Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Today I am going to be discussing something that many of us don’t like to admit, or may feel ashamed to admit because of how society views such response.  It is a fact though.  Humans in general, are never satisfied.  I personally am proud to admit this point.  I was not always this way, and like many people felt bad about wanting more specially when I had what would be considered an adequate amount of something. 

I am not talking about being gluttonous.  I am not talking about greed. What I am talking about though is wanting something better.  Wanting more in my life, in my health, in my wealth, in my peace of mind.  Why should I be satisfied with the status quo?  The whole point of being the top of the food chain on this blue planet is to want and have more.   Now I know I will be pissing off some of you out there specially if you are all about the planet.  I want to be perfectly clear to you I do NOT CONDONE destroying our planet.  If you have read this blog for any length of time and if you have studied what The Law of Attraction (LOA) teaches, you will realize that THERE IS NO SCARCITY.  Being environmentally conscious is great, but make sure you are not coming from a point of scarcity because you will bring about your own fears and that will do no one any good.  This planet has survived for billions of years before us, and has nurtured our specie for thousands of years, and will in all likelihood be doing this for another billion years. Of this I have no doubt regardless of what main stream media tells you and me.

The fact that we are the only specie on this planet that can direct our own thoughts gives us the key to have what we want. The reason why we have this ability is congruent with the fact that we will always want something better.  That is a  good thing.  If people did not want better things we would still be living in Caves and if we could read, would be reading by fire. 

Realize and give yourself permission to want something better.  Use the tools of LOA and the teachings here to achieve those better things, and then go out there an teach it to someone else who may be stuck in thinking there is limitation in this world. 

This was a short one this week, but the message is very powerful.  Do not be embarrassed or ashamed of wanting something more.  Do not be ashamed that you want to better yourself. You deserve everything and more.  You have no idea how awesome you are, and what you deserve.  You cannot imagine the health, wealth, and peace of mind that is waiting for you to just allow into your life.  Take it. It is yours. You are NOT taking it from anyone else.  We are all able to allow this.  It is law. 

I hope this makes sense to you and please do me the honor of commenting on my Facebook page and Twitter feed about what you have just read.  Thank you and to your success till next week. 

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