Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Good day all,
A few evenings ago I was at a family member's house visiting some friends and family that had just come to Southern California. Interesting things happened. One of my father's cousins has this incredible knack for looking at the negative side of things, to a point that I have made a habit of avoiding conversations that require any thought or any real content because experience has taught me that he will look at all that is wrong. As I am writing this it is occurring to me that perhaps my expectation of how he reacts has allot to do with my encounters with him. Note to self to change my view of interacting with him in the future. But I digress. Any way, we were discussing health insurance and the economy etc. He was telling us that his COBRA was running out and in talking with his adviser they told him that he could apply for Medi-Cal. He suddenly started saying that how much paper work is involved that he has to go through applying for Medi-Care and then not qualify to be considered for Medi-Cal. Most of my family is so grateful and honored to live in the best country in the world, The United States, and the obvious comment that some one made was "so you are saying that you want free money and free care but you don't even want to go through the process of doing the minuet work of getting it?". Every one laughed and we moved on. Then the topic of retirement and taxes arose and this guy started arguing with one of my uncles best friends who always only comments on things he knows. The gentleman tried to educate my father's cousin to no end and finally he just said "you know what, YOU ARE RIGHT AND I AM WRONG. End of story".  Another family member asked "How does that feel?". Laughs all around ensued. But the point was made in a very classy way.
This was a great moment and gave me an opportunity to learn. So many times I try to help people by teaching and expressing the blessings I have received, and the success I have achieved through using the LAW OF ATTRACTION. But some people are just not ready or open to it and I end up bringing down my vibration in the process. It is really not worth it. People will get there if they are open and meant to get there on their own time. So It is a great line that I will use from now on. You are right and I am wrong, now how does that feel?

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