Tuesday, November 16, 2010


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Today I want to come back to a principal that is hard to accept when it is happening to you. That is when we face adversity. When things are going not so great for us it is hard to see the silver lining. No matter what we have heard or read, it is hard to see how a bad situation is going to benefit us. So now that you are reading this and I am hoping you are in a neutral frame of mind I want to put into your mind this fact so you can rely on it when the time of need arises.
Napoleon Hill's famous quote in Think and Grow Rich said "With every adversity there comes the seeds of equivalent or greater success".  I must admit, there have been times when I have tried to see where the seeds could possibly be, but at the time I could find no answer. The key to this is patience and open mind with Positive Mental Attitude. W. Clement Stone added that last part to Napoleon Hill's quote saying "Every adversity brings with it the seeds of equivalent or greater success with positive mental attitude".
Let me use a practical example from nature. My wife's grandfather lived on a farm. He used to make the wheels of his wagon from the strongest trees that grew on their farm. Do you want to take a guess where the strongest wood came from? When my wife's family were clearing the land for farming they left few trees out in the open. These trees were constantly facing the 'ADVERSITY' of the weather. They were beaten and pushed and pulled in the wind, rain, snow, and the sun day in and day out through the years. These trees that were out in the open were the ones that my wife's grandfather use to make the wheels of the wagons because they were the strongest. The trees in the forest that were sheltered by the masses of the trees were not strong enough to provide the wood needed for the wheels of the wagon. Adversity makes you stronger as long as you do not give up and quit.
I also remember one of my mentors telling me that when we stop making mistakes we are dead. Our life is full of making and learning from our mistakes. That is how we grow and learn. I am sure we all have heard that Thomas Edison tired AND failed over ten thousand (10,000) times before he perfected the electric light bulb. The authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfiled had tried to publish their books thousands of times and had received thousands of rejections. This in the face of the fact that they had signatures from thousands of people promising to buy the book when it was published. Jack Canfield said in one of his telephone coaching sessions that it took him 5 years before he made his million dollar check. Now the Chicken Soup for the Soul series is a best seller many times over. Any thing that Jack Canfield or Mark Victor Hansen now put their name to becomes an automatic best seller. I would say 5 years is a small price to pay for the countless riches that follow not giving up when adversity rears its head.
So take this to heart, the next time you are faced with situations when things are not going your way. Look and be open for opportunities which will bring you greater success.
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