Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  Today I want to once again reach for lessons from my martial arts training and correlate that with how success and The Law of Attraction  (LOA) works in your life.  I will give you a brief example from the world of martial arts and then we will weave that into how using the same principles will make your use of LOA more effective. 

In jiu jitsu and any martial arts you start training and drilling to get good at techniques to be used on an opponent.  But what is very important to remember is that as a beginner in any marital arts,  you are bound by rules, and you are placed in an ideal situation for your techniques to succeed.  These rules are for you and your partners safety.   For example if you are doing a technique in jiu jitsu on an opponent that is following the jiu jitsu rules, all if fine.  If you are boxing with an opponent that is following boxing rules everything is fine. Things however, become very different when you are trying to do a bent arm lock in jiu jitsu and your opponent starts punching you or kicking you.  Or when you are boxing and your opponent starts to kick you in the groin.  That is not the time for learning and is in no way conducive to your success. 

The same is true with The Law of Attraction, and success.  Visualizing and having a positive attitude is a piece of cake when things are going well, but when challenges arrive and stuff starts to hit the fan, it is a completely different environment.  So what’s the answer? Just like martial arts, you train and drill, and you do your practices of your techniques in an ideal scenario and ideal environment.  You have partners that are willing and cooperative, and you are following a set amount of rules until you become extremely proficient at making your technique work through thousands of repetitions.  This is not just for jiu jitsu.  Even in stand up styles, like Tae Kwon Do, you practice your kicks over and over, especially if you are doing areal kicks, you practice them on a stationary object like a bag, then you have a training partner hold pads for you until you have done this thousands of times and can then execute this on a moving target.  

With The Law of Attraction and success principles, you follow exactly the same path.  You don’t want to wait until things are going haywire to start trying to feel good, and expressing a positive vibration because at that point it is very difficult.  You want to go ahead and get really good at practicing these positive vibrations when things are ok, and are going very well in ideal situations.  You want to do these thousands and thousands of time within wonderful, and ideal environments, until this becomes second nature to you. So when stuff starts hitting the fan and challenges arrive and you are in the proverbial real life situation, those technique of visualizations, and accessing the feelings that you need for prosperity are automatic and are not as difficult to reach as they would be if you had never practice them before. 

So I hope this makes sense and you can benefit from this.  I look forwards to your thoughts and comments on my Facebook page and/or twitter feed.  

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