Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Good day all,
This is a short but to the point post. Similar to the post I made entitled "You are right, and I am wrong"( you are right, and I am wrong ) this is a post of realization.
Here is the key point of the law of attraction: Similar to what Henry Ford said,  weather you believe it or not you are right. That is the reality of the Law of Attraction. By the definition of it what ever you decide to believe is your reality. That is why I do not argue or force this concept that I know for a fact is critical to any success. It is frustrating to see and know that people, specially those you love, can be happier and live an easier, more abundant life, but it is not our job or in our control to make people believe. Only THE person has control over it.
So when people say "that is a bunch of hawg wash" then there is no point about arguing because that will be their reality. For "THEM" the law of attraction will not work because they are focusing on it not working, and that is what will be attracted to them.
Remember what ever we focus on with emotions and passion will send out an energy vibration that will bring more and more of that energy so we keep on feeling the way we are feeling. If you want to feel good then start feeling good and concentrate on small steps that makes you feel good. Jerry and Esther Hicks have a process called the "RAMPAGE OF APPRECIATION" in which you look at your surroundings and find things that genuinely will make you feel appreciative, and happy. Small things. Like what a great weather we are having right now. If you are honest with yourself that thought will bring about other things you can feel appreciative for and more and more things that you can feel good about will manifest to keep you feeling that way. Soon you will start to be overwhelmed with joy and appreciation and isn't that a wonderful thing to be able to control by design?

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