Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Good day every one,
I hope you are well. In this post I want to focus on the fact that most people are more critical of themselves than any one else. In the past this trait may have been looked at as a productive character, however, the more we understand how our subconscious works, the more dangerous this trait appears.
Most negative self-talk happens in the times of high emotional charge. May be when we make a mistake, or when some one has taken advantage of us, or when some thing has not gone the way we wanted it to go and we loose all rational thought and start bashing ourselves to gain some semblance of control. As though by hurting our own feelings, it will make things better. Well I am here to tell you that if that is the pattern you follow you are doing much more damage than just hurting your feelings. You are actually sending negative and self defeating thoughts right through the guardian of your subconscious through to the core of your beliefs and that is where they will create resistance and block all the good work you are doing by working with the Law of Attraction.
In my e-book Road Map to life I have a chapter on how to set and achieve your goals. There are 6 steps and they are designed to get the positive picture of what you want to have into your subconscious, because only then will your subconscious start looking for opportunities and doors seem to open to help you achieve what you want. When you engage in negative self-talk you are essentially setting up a goal to fail. Let me say that again, with negative self-talk or any other self criticism you are setting up a goal to fail. What's even worse is that you are putting more emotions and effort into this than you are in attaining your actual positive goals. Do you see how important it is to monitor your thoughts and stop engaging in self bashing?
Most people at one time or another have made mistakes and blamed themselves, but it is now your turn to realize that it does no good, and in fact it is destructive to your success if you continue to beat yourself up when ever you make a mistake. It is like being a child and having some one repeatedly tell you that you're worthless. You can easily see the impact that can have on your future, and by treating yourself bad when things are not going the way you wanted them to, you are actually doing much more harm than if you were put down when you were a child. Because the talk is coming directly from you and it is taken as fact without resistance.
The next time you find yourself wanting to beat yourself up remember this post and take a deep breath and see how you can learn from the mistake instead, and put your energy into setting positive goals and acheiving them .
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