Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Scientific proof for the Law of Attraction part 1:

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This is a two-part post for the more scientific and fact based audience of my blog. I am for the most part of the scientifically minded community. When I was first introduced the Law of Attraction, I was skeptical to say the least. When people and book suggested that I could use the Law of Attraction to achieve success and that principles of success frequently use the Law of Attraction, I was curious. So with a little digging and an open mind I went in search of trying to convince myself that the parking spots I was getting and the magical way that thing started to work out for the better were in fact because of me changing my thought patterns and not by coincidence. After all when the 1st premise of using a new tool is that what ever is happening in your life right now is because YOU have brought into your life, I needed to understand exactly why things were not going the way I wanted them hitherto, and by extrapolation how in the world was I to blame.
I set this up in two parts because the first part will be fact based and scientific. The 2nd part of the blog will build on the faith that the 1st part should create. That is how my brain works. I am analytical and a scientific method is the easiest way for me to understand abstract. Unless I can logically justify some thing, it is very difficult for me to have blind faith in it (Theology excluding). Since The Law of Attraction has not been the focus of mainstream discussion, even though it has been around since the beginning of time, there is not too much “main Stream” proof for it. So the purpose of this section is to build on scientific knowledge so you can take the next step if that is what is holding you back in creating success and abundance in your life through the use of The Law of Attraction.
I am going to take you back to your high school physics. And here you thought when am I going to use this stuff ever again right? We know that things are not solid. They are made up of molecules held together but ionic and covalent bonds. Molecules in themselves then are made up of electrons and protons. Well electrons are easily explained as energy; energy waves that fluctuate between different levels of excitement. There is a famous experiment called the Double Slit Experiment that was designed to once and for all determine if electrons were particles, or waves. And that is when everything changed. When I studied this in class the power and extrapolation of it in real life and application to success did not even cross my mind. Take a look at this YouTube Video that easily explains it: 
youtube video of double slit experiment 
So the mere act of observing caused the electrons to act as matter and not wave. That is where things get clear for me. Focus on energy (electron) causes it to go from waves to particles. Deductive reasoning then tells me that if our world and every thing in it are energy, my focus on it will bring it into the form of particles. This much I could understand and logic out for myself. The next part is where I have to take this knowledge and apply it to principles of the Law of Attraction and that is the topic of part two. Please feel free to leave me a comment on what you think. I encourage discussion of this topic here.

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