not only was our daughter there next to her mommy encouraging her. She is only 2 ½ mind you. But also since we were surprised I also called my sister in law at around 6:30am. My sister in law arrived at 10:30 am. My wife had about 8 minutes of pushing and a total of 6 hrs of labor and we had a perfect birth.
I think that is a bit more impressive than getting a parking spot.
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