Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Good day,
One of the things that some one suggested to me recently was to monitor my day and my reactions to the events of the day. I thought it was a good idea but as the day went along and life happened, I never seemed to get to actually doing it. I kept on saying I will do it later, and later and before I knew it, I was going to sleep.
The next day I actually put it in my calendar for the rest of the week. I picked different times of the day for each day of the week and put one or two questions like, how many times have I been optimistic? How have I reacted to situations where things have not gone exactly the way I expected it?
These serve as a reminder for me at mid day that I have a choice about the reaction I have to circumstances that happen in my life and it keeps me concentrating on the positive.
Many teachers say it takes a repetition of 21 days for an action to become a habit. So  I figure by next month this should just become a habit and I will no longer need to put it in my calendar. If I forgot however, then it is a good method of keeping a check on my attitude and vibration.
Try it for yourself and let me know by clicking on the comment link.

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