Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Recently I wanted to concentrate on daily meditation practice in my life. I had been faced with a lot of distractions and challenges and felt like I was off center. Having been able to mediate easily through years of martial arts practice, I was really surprised at how hard it was for me to get back to it. I realized that what I was experiencing with my difficulty in meditating is in many ways the same challenge that many feel when trying to utilize The Law of Attraction.  Sometimes the resistance point that prevents The Law of Attraction from working for us  is its simplicity.

 I remember when I was first learning to meditate, I did it because it was part of my martial arts class routine. We would start and end each class with meditation. Sitting and breathing for a few minutes before and after the class. There was always an instructor that told me to do it, and I did what I was told. At first,  I did not really understand what meditation was. I just breathed as everyone else breathed.  The time frame was short, and I did not “struggle” to quiet my mind, because that was not my “purpose”.  I was just doing it because I had to during the course of my class. As I continued to do this for 10 years, it because a part of me. The rough edges were polished by repetition and as I became comfortable with the breathing,  I also started to read and learn what meditation was and experimented with different forms  of meditation. 

Being a very analytical person, I remember making it is allot more complicated than it should have been.  At times I became lost in the instructions and the steps of the process, rather than the feelings and physiological feedback that my body and mind was giving me. It took a long time to just let it go and enjoy the moment.

Later on life got in the way.  I lost track,  and got away from my martial arts practice, and at the same time stopped meditating.  I found my life in upheaval, so I started coming back to meditation and I found it very difficult. I attended a Buddhist monastery located close to me in North San Diego county. It just seemed too simple to breath and concentrate on my breathing. I wanted something more magnificent. I wanted something with more bells and whistles. I wanted to ask the abbot” is there a more ornate or more advanced way of meditating?”,  and as I was posing this question in my own mind, I had an epiphany and could not help but laugh.  I was concentrating on completely the wrong thing. It was beside the point.  I was losing the forest for the trees.

Meditation in its simplicity is the reason why it works.  It is not designed to make you think, and become more complex so you can think some more. The whole secret of emptying your mind is to concentrate on thoughts that DO NOT lead to other things.  The simple counting of the breath, or just visualization of the path of the breath is exactly the reason why it calms the mind and the body. 

The same is true with The Law of Attraction (LOA).  Many people have a hard time believing that you ask and it is immediately given and you just have to be open to receiving.   Specially in the Western culture where we have been taught “if it sounds too good to be true, then it must not be real”.  So what do we do? We try to make it more complex.  We get lost in the questions.  Am I visualizing correctly? Am I spending the right amount of time? Am I auditory or kinesthetic in my visualization? Is one better than the other? Do I think in colors? Should I put myself in my visualization, or should I look through my own eye? All of these complexities are taking us away from the main feeling of joy and gladness that you are supposed to send out in relations to the things that you want. Keep it simple, and do the same thing over and over with persistence. When your visualizations and your thought of the thing that you want seems real enough for you that you know it in every aspect, and it just seems a step away, you will see it materialize in your life.  Remember if it seems like work, you are not doing it correctly. If you are frustrated you are sending out the wrong vibration.

This is a big reason, why I start with GRATITUDE.  There is just something magnificently simple in being grateful. If you can be grateful in  the moment, it is sure to make you feel good. Taking personal responsibility for our mindset is important. Remember you always have something to be grateful for, and if you practice this attitude it becomes easier. The more you look for things to be grateful, the more things will come to mind. It is like exercise. At first it is hard to get going, but when you start, the going  gets easier and you achieve a flow. 

Before you visualize on something that you want, start by being grateful for what you have right now. Get into the higher vibration of abundance before you focus your  visualization. It is sort of like warming up for the main routine. I hope this makes sense to you and will help you get a better handle on your quest to understanding and utilizing The LOA.  As always please feel free to comment on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. I really would like to hear from you on this point. What challenges have you faced in using the LOA? What successes have you had? Sharing is caring. When you care and share you are opening the flood gates to abundance. Until next week to your success. 

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