Tuesday, December 7, 2010


When people learn about how the Law of Attraction works they think it is a catch 22. The most common objection is how can I feel about having something BEFORE having it? It would be a catch 22 if we did not have the ability to control our thoughts as well as our emotions. The fact that we are human and can control those aspects puts us in control. Is it easier to concentrate and feel emotions about some thing that is already happening? SURE it is, but that is going about living our lives by default. That is what the majority of people do. But as some one once said, “all the dogs barking at the same tree does not make it the right one”.  This is probably why people say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But more often than not the successful know the rules or have been taught how to use it, and the unsuccessful have been stuck in a rut and because they have no idea how to get out they continue to bring more and more of it on themselves. When we are feeling good about success that we have achieved already, it is great but it is playing the game backwards.
To take control of our reality we need to work on creating our reality by purpose not by default. Here we have to remember that the process has to be fun and enjoyable. It is not a contest. It is not a race against any one else. There is no limited amount of success out there. You are only responsible for your own reality. There is ample amount of opportunities for every one. Just because you are successful does not mean you are taking the opportunity AWAY FROM SOMEONE ELSE.
Success has nothing to do with your background, who you are, how much education you have, or how good looking you are. Success does not even care about how hard you work or how lazy you are. When you create your own reality the action steps do not seem like work. In this manner I am using the word “work” to mean doing some thing that I do not enjoy and which stir unhappy feelings in me. When I am taking action that makes me feel great and I enjoy towards my goals, it seems effortless. That is the way it should be, and that is the way it can be.
The secret to doing this is to take little incremental steps. This is nothing new. Any big task when broken down to little manageable steps becomes easy. You do not see construction crews trying to put a skyscraper together all at once. Step by step, the foundation is set and every part is planned and slowly the skeleton of the building is built and little by little construction progresses until one day you see a whole new building in place.
Using the Law of Attraction to achieve success is the same. When you are feeling like some one beat the crap out of you, it is very difficult to feel joyful and excited about the project at work that you want to finish. When it seems that no one cares, and that every thing is going wrong, your feelings are a warning sign to you that some how YOU HAVE GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO VIBRATIONAL MATCH WITH some thing that causes you to feel overwhelmed or some other negative and counter productive feeling. I am sure some people can get themselves turned around rapidly but for most of us it is not about hitting a home run here. It is about base hits. The great thing is that you realized that what is happening DOES NOT FEEL GOOD. When that is the case if you continue on with this feeling, by the law of attraction more events that DO NOT FEEL GOOD must come into your experience. Here is when we have a choice. It is easy to feel the reality of the moment but that will only get us what we have been getting i.e. the “not so good” feelings.
You control your emotions. What ever you want to say to argue that point, it is a reality that you can control your emotions. Little by little you can make yourself feel good. Jerry and Esther Hicks in their books and CDs mention an “EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE SCALE”.  I highly suggest you read Ask and It Is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks. In that book, there are many examples of how to turn around your feelings. Even when you are at your worst point you have a choice to feel powerless, or move a slight step up by choosing to be pissed off, and regain some power. After being pissed you can reach for another feeling that feels a little better like hope. Jerry and Esther Hicks have mentioned 22 different emotional steps. But the number, and the name are not important. What is important is for you to reach for a feeling that FEELS A LITTLE BETTER. Concentrate on that feeling and soon a new thought will come to you that feel a little better. Keep on concentrating on that feeling and on that thought and more and more thoughts will come to make you feel a little less hopeless and soon it even may start to feel like relief, and then the feeling is better, and then it feels like it is not so bad after all, and then it feels good.
This takes some work. Just like any skill when you first try to do this you will find yourself submerged in the feeling of the moment. It is ok and it is natural because that is what we have been doing all our lives. You are now learning a new skill. No matter how long it takes for you to realize that you are now in a moment that DOES NOT FEEL GOOD, once you make that realization you are free. The first step is realizing it. The next step is to reach for something that feels a little better.
So you see it is NOT A CATCH 22. It is a skill that can be practiced just like anything else you have learned in your life and as you practice it day by day you will get more accomplished at it and you can soon turn your feelings around on a dime.
By that time you will be so good at monitoring your thoughts that your life will proceed along as you intend it to and not by default based on the circumstances of the surrounding. If for some reason you happen to find yourself out of tune with the good vibration you then know what you need to do and with the confidence of practiced skill you will turn it around.
It is a great game to practice. It is you life to lead. You are responsible for it. You CAN BE AND HAVE WHAT EVER YOU WANT. Life is joyous. Take solace in that true and factual statement. 
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