Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  This week I want to explore the journey.  I have always been impatient. Many of us as adults have learned the concept of delayed gratification, but when it comes to The Law of Attraction (LOA) we tend to act like children. Perhaps it is because the concept of The Law of Attraction is new to us. Those who have mastered The LOA have also developed the patience required, and hence are successful in using it. 

The basic concept of The LOA is to visualize and believe in the end results as you bring your vibration up to the vibration of your desire.  It is only natural to want to have the end result as you work on visualizing your end result.  You get to the feeling of having  it, and then doubt sets in.  You want it now, and when it does not come when you think it “should” come, you start to doubt. There is the key. Trusting that it will happen, and letting it happen. Letting it go without losing the focus. I wanted to give you an analogy in the hopes that it will make it easier for you to let it happen.

As I was thinking about what I was going to write this week, I came across the following add and picture. It is an add about Sea World and a water slide.

Usually what happens is that you stand in line, walk up the stairs, and sit down on top of the slide and inch forward a little at a time and slide all the way down and splash into the pool at the bottom. The exhilaration and the joy is awesome. Now imagine if when you get to the top of the stairs and are about to slide down, you suddenly tell the guy at the top that is giving you the green light to go ahead,  that “no” you just want to walk down the stairs and go to the part of the slide that is  a few inches away from the end,  and then get on the slide and slide into the pool. If it the goal was getting to the end result, that is what your experience would be like. It seems foolish when you think about it in terms of a slide doesn't it? The guy will most likely ask you “I thought you want to ride the slide?” It is the experience of sliding down the slide, not getting to the bottom of the pool that is exhilarating .  Are you with me here?

It is the journey that is as important as getting the results.  Imagine if everyone here on this planet had everything they wanted as soon as they were born.  There would not be any difference in our  vibrational positions and hence no point for desires. There will not be any contrast for us to want anything different.  How boring would that be? At first it seems like that would be utopia, but how long would that last?  You have to realize that part of being human is to actually experience the journey towards success, whatever success may mean to us. It is the journey that makes us who we are.  If it wasn't about the journey, none of the advances that man has made would have happened. We would all just be OK with status quo.

I hope this makes sense, and helps you. As always feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit, and please comment on my Facebookpage and Twitter feed. Till next week, to your success.  

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