Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week. Today I want to explore the side of The Law of Attraction (LOA) that we frequently ignore, or are bashful about, yet this point is extremely important to your success. More to it, we are usually very uncomfortable with this aspect of The Law of Attraction (LOA), which naturally creates resistance for you to achieve your goals. 

What I am referring to is being a good receiver.  For some reason, in our Western culture in particular, we tend not to be good receivers.  We are outright embarrassed to be receivers.  Let me explain this through an example.  How do you react when somebody gives you a compliment? Do you just shrug it off, or do you whole heatedly receive it.  Most people who I have come in contact with usually shrug it off with comments like, “it was nothing, it is all in a day’s work, or I got lucky”.  How do you react when someone gives you a gift out of nowhere? Do say things like, “you shouldn't have”, do you feel embarrassed? Do you feel like “oh I didn't get him anything”?  

Learning to be a good receiver is just as important as the other parts of The LOA like visualizing, having good positive feelings about your goals, or doing your affirmations.  This is because when you minimize the effect of receiving, you are essentially telling the Universe that you want to be in a situation that whatever comes to you is minimized.  In essence you are minimizing the flood gate to your abundance. 

I wanted to expand on this principle and add a success tip in this post for you.  I want you to start expecting to receive with people you do day to day business.  There is no reason why your doctor, accountant, or your lawyer cannot also be your customers.  Start evaluating how your products or service can benefit the people that you naturally do business with.  When you take your kids to their pediatrician, can that doctor, or their office, use your product or service.  When you are doing your taxes, can your tax accountant use your product or service, when you are at the grocery store, can the checker or the bagger use your product or service, and start without any hesitation or embarrassment asking those people that you do business with for THEIR BUSINESS.  More importantly be expecting to receive the revenue that can come from this. Very few people,  business owners, and entrepreneurs tap into this aspect of clients that could potentially be there for you if you ask.  Remember if you don’t ask you will never get a yes for an answer.  You are giving them your money, and your business, hence the simple asking of the question should not be embarrassing for you.  There is nothing to be lost, and everything to be gained.

I hope this was helpful to you and please share your comments and feedback on my Facebook and Twitter feed, and till next week, to your success.  

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