Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Scientific Proof of The Law of Attraction Part 2:

Good day all,
So we have discussed how observation of energy made it act like matter instead of wave. The Law of Attraction says that what ever we focus on with emotions and energy will materialize in our reality as long as there is no resistance blocking it. All around us the world is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It just changes form. Here is where I had to take a leap of faith based on the information I had gathered and I could be completely off, but it is working for me so I wanted to share how I see this working in my life. Einstein mathematically proved some thing like 11 different dimensions. There may be more or less, but definitely more than 3.  We live in only 3. So where is the rest? I am going to take it as fact that Einstein was correct because I really can not understand the math behind it but I would guess some one by now would have proven him wrong if he was not correct.
Putting all this together seems like science fiction but remember the act of going into space was at some point science fiction. So dream with me for a second: I pictured our universe as a series of different events and waves of possibility existing at the same time. That means every one, and every thing has infinite possibilities of manifesting into particles (reality) at any particular time. It is like being on different time lines where each path would give different results, but all possibilities being available at the same time in a fluid wave form of energy going about until a focus is achieved to change the wave into particle and that becomes the reality at that moment. Here is the IMPORTANT part, the focus can happen by default as most of us go through life, or it can be by purposeful application of correct thinking and emotionalizing those thoughts to the point where they reach the subconscious. I believe that only thoughts through the subconscious can affect the waves of possibility and turn them into reality.
For example if I am going from point A to point B and there are 3 traffic lights between the two points, when I start there are infinite combination of events that can happen as far as those lights are concerned. My emotionalized focus on all 3 of them being green, will force the waves of energy of that moment to take the form of that possibility, namely being green. By the same token when I am worried, or stressed (very strong emotions by the way), these emotions cause focus to be towards a reality that will continue perpetuating those emotions of worry and stress and the greatest reality to do that is to have all 3 lights be red and delay me in getting to my destination. I have used this analogy in my earlier posts in explaining how the law of attraction works. Isn’t it funny that whenever you are late for an appointment, everything seems to keep you from getting there on time? Well that is my explanation of it.
So you being able to control your reactions to events in your life, trains your mind to consider other possibilities, and if you do this long enough with emotion and passion then I believe you can create realities from the infinite possibilities of energy that surrounds you.
Do not mistake this to mean that you can sit on the couch and visualize and things will magically appear. There is no such reality, because you do not tell the energy how to take the form of particles. To try to dictate the how is a form of resistance and you are limiting your possibilities if you try to do that. The transformation of waves of energy to your designed reality will take form in steps and those steps come to you in the form of opportunities and circumstances that will require you to take action and follow those steps further focusing the wave of energy to the point of reality you want. Isn’t this the greatest thing? The difference between humans and other forms of life is that most living things go about by instinct. A seed has no other focus than to grow into a tree. It does not have the ability to think I am going to be a rock. There is a nice order to things. But I truly believe in the next decade or so an evolution of human kind will start to take place as more and more people will understand the universal laws like the law of attraction and as they try to use it to achieve success in their lives, health, and professional careers there will be more and more studies done on how and why it works. For now I like my explanation because it is working for me. I hope it helps you get around the mysticism of The Law of Attraction and start using it to achieve your goals and success in every thing you do.
Please leave me some comments and engage in a discussion with each other on this subject.

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