Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. I was listening to the radio on January 11th, just  about a week ago, and I heard that already, 2 weeks into the month of January, almost 40% of the people who have make New Year’s resolutions have given up on those resolutions. So it got me thinking, how could this possibly be? Do we, as a society not have enough self-discipline to continue with a New Year’s resolution for 11 days? I was getting  turned towards negativity really quick, I mean 40% is not a joke.

Getting back to my routes real quick and using The Law of Attraction principles of looking for the good and the love, I wanted to give you some suggestions, so your Law of Attraction resolutions will not fail or get derailed as easily. 

As you know by reading this blog, or studying the principles of The Law of Attraction (LOA), this universal law states that there is no scarcity in the Universe, there is no competition.  Our beliefs however, as human beings depending on how we were raised, or in what situation we were brought up, have ingrained us with those beliefs that there is scarcity. When it comes to desires, visualizations, and goals, you can shoot for the moon and in fact you should set goals that are way out there, but be aware of that gut feeling that might tell you BULL $HIT.  The more believable your visualization and your goals are, especially when you first start, the easier the manifestation is, and also it will allow you to build confidence in the process.  So if you are new to the LOA, and I would qualify that by saying if you have been only using or attempting to use the LOA for one to two years, then you are new.  I recommend  when you are setting your goals, set them so they are believable to you. Because in the course of 2 years if you go back and actually calculate how many hours of training, and practice you have dedicated to LOA, I would be willing to bet it would be less than 500 hours.

Remember for us to become experts at anything it requires minimum 10,000 hours of practice. The LOA is thankfully more forgiving than many other skills, but at the same time our resistances and limiting beliefs are also very deeply ingrained in our psyches.  So use your clearing methods, anything from EFT (emotional freedom technique) or HO’ O’ PONOPONO, or the Sedona method, whenever you get that resistance during your practice of visualization and The LOA.  It is imperative and much more effective to do these clearing when the gut check happens.  When that nagging resistance comes up. For example if you have built the habit of reading your goals and visualizing your desires twice a day, as I suggest, as soon as you get that negative self-talk, do some clearing. Do a few rounds of EFT, or say the phrases of Ho’ O’ Ponopono prayer, or go through the Sedona method question and answer. Make sure you set the rating of how uncomfortable that nagging self-talk is before and after your clearing technique.  Do the Ho’ O’ Ponopono throughout the day.  Do it especially when you get a resistance when working with a visualization or goal.  The main thing I want you to take away, if you don’t get anything else from this post is do your visualization twice a day, every single day. I can’t tell you how important it is to do this one simple thing.  Because it keeps your mind open to opportunities that come into your life, and it gives you more opportunities to succeed which will reinforce that this process is real to you and it actually works for you.  Doing daily things is critical to keep you on task with any goal you set for yourself.  Do minor steps towards your goal every single day, even if it is just sitting down for 10 to 15 minutes and brainstorming the next steps, or going to sleep after setting your to do list for the next day so your subconscious mind will be working on those while you sleep.

Keep these things in mind and do them and I will promise you that you will have much more success with your goals and visualizations and the use of The LOA.  As always please leave me comments and thoughts on my Facebook page and Twitter feed, and until next week, wishing you the best and to your success.  
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