Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do we know what we want ?

Good day all,
I like listening and learning more and more about the Law of Attraction and Success so I am always listening and reading all I can on the subject. Recently I have kept on seeing, listening or reading about the same sort of theme. So I figured I share that with you since it keeps on coming up.
In this blog, in my book, and the books I have recommended there are detailed instruction on how to go about setting goals to attain what you want and get it. The question that was posed that I had to think about for a few days is "do I know what I want?"
In the process of visualizing and feeling the feeling of having the goals I want, I frequently modify and change them because my desires change. Since I am very familiar with how the Law of Attraction works it does not bother me, that this action slows down the manifestation of my desire. I also know that the more I stress over the timing of why my desire has not manifested I send out the negative vibration that counter acts my goal in the form of resistance. Having said all that though many of the masters point out the fact that if we visualize the big picture of the kind of life we want all the other stuff will fall into place.
For example if I want to manifest $1,000,000 will that really satisfy me? Is it enough? If I want a particular model of Porsche will that satisfy my desire? In contrast if I concentrate on being in peace and happy and MORE IMPORTANTLY be grateful about the happiness I enjoy in the present the things that will bring me happiness and peace will the subject of my concentration and hence the vibration I am sending out.
Let me try to put it in an example: I can concentrate on being happy and grateful that all my bills are paid on time and without any effort. The source is providing me with a great home and great family and I am enjoying what I do every day. Those things encompass a bigger picture than I want a 4000 sq foot house.
The other thing that I have recently concentrated on is that some times I may not be ready for what I want to manifest. In such instances feelings of RESISTANCE come to surface, that will not only hinder my goals to success but actually will sabotage my feelings and send out the wrong kind of vibration.
If for example when I am visualizing a Porsche 911 convertible and in trying to get the feeling of gratitude and the feeling of having it, there is some thing in the pit of my stomach that says "no way", or "Holly cow that is so expensive", this indicates resistances that I may not be aware of consciously.
You can use releasing techniques described in my book or any other source to get rid of those resistances. The focus on the bigger picture some times will also bring up feeling that need to be dealt with and those feeling may not come up if you are just concentrating on short term objectives.
So what is the best way of setting up goals? I wish I could tell you one way is the best but like all profound things the answer is a combination of using your visualization both on big picture goals and on short term goals. This should be fun. Remember you are now aware that your thoughts shape your future. You are no longer going about by default. This is exciting and I hope you are as excited as I was when I first discovered that I am in power.
Best wishes to you and as always please feel free to click on the comment link and share.

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